Monday, 29 September 2014

Brighton, Beaches & Bikes

A lot has been going on recently, my life is everywhere what with moving, trying to get rid of old & unwanted stuff, buying hella huge amounts of new stuff and having a social life all at once (you can read about my moving out experience so far here) Amongst all this hectic-ness, James and I have managed to smuggle ourselves away for a few trips to the seaside.

Over the Bank Holiday weekend in August (23- 25 Aug 2014) James & I had planned a trip to Brighton. James over the past two years has heavily gotten into scooters and all the nostalgia that comes with it; Mods, Music, Lambrettas, Vespas & QUADROPHENIA! Since falling in love with all things scooter related, it has been on our to do list to go to the Brighton Scooter Ride Out and decided we would tick it off this year.

We stayed in the perfectly placed Kemp Townhouse guest house which is down one of the narrow roads set back from the sea front. Whilst the rooms are small, they are perfectly formed and decorated so elegantly. The breakfasts they had on offer were delicious and their range of complimentary drinks was good too, even providing mini marshmallows for an evenings hot choc.

Upon arrival, we didn't waste much time and got exploring straight away. Arriving at 8am on the Saturday morning, we wanted to make the most of the lovely weather and ventured to the pier. At that time it was pretty much occupied by just James and I and I wouldn't of had it any other way if I could choose. It was so nice & peaceful and was an excellent start to our weekend getaway ♥

Soon the mods from far and wide started to arrive and with them they brought such amazing nostalgia. All the guys looked amazing in their suits and loafers, parkas & dm's and the women looked PHENOMINAL. Hair perfectly trimmed into bobs or swept into beehives with skirts shorter than a short thing. It is so liberating to see all these beautiful girls dressed in these amazing outfits, oozing confidence and style.

The bikes were great too. I love how people customise them; pretty colours, fancy wraps, tartan seat covers, cute picnic baskets on the back. I just love it. I totally wish I grew up in the 60s & 70s - it seems like such an amazing pair of decades to have experienced. Whilst I can appreciate it 40 years on, paying homage to it with a beehive and thick, flicked eye liner, to actually be there and experience it first hand has such a huge appeal to me.

Unfortunately when it came to the ride out on the Sunday afternoon, we weren't in the greatest of locations to appreciate the mass of scooters that had congregated. We found ourselves at the end of the crowed and before we knew it they had all lined up and set off to the grassy cliff as seen in Quadrophenia. Still, we had a fabulous time and I left with a huge want list of items to get my 60s on.

Soon after, James and I went to Hunstanton on the weekend of the 6 September. We are rather lucky as James' parents have a caravan there so we can pretty much have seaside getaways whenever we choose. We had planned to go on this particular weekend as every year they have a Mods & Rockers event on the green, surrounding the band stand in Hunstanton town. We went last year too which if you would like to read about, you can do just that here :)

The weather was great, and although I sadly didn't take any photos, there was so many lovely bikes. The variety is huge from chunky motorbikes to scooters with side cars. This particular year there was a rather interesting 'biker' in the form of Harley the Hairy Biker, a huge St Bernard dog riding in the side car of a huge Honda. Complete with goggles and helmet, Harley looked so cute and was without a doubt the highlight of the Mods and Rockers event!

Picture of Harley direct link

We were also lucky enough to go on a seal trip in Blakeney which was amazing! We went with Beans Boat Trips and the guide was fantastic. He was entertaining without being OTT and gave loads of interesting facts and tales of the seals, fisherman and the fishing boats that had made their home in the waters.

The seals themselves were so interesting and funny to watch; hopping along on their sides and itching with their flippers. I particularly liked the babies all small and white and full of flubber. The big papa seals were ginormous. Lounging on the sand, yawning all day long didn't seem too bad & I think they quite enjoyed it too. I would definitely take a trip back in the future and would highly recommend going if you are in the Blakeney area.

I hoped you liked reading about my seaside escapades all be it a few weeks late!

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Thursday, 4 September 2014

Dull as Ditch Water | Tales of Woes and Wierdness

I am not sure where this has come from. The urge to kind of try and very self-indulgently make myself feel better I suppose. But I am sure I am not the only one who gets/feels like this. Surely not...

I know when I finally stop blubbering and spill the beans it isn't even going to seem an issue at all. And that is part of the issue.

On a regular, every day basis, I would say I am a pretty confident person. Inwardly I am a social mouse. When faced with situations that is ever so slightly out of my comfort zone, I fold in on myself. Obviously not literally, but I may as well! I automatically feel so much self-awareness; how my outfit looks, is my hair okay, please God don't say my mascara has run..... and so on and so forth. I get awkward. I get tongue tied and start saying weird things, verbal diarrhoea for want of a better word.

Now normally I am okay with being slightly kooky. In fact usually I embrace my 'alternative' characteristics, but when in these new zones of discomfort, the traits in which I like in myself become the things that make me feel and act like an outsider. I no longer know how to interact like a normal person and feel inferior to others.

This isn't how I should be. I know that. I know that when I speak to my mum, friends, boyfriend or work colleagues about this that they will say I am just being stupid. To go and do [insert thing which is making you become a freakish alien here] and enjoy myself. I know that I will be told to get over myself, that I have nothing to worry about. That I am a nice, fun girl. And deep down I know I am.

