Friday, 20 March 2015

Pretty Nails for Lazy Girls

Hello love bugs! I hope you are well.

Todays post is brought to you with a loathing of chipping nails, polish that flicks off within an hour of applying it and topcoat that says it makes a mani last, but just makes it peel off - Seche Vite I'm looking at you honey.

I love nail varnish and probably have every colour known to man. I love how it looks when it's freshly painted and how it looks all swish and glossy. I just feel a little more 'put together' with painted nails. But is it just me, that within a day or two, they are chipping or I find myself bored within five minutes of them drying and smudge them?!

Because of the above, I have stuck with bare nails for several months now. I just cant be bothered with the effort when in a few days they will look mank again. I am hands up a lazy girl when it comes to nails and needed this to change!

Queue my little mate CatKin who introduced me to at home gel nails. She painted my nails with gel polish and cured them under a LED lamp which meant I had chip free, glossy nails for ten whole days before there was even 1 hint of them being needing to be redone. So with thanks to Cat, I purchased my own at home kit and I am yet to look back!

I bought a kit from Amazon for £46.99 which I thought was pretty reasonable seeing as a full set of gels done in a salon would cost around £30.00. I opted for the Bluesky Kit with Mylee Curing Lamp which I believed to be LED but turned out to be UV. It still works great but LED is better as it is quicker, doesn't emit harmful rays and also the bulbs in a UV lamp need changing every now and then whereas you don't with LED. This is totally my mistake and I clearly didn't read the description very well but it does the job all the same!

With the kit you get the following:-

Curing Lamp
Bluesky Base & Top Coat
Bluesky colour gel of your choice (I went for Rubble - a pretty grey/beige)
Gellux Prep & Wipe to sanitise the nails and remove any residue from the final coat
Gellux Remover
200 Lint Free Pads

It is really easy to use and there are straight forward instructions in the box which enable a failsafe application of the gel for pretty, shiny and long lasting nails. My first ever attempt took just under an hour which included fiddling around with all the bits inside the box and getting familiar with what does what. So yes, it does take a small amount of time but if you are lazy like me and can't be bothered to venture out to a salon, no longer want to pay salon prices and think you could do a good enough job at home whilst you are in pyjamas, bra whipped off, make up removed and hair scraped back then I would highly recommend investing in a at home kit. Bare in mind that I bought UV which takes double the time of a LED lamp. With an LED lamp you could have a fresh set in roughly 30mins I would imagine!

Bluesky colours are super easy to get hold of, you can purchase them through Amazon or eBay at  around £5 each which I think is pretty standard for bottles of nail varnish, and for those who love an accent nail or something a little more interesting, they have an excellent range of colour change and super pretty glitters too.  You can of course buy different gel colours from various brands but ensure they cure with the lamp you have purchased as not all gels work with both lamps.

When you apply the final top coat, you will find that there is a sticky residue left on the nail. Do not worry - this isn't a fault in the gel and you haven't applied it wrong or cured it ineffectively, the gel stays sticky so it can bond with the next layer properly. A final wipe with the Prep & Wipe solution will take this off and leave you with the final result.

I am so happy with how they last; I type everyday and wash up every night, use cleaning products and use my talons as tools & still have pretty nails. Yes it might take a little time, but I would so much rather apply gel once every 10 days than paint them every other!!

Have you got a at home gel kit or are you thinking of getting one? What do you think? Are there any brands of gel you love?

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