Friday, 18 April 2014

NYC | Bath and Body Works Haul

If you are a regular PixiRella reader, then you may know that I spent my 23rd birthday in New York City (if you haven't and would like to read more, have a little peek here).

One of the shops I was really looking forward to visiting whilst there is the infamous Bath and Body Works which is kind of like the American version of The Body Shop. Of course I had to indulge in a few candles and hand gels so here are the bits I bought along with a little freebie!

Bath and Body works definitely lived up to my expectations and then some. The range of fragrances was HUGE and their products ranged from hand gels to perfumes and body cream.

The candle selection was amazing and of course I had to bring some back. I was a little mindful of bringing 3 wick candles back as they are pretty large and a little on the heavy side but I figured if worst came to worst I could just carry them in my hand luggage - luckily they nestled into my suitcase perfectly without tipping me over the weight limit.  I decided to buy two as individually they cost $22.50 but I was fortunate enough to pick up a pair for $20 or there abouts which was a no brainer. I picked Pomelo Grapefruit and Pineapple Mango.

Pomelo Grapefruit is really juicy smelling; its really refreshing and zesty with notes of grapefruit and orange. I have burned this candle and the smell pay off is amazing. You don't need to light the candle to benefit from the fragrance. The packaging of Pomelo Grapefruit is definitely my favourite of the two - I love the rustic lid and sticker.

Pineapple Mango is pretty self explanatory. Again it is super fruity and delicious which is going to be perfect for Summer. If you like Solero ice lollies then I would say you would love this. The colour of the candle is lovely too; really vibrant and complimentary of the fragrance.

I then went a little crazy with the hand gels. I believe they were 5 for $5 so I bought a variety of 10. I have already given a few to my sister as well as a little pocketbac holder for it to live in in her bag. The smells are really lovely ranging from warm vanilla, fruity mango to floral jasmine cherry blossom - a lot more exciting than the boring scents in the UK. *Yawn* lavender *Yawn*.  They all have little flecks of something which I am not too familiar with; little balls of bursting ant bac goodness I would imagine, but it looks pretty and they have done well to make your average anti bac a little more exciting and pretty.

Last but not least is a hand soap which was free for those paying $30 or more. Again the fragrance range was huge and I spent way too long umming and ahhing over what soap to go for. When in Bath and Body Works though aye!  I went for the deep cleansing Aloha Orchid as it smelt delicious. I am definitely going to save this for when I move into my own house.

I am a little sad that I didn't buy more from there and would definitely go back if I had the chance. To all you Americans - I am SO jealous that you have easy access to Bath and Body Works whether that's online or in store. If anyone in charge ever reads this PLEASE BRING IT TO THE UK, you will make so many UK-inains very happy.

Have you been to B&BW? What are your favourite fragrance?


  1. This is super cute! My Favourite Fragrance would be Love spell by VS x x

    Jess x

  2. Soooo jel that you got to go to Bath & Body Works. Look at all those pocket bacterial's sooo cute, I really do wish we had B&B in the UK too.
    Maybe Its Megan Leigh xx