Monday, 21 April 2014

Club Tropicana | Joe Browns Tropical Rainforest Dress*

Floral is one of my all time favourite patterns so when Joe Browns asked me if I would like to style something from their online store I jumped at the chance.

Joe Browns has a real mix of everything to suit a lot of people both male and female of an assortment of age groups. Their designs incorporate a lot of floral and pretty paisleys so I was in my element. I have purchased from their concessions on the Debenhams website before for my Dad and was really impressed with the quality and designs available. They also have an outlet section which has some greats bits in too!

I picked the vibrant Tropical Rainforest dress which has beautiful shades of green, pink, blue and white on a navy background. As it is still slightly breezy in the UK, I have paired the dress with tights but come summer time I think it would look equally as nice with bare legs and chunky sandals or cut out boots.

The detail on the dress is lovely; it has scooped pockets to the front which isn't overly noticeable but adds a nice touch if you pop your hands inside. It also has an elasticated band around the empire line which makes for a nice fit. The fabric drapes really well and has a lot of give so you could always go a size or two down depending on how figure hugging you like your outfits. 

The signature love heart button on the front of the dress adds such a cute touch. Unfortunately I didn't take any photos of this as I didn't even know it existed until I was taking the dress off. It is super cute and is a nice addition to the already really pretty frock.

I paired it with the oldest faux leather jacket known to man, I think I have owned it since I was like 15 - I am now 23! It has lasted so well for a pleather jacket and is only starting to show signs of all the love and affection I have given it for the past 8 years.  I also added my chunky spiked boots which I think add a nice contrast to the floral and injects more personality into the outfit. A black belt with silver hardware finishes the look.

As an added treat I thought I would share with you my top 6 items from the Joe Browns website. They have a lot of pretty and floral pieces as well as a fantastic range of necklaces, bags and shoes so I would definitely go have a look!

A HUGE thank you to the lovely people at Joe Browns for giving me the opportunity to try their wears! I hope you have enjoyed this post as much as I did creating it as well as all the PixiRella readers too!

Be sure to go check out their site, the have a really cute gift section too so they really do have something for everyone.

Lots of love,

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Friday, 18 April 2014

NYC | Bath and Body Works Haul

If you are a regular PixiRella reader, then you may know that I spent my 23rd birthday in New York City (if you haven't and would like to read more, have a little peek here).

One of the shops I was really looking forward to visiting whilst there is the infamous Bath and Body Works which is kind of like the American version of The Body Shop. Of course I had to indulge in a few candles and hand gels so here are the bits I bought along with a little freebie!

Bath and Body works definitely lived up to my expectations and then some. The range of fragrances was HUGE and their products ranged from hand gels to perfumes and body cream.

The candle selection was amazing and of course I had to bring some back. I was a little mindful of bringing 3 wick candles back as they are pretty large and a little on the heavy side but I figured if worst came to worst I could just carry them in my hand luggage - luckily they nestled into my suitcase perfectly without tipping me over the weight limit.  I decided to buy two as individually they cost $22.50 but I was fortunate enough to pick up a pair for $20 or there abouts which was a no brainer. I picked Pomelo Grapefruit and Pineapple Mango.

Pomelo Grapefruit is really juicy smelling; its really refreshing and zesty with notes of grapefruit and orange. I have burned this candle and the smell pay off is amazing. You don't need to light the candle to benefit from the fragrance. The packaging of Pomelo Grapefruit is definitely my favourite of the two - I love the rustic lid and sticker.

Pineapple Mango is pretty self explanatory. Again it is super fruity and delicious which is going to be perfect for Summer. If you like Solero ice lollies then I would say you would love this. The colour of the candle is lovely too; really vibrant and complimentary of the fragrance.

I then went a little crazy with the hand gels. I believe they were 5 for $5 so I bought a variety of 10. I have already given a few to my sister as well as a little pocketbac holder for it to live in in her bag. The smells are really lovely ranging from warm vanilla, fruity mango to floral jasmine cherry blossom - a lot more exciting than the boring scents in the UK. *Yawn* lavender *Yawn*.  They all have little flecks of something which I am not too familiar with; little balls of bursting ant bac goodness I would imagine, but it looks pretty and they have done well to make your average anti bac a little more exciting and pretty.