So what is this horrible niggle I get? Like a little gremlin in my noggin telling me that what ever situation, what ever outing, what ever new scenario that I might find myself in, even walking from my seat to the loo on my own in a restaurant I haven't been in before, that I am going to be judged from head to toe, inside and out. From the conversation I make to the way I walk.

I can feel the relief of this burden being shared as I type each word. Cliché and corny I know, but sometimes all you need is to get it out in the open. And ironically if people I know, whether that is closely or those who are just an acquaintance ever read this, they really will be the ones who are reassessing me. Gathering this new knowledge of me that they didn't know before, processing it and deciding whether or not I am on their wave length any more or if I am one to avoid. No doubt they are going to have a new idea of the kind of person I am, if I really am the weirdo they always suspected me to be.

Who knows whether or not this will even be posted. It might just sit in my drafts collecting virtual dust until I either press the publish button or get rid of it and these words will be lost to the huge online dustbin, no doubt to be squashed by the various other posts, emails, letters, forums of thoughts and feelings that are felt to be better left unsaid. I suppose if you are reading this I have braved it and just gone with it. Im only sharing it with the internet after all - no biggie!

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Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Fledging the Nest | Update

Hello everyone, I hope you are well and enjoying the last remaining days of Summer. I have already bought hats and scarfs and am pretty much living in boots so Summer has well and truly gone for me!

I know I have been such a blog neglecter of late. My schedule has well and truly flown out of the window and any hope of me finding one is looking bleak. I do, however, feel that moving out is a good enough excuse for the lack of posts and the stress of trying to get everything organised does take it out of you. Working full time alongside the mental exhaustion of getting my head around just the concept of moving out means that by the time I get home, have dinner and catch up with loved ones, I really haven't got the energy. I am going to work on this though. She said for the millionth time.

If you have read my post 'Spreading My Wings' then you will already know that James & I are moving into our first home together. EXCITMENTTTTT! We are still in the last stages of solicitor chasing and document signing but everything is slowing coming together and I feel a move in date is in sight!

To say that it has been a long process would be an understatement. Although I do not have any doubts about moving out, there are A LOT of things you take for granted whilst living with the 'rents and there is a lot that I am yet to prepare for. Hello world of bills and responsibilities aha!

There are so many things that I am excited about though; just to get stuck in with decorating and spending Christmas with James and having our own tree fills me with so much happiness. We have bought a sofa and have the nicest kettle, toaster and pots & pans. My mug collection could rival the mad hatters tea party and four huge tins of paint is ready to be splashed over the walls.

Just now I took a little visit to the house and it is starting to feel so real now. It is our dream finally coming true and I can't wait for all the adventures that James and I have to come in our new home.

In regards to a move in date, as I said there hasn't been one set in stone yet but I really feel like it is going to be before the end of September. Really - it has to be! I do not know what on earth is taking them so long to decide on a completion date. Not being a solicitor myself means I will never understand I suppose! But when I have people telling me it usually takes 6 weeks from buying to completion and it has taken us more like three months, you do start to wonder!

Aside from all the exchanging of documents and emails, we have slowly been stocking up on housey bits; utensils, towels, pretty decorations and crockery. Zara sale has literally been the highlight of my house filling spree and whilst it has cost me a little more than what I suppose is neseccary, I adore everything and can not wait to get it all out on display and in use!

So for now - that is my little house update! Hopefully the next one will be written on my gorge, squidgy sofa in my diddy living room in my OWN HOUSE eeeek!

Take care love nuts


Monday, 1 September 2014

PixiRella at the Pictures | The Inbetweeners

After the huuuuuuge hype there has been recently about the Inbetweeners 2, I decided to take a little trip to my local Cineworld and see what all the fuss was about.

I have to say, I fear I am going to go against the grain here - I am rather disappointed. With many friends saying its 'laugh a minute funny' and ten times better than its predecessor, I was preparing myself for 96 minutes of belly laughing.

Without giving too much away for those who haven't seen it but are planning to; there are about 2 or three moments where I can safely say I was giggling, possibly one big chuckle, and a handful of sniggers. Yes it was good enough that I would watch it again, but I wont be buying the DVD nor would I take another visit, even on cheap Tuesday to the cinema. James felt the same. Surely we cant be the only ones?!

Of course there is loads of crude gags (which by the way I LOVE; gross, rude humour is right up my street) but the execution of it just wasn't right. I think the stereotypical 'lads' lingo was just a touch too dated. There is only so many times I can hear 'bants' before it gets old.

In comparison to the original film and the series, both of which I really enjoy, Inbetweeners 2 was a bit of a wet flannel of a film. I am sure if I watch it again there will be more moments that I didn't remember or didn't quite get the first time round, but first impressions are everything and this didn't make the cut!

One word of warning I shall leave you with - if you ever go camping and stumble across an unusual dip in a friends tent, don't go rummaging in the hole, it isn't bad tent positioning!!!!!

I hope that if you do still want to go see for yourself, that you enjoy it more than I did. For those of you that have watched the film, what did you think? Please someone say that they feel my pain?!!



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