Monday, 9 March 2015

Dr Martens | My Collection

Since buying my first pair about 2 to 3 years ago, I haven't worn much else on the shoe front. Dr Martens are such an iconic shoe and brand and one which I have grown up with. My dad has always worn Dr Martens and had his trusted 8 eyelet 1460 boots for years. 

Granted, they do take a while to break in, a few blisters here and there, but I adore my collection and only have plans for it to grow. So.... here is my brood of DMs, I hope you like them 

I may of slightly fibbed when I say I bought my first 'pair', as in fact, I bought two at once - I couldn't decide which pair I liked the most so did what girls do best, bought both on the basis that I would return one and then when I decided that I liked both, I couldn't part with one when they nestled so perfectly in my collection, I kept them. Ooop. Shoe excuses aside, my first DM indulgence was the Serena, a faux fur lined, 8 eyelet boot with a slightly worn look nubuck leather and the Flora, a chelsea boot in cherry red although I think these are more of a mahogany, reddish brown colour. 

The Serena's are super comfy and took the least amount of breaking in - they saw me through a 5 day trip to New York and are still going strong. The faux fur lining is really nice and snug so make for a perfect winter boot, but are nice in the Summer too with dresses and shorts.

The Flora's are my most worn pair of DM's. I absolutely ADORE these and the more I wear them and the more scuffed they get, the more I fall in love. I wear them to work, at the weekend, for dinner with James, casual nights out - there is nothing that could seperate us and the pair which I would 100% repurchase time and time again. The colour is just the right amount of red to add interest to an outfit but the classic shape and style of the boot makes them really versatile and easy to pair with most outfits.

The most recent addition to my collection is the 1461 Shoe which are in joint first place with the Flora's. In contrast to my other Dr Marten's, what I love about these is that there isn't anything on the exterior that tell's you the brand. Some may say that that is kind of the whole idea of spending so much on a pair of shoes, but these are so sleek in a masculine and preppy/geek way that I really love. Nothing detracts from the style of them such as yellow stitching around the sole and they look understated cool with every outfit. I am so so happy to own these and again, these are a style which I will definitely repurchase in the future.

What would my wardrobe be without a sturdy pair of sandals?! The Gryphon fits the bill perfectly and were a firm staple throughout the summer months. James thinks they are utterly ugly and are his least favourite pair I own, and I totally see that. But isn't that kind of the appeal of Dr Martens? They're all kind of ugly in the most perfect way. In the Gryphon's case, these are literally like wearing bricks. Turn them over and check out the sheer size of the sole. They are huge but luckily they don't look so outlandishly large once on. These took a while to break in and I have a feeling they may hurt a little again this summer when I dust them off in exchange for my boots. Buuut I think it's worth it. The leather has worn really well and has become buttery soft. They aren't the best for tan line conscious hunnies but (in my opinion) look as fabulous on a beach with a bikini and a kimono as they do paired with shorts and a tee on a adventurous walk.

My least worn pair of Doc's are the Fitzrovia loafers which I don't think were or are available in the UK? I bought them when I was in NYC and believe they are from the Eclectic Collection.
I really love how they look and that they are canvas, I think they are a great alternative to the usual style Dr Martens are known for. However this is also kind of my issue. I find them really difficult to pair with outfits and always take them off and swap with something else. I am hoping this summer I will be able to style them some how as I would hate to see them go. These are the most affordable pair I own which I think is down to the fabric which they are made from but I still would feel that letting them go would be as much of a waste as them sitting in my wardrobe doing nothing. I think the hoarder within me needs to let go possibly? It's a shame as these are really comfy and squidgy!

What are your favourite DM's or if you are yet to take the plunge, what ones do you have your eye on?


  1. I bought my first pair of DMs this winter - a pair of Polley shoes. I love them, and I'm definitely getting more next winter. Probably a pair of 1461, possibly a pair of Kizzey.

    I just wish I hadn't waited so long to get my first pair!!


    1. It is so addictive to start buying DMs, I just love them and how sturdy they are!1461's are such a good shout! I hope you love them as much as I do when you get them :)


  2. I love the Serena's! Although I do have my eye on the Ben boots at the moment.. would love a pair!!!

    Hunter //


    1. I hope you manage to get your hands on a pair lovely! I really like the Ben Boots too - good choice!