Last but not least is a hand soap which was free for those paying $30 or more. Again the fragrance range was huge and I spent way too long umming and ahhing over what soap to go for. When in Bath and Body Works though aye!  I went for the deep cleansing Aloha Orchid as it smelt delicious. I am definitely going to save this for when I move into my own house.

I am a little sad that I didn't buy more from there and would definitely go back if I had the chance. To all you Americans - I am SO jealous that you have easy access to Bath and Body Works whether that's online or in store. If anyone in charge ever reads this PLEASE BRING IT TO THE UK, you will make so many UK-inains very happy.

Have you been to B&BW? What are your favourite fragrance?

Monday, 14 April 2014

Crème de la Crème | MAC Crème Cup Lipstick

There isn't really an excuse as to why I splurged on yet another MAC product; I could tell you that I slept surfed and woke up to an email confirmation of Creme Cup in my inbox. But the truth is, I have just been hankering after this colour for a VERY long time and finally caved into the temptation

Creme Cup is THE PERFECT nude-ish pink I am yet to come across. Whilst I adore MAC Myth and constantly reach for it whether its for work or drinks with my friends, I felt my face needed a little Spring/Summer over haul and a slight flush of pink that Creme Cup has really fits the bill. I definitely think this colour is such a pretty nude for all skin tones; I've googled it and it looks amazing on darker skinned girls as well as the paler pretties among us. 

The consistency is super creamy and isn't drying on the lips at all. It is reasonably long lasting, a few hours wear tops but I don't know of many products of a similar formulation and consistency that lasts longer. If you are one for loads of tonsil tennis or copious cups of tea and want something that will withstand all the action, then this may not be for you, but overall I think a few extra applications throughout the day isn't really going to make me have a melt down -the colour is definitely worth it.

The finish of this lippie is definitely my favourite; cremesheen is 100% the finish of my choice. It gives the perfect shine to the lips but you could always amp it up with extra gloss on top if you are trying to signal SOS into the distance with the glare from the sun.

My overall rating of this lipstick would be 8.75/10 - I am pretty much in love with it! The only thing that I think would improve the lipstick would be the length of wear but for me this isn't too much of an issue. I shall definitely be repurchasing when the little minx runs out!

Have you tried MAC Creme Cup? What is your favourite shade?

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Thursday, 10 April 2014

About a Boy - Tales for the Males | Kicks and Threads

Welcome to the first post for About a Boy - Tales for the Males, which if you haven't read the intro, you can do so HERE.

To ease myself in to writing for the other species, I thought I would do a post on male fashion for Spring/Summer 2014. And no - there are NOT going to be any of them long t shirt / dress type things. Leave those to us!

Light Grey Patterned Tee - Topman // Jersey Shorts - ASOS // Fred Perry Barrel Bag - ASOS // Adidas Originals - Adidas // MA1 Bomber - Alpha Industries // Washed Grey Skinnies - ASOS // Loafers - Dr Martens // Camo Polo - Fred Perry // Plaited Belt - ASOS // Ripped Shorts - Levis // Woven Sandals - Dr Martens

Even though we are heading into Spring, I really like greens and greys and think in cooler, comfier fabrics such as jersey, these pieces would be great transitional items whilst the weather is still a little drizzly. I am seriously in love with MA1 Bombers and really want an original rally jacket complete with rally badges. Getting my hands on one is proving to be a little difficult though.
I have tried to create a capsule wardrobe so you can mix and match the pieces. I have picked items which will go with basics such as plain tees or shorts you may already have in your wardrobe with interesting details such as the Dr Marten sandals which will look great in the summer!

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Monday, 7 April 2014

Tried & Tested | Eucerin Dermo Purifyer Hydrating Care

Thanks to a bout of terrible, unruly skin, I went on a little adventure to find something, ANYTHING that might sort these troubles of mine out!

Scouring the shelves of Boots, I came across Eucerin which is a brand I had kind of seen before, but never really took too much interest in. I thought it was about time to try something new as clearly my current routine wasn't doing me any favours and as the Dermo Purifyer range was on offer at half price I thought I would give it a whirl.

