Tuesday, 12 August 2014

365 Days of PixiRella

I can't quite believe I am writing this to be honest. Where has a whole year gone?!
I know that is such a boring and overly used thing to say - but time is just whizzing by and here I am writing a post on the 1st anniversary of the conception and birth of PixiRella!

It honestly feels like a few months ago I was umming and ahhing over whether to start a blog and I can honestly say it has been one of my favourite hobbies ever - I have no regrets at all and have loved interacting with other bloggers and readers. It is such a rewarding way to spend my spare time and I can only say that I wish I had put more time and effort into it towards the end of the first year.

I have had the privilege to get to know some of the loveliest girls who, if I am honest, made blogging so enjoyable and kept me motivated to keep writing. Being a part of a community of like minded people has been such a joy and I can only hope that it grows and flourishes even more.

Working with brands such as Joe Brown, Dermalogica and Santoro London has been amazing and I am forever grateful for the kind people behind these brands to even ask me to get involved, let alone receive such generosity.

And probably the most important and humbling point of all - the amount of readers from all across the world. It never fails to surprise me at the wide spread and varied readers I have and I am so grateful for each and every one of you.

I have come to realise that blogging, whilst it can be a source of help and information to those seeking it, is mainly something which I do for myself. I thoroughly enjoy creative writing, taking photos and the whole process of creating posts ready to be published. I have had times where I have thought that the blogging world is happily moving on without me, and it's true - if I was to stop today and leave blogging to the million other boys and girls, the world really would just carry on without a second look. And I am okay with that. I might not be the most popular, most read or have the most desired corner of the internet with brands, companies and individuals lining up for me to review their products,  I might not have the best camera or editing facilities and I might not have the time or opportunity to write everyday, but I am proud of how I & PixiRella have grown throughout the past 365 days.

All I can hope for is that I will continue to enjoy writing as much as I have done and can possibly inspire others to get tip tapping! Of course it is such a great feeling when your 'following' count creeps up, but there is more to blogging than just feeling valued and accepted by others. It is such a great outlet to discover things about yourself and look back on how you have developed both as a creative but also as an individual.

So Happy Birthday to Pixirella and to all the other blogs out there celebrating their first, fifth, fifteenth birthday- well done on all the things you set out to achieve and succeeded and keep striving to get there if you haven't yet. Good luck to everyone starting out with wide eyes and dreams of blogging domination and congratulations to those who have dominated (Zoella I am looking at you girlfriend!!)

Thank you for reading and joining me on my little blogging journey - here is to next year and beyond & everything in between

Kiss Kiss
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