Sunday, 27 July 2014

Mothers Meeting

Happy Sunday everyone! 

I hope everyone has had a terrific weekend so far! Apologies for the lack of photos in todays post - I fancied a little sporadic natter, giving everyone a little up date and nose into what I have gotten up to recently.

My mother hen has gone away so I have been left with the house to myself to enjoy. Naturally little love cat has moved in for the week which is excellent practice for when James and I eventually move into our own nest (pssssst - sneaky update! watch this space for a whole post on my trials and tribulations on trying to move out)

Friday evening was filled with drinks and disco dancing with 2 of my friends, one of whom had just turned 18 - HAPPY BIRTHDAY ELLIE! Unfortunately our usual haunt is for all us oldies over the age of 21 so we ventured to somewhere I swore I would never venture again.... Chicagos!

If you are from Hertfordshire or have visited and been to Stevenage Leisure Park, you may be aware of the dreaded place that is Chicagos or what is fondly called Shitcagos if you are from these 'endzzzzz'. After the years which I have avoided it - it safe to say it still lives up to its apt nick name. Still - its not all about where you are, its about who you are with and we still had a lovely time dropping it like its hot.

My favourite drink of late is something called a Cherry Pop from the old school classic - Wetherspoons. It is delicious and tastes like sweeties! It is a really pretty colour too; definitely a 'girls drink' aha!

Yesterday James & I ventured to Hitchin to pick up a b-e-a-utiful vintage Herbert Terry Anglepoise lamp which we won off eBay. We have been after one for a VERY long time and I am so chuffed to finally have one of our own! It is such a great size and moves perfectly. Picture the cute jumping Pixar lamp, dip it in black and enlarge it 3 fold and you get the idea. If you actually want to see what the hell I am nattering about, head on over to my Instagram.

Once we had picked up the lamp, I headed over to Jolly Brown which is a fantastic vintage shop. The girls in there are lovely too, very friendly and welcoming. If you are in Hitchin, I would definitely recommend you popping in, even for a browse. I always come out wishing to be born 40 years ago. The merchandising is so on point too - well done ladies <3

Today has been a proper wife in training kind of day aha! James has been out with his friends, playing FootGolf which I can only imagine is golf, but with a football and your plates of meat. Personally, I couldn't think of anything worse - golf is boring and I have no ball skills (minds out of the gutters please girls) So... whilst the cats away, I had the exciting job of doing the weekly shop. Yep. My day really has been that glamorous.

Can I just say though that Aldi is definitely the place to be. It is so good and affordable with excellent 'dupes' of more expensive brands. I know this is like a proper mumsy thing to talk about, but if you are umming and aaahing about shopping there or you think you might be compromising on the quality because of the stigma that shopping in Aldi used to have, you couldn't be more wrong. I have always been a  Tesco kind of girl but I think I might have been converted. Praise the Lord for three Soleros for £1!!

I am now settling down for the evening, watching Kirsties Fill Your House For Free, blogging and waiting for his highness to be back from playing out. Today has been so nice and relaxing. Whilst I adore James to the end of time, knowing that we can still enjoy our own company is still so important.

So.. that was my weekend! I hope you have had a lovely time too! Lots of love and kisses //


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