I picked up the Dermo Purifying Hydrating Care cream for roughly £5.00 on offer (RRP £9.50). It describes it self as hydrating care for oily, blemish-prone skin which is effective against blemishes. Claiming to mattify and refine skins appearance; with regular use could lead to a smooth, healthy-looking and clearer complexion. All of that for £5?! Whats not to love! I thought this would be an excellent day cream to fight off any nasties that my face might come into contact with throughout the day and to help banish any oil.

For a 50ml tube, I think you do get quite a nice, bog standard cream, especially if you pick it up in the sale or while an offer is on. I am not sure if I would feel 100% happy purchasing this for its retail price of £9.50 as I don't think it has quite reached its expectations. A little does go a long way however, and a small bean sized blob is all you need for a good, all over application.

In regards to reducing oil and mattifying my skin, I can't see a great deal of anything going on to prevent this. I am no more or no less oily than I generally would be but I don't consider oil to be of a real concern to me which doesn't give me much to work with for a review. If I had a slightly oily t-zone, this hasn't helped is what I suppose I am saying!

For spots, black heads, pimples and all those skin sins, I can't say it has done much for those either!! I would say that it has helped to tone down the severity of any spots I might of had and reduced the black heads that congregate on my nose but these haven't been banished completely. I still have those hideous, tiny bumps under the skin around my chin that won't budge even after daily use both morning and night.

I do think that my skin heals a lot faster from spots when using this. Whilst this cream hasn't stopped the spots completely, it has reduced the time in which I have to put up with their unwelcome tenancy on my face. I also have found that my skin does feel quite youthful since using the cream too. Now don't get me wrong, I'm by no means a wrinkly, old prune but the elasticity in my skins seems to have improved.

So would I buy this again? Urrrrrrrrm, probably not; mainly because I recently went a little crazy in Debenhams and have OODLES of skin care which I need to test out. For actual, helpful reasons why I think I won't be buying it again is mainly because it didn't do enough for the price. I did really like the consistency and the application of the cream, you also get quite a lot of usage from the 50ml tube and as a generic day cream or night cream used in conjunction with other lotions and potions it's pretty decent but nothing exciting enough to keep me coming back for more!

Have you used this cream or any Eucerin products? What do you think?

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Thursday, 3 April 2014

Pleasure Model | MAC Extra Dimension Blush

Sweet mother of Mary have I found a new love?!!!

On the hunt for 'Superb' by MAC, an incredibly gorgeous, highly pigmented highlight from the Limited Edition Extra Dimension range, which might I add I failed at miserably, I stumbled upon their Extra Dimension blush in Pleasure Model.  At first glance I wasn't overly convinced it would be the colour for me but with only one other shade available at that time I thought it would be the better of the two and went in for the kill.

On arrival, it wasn't half as shimmery as I had expected it to be but when applied to the apples of my cheeks, it gave such a healthy looking glow like I had gone for a brisk walk through the wilderness. It has quite a nice red undertone which I feels compliments my skin and adds a little more life into my complexion.

For what was quite a 50/50 buy, I am now so glad I purchased it. For £20 it could have been as pointless as flushing money down the loo but now it has gone right in at number 1 on my blush chart.  Even my boyfriend complimented on how nice my makeup looked the first time he saw me wear this - and if your boyfriend/male friend/dad/uncle/little brother/whatever male that is stereotypically retarded when it comes to beauty as James, then you will know that such a compliment is a BIG thing.

When it comes to application, you can easily get carried away as I find it is rather pigmented. I first used a really dense brush and ended up with a thick layer, but actually once blended out I quite enjoyed the deep flush it gave me. For a subtler cheek; I apply it with a Real Techniques Stippling Brush which I also use to blend it out ever so slightly in circular motions. I find that the Stippling Brush picks up just the right amount of product to build the colour without ending up having to take it off and start again because I've made myself look like I'm a powder blue eye away from the wrong side of the 80's.  I focus mainly on the apples and take it ever so slightly up onto my cheek bones, finishing with a dusting of MAC Soft and Gentle.

I would really recommend this blush particularly if you are slightly darker skinned or with dark hair and think it would look amazing for a neutral look with a tan for a pretty summer, pre holiday glow (St Tropez where you at?!) It goes really well with brown eye shadow which I have been reaching for when wearing this blush, in particular a bronzy, red shade which I find compliments it perfectly.

Have you tried any of the Extra Dimension Blushes? What are your favourites?

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