Thursday, 17 July 2014

petals & paisley.


Shirt \\ eBay
Smock dress \\ River Island // Past Season
Necklace \\ Mumma's
Watch \\ Casio
DM Sandals \\ Dr Martens // Gryphons


Although print clashing has been a 'thing' of late, I thought I had left my clashing ways back in 6 Form when I would wear stripes, polka dots, floral and check all in one outfit. Whilst I love it on others, I didn't really feel confident enough to pull it off.

One breezy afternoon I chucked on this silky shirt over the top of my paisley smock dress & actually quite loved it. It is such a versatile item as its lovely as a top but looks pretty worn as a kimono too. I think the colours are what make this outfit; so whilst the patterns differ, the colours and tones are a match made in heaven.

For me though, the star of the show is the rather androgynous sandals. These are just ughh - I love them!  I totally get they are not everyones cup of earl grey, and I kind of agree that they are a little ugly, but ugly in the most beautiful, chunky, old man sandal kind of way. And for me, my new summer staple!


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  1. Love this outfit! You look lovely :) x

  2. So gorgeous! I love the prints!

    Hayley-Eszti |

  3. This outfit is so cute and I love the way you've clashed the prints! Gisforgingers xx