Monday, 31 March 2014

Goodbye GlossyBox; It's not me, Its You!

For a while now, what with trying to save money and my beauty & cosmetic stash at an all time high, I have contemplated cancelling my GlossyBox subscription.

Like a boyfriend who hasn't been there for you as much as you would like, I defended the beauty box; it was worth it, that it was like my birthday every month, I have been introduced to some really amazing brands -BLAH BLAH BLAH. But also like a poor boyfriend, at some point you realise the relationship isn't living up to your expectations, its no longer giving you what you need and instead of enjoying it, you're wasting time and money pretending it's something its not.

For a long while I had enjoyed receiving GlossyBox, I was excited to try the various products and felt like it was a luxurious treat every month. Oooh the excitement to get home and see what gems would behold me. At the time when I initially subscribed the box cost £12 a month I believe including P&P and I felt that it was worth it for 5 'high end' samples and sometimes a full sized beauty too. At times, the boxes have been amazing. One product which stands out in particular is a Murad Clay Mask - it is brilliant and I really like it. I have Glossy Box to thank for my pores being a little clearer and my skin a little softer. An Essie nail varnish also cropped up once which I had a little wee over. Granted it wasn't the nicest colour but ESSIE!! They are like £8+ in the shops and here I am laughing with 5 bits for £12?! YES!

Then it dawned on me that on a number of occasions I had been betrayed. What had promised to be a 'high end' monthly treat soon included samples which I could find in my most recent copy of Cosmo. Dove and Tresemm√©, both lovely brands which I have used before had decided to join the party. But I didn't sign up for Dove and Tresemm√©. 

I persisted; willing, hoping that the next box would be different. For just one box to blow me away and really put all the doubts to the back of my mind. February came and the Valentines box reared it's daunting head. I opened it, wincing at what I would find. YESSS! Finally, after all this time I received something that could stand up against the best of them. I was really impressed and thought just give it one more try - this could be the turning point.

Then the March box came. A complete failure. A disaster. A train wreck of an attempt to salvage what we had left. Not only that but I had received a letter telling me the subscription would now cost an extra few pounds a month and that I should just be fine with it. No. I'm sorry. I think I have had quite enough thank you.

It was lunchtime on Thursday, 20 March that I finally ended things with GlossyBox. I wondered if I would miss the little delivery card on my door step reminding me to check my 'safe place' for the package or if the next month could be the box where my life is changed and I receive THE PERFECT foundation that I have been searching for or the all in one mascara that would sweep me off my feet. But enough is enough and I did the best for both my beauty drawer and bank balance.

I am now trying to move on. I have found comfort in KFC Boxmasters (omg you need to try these) and MAC blushes and feel a little relieved I don't have to try and find a place for the pretty boxes anymore as they are too nice to throw away. 

I want to thank GlossyBox for the good times, for the free chocolate treat you gave me and the occasional gem. But there is only so many weird smelling body moisturisers a girl can handle and as I leave, another girl will take my place - all doe eyed and excited with the prospects of falling in love every month with 5 new cosmetics to enjoy. I wish you all the best and hope you learn from your mistakes. One day I hope you look back and can understand that it wasn't me, it was YOU and the poor attempts you made at trying to impress me. If you only stuck to what you set out to achieve, things could be different.

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  1. This is such a great post huni! I never really got into the whole beauty box thing & now I'm kinda glad of that. Sounds like the beauty boxes are going down hill
    Maybe Its Megan Leigh xxx

    1. Ah thank you so much! Yeah the novelty has finally worn off and I'm now near enough £15 better off every month! Xx

  2. I too have said goodbye to Glossybox this month. I am still a birchbox, you beauty and love me beauty subscriber but I am whittling that down too!

    1. Definite waste of money, they really need to up their game! X

  3. I have seen a lot of people go on about glossy box, but ive never been phased by it! your best of saving your money!

    Jess x

  4. A really entertaining (and informative) read. I was always really curious about getting a GlossyBox, and you have put my mind to rest. And for that I thank you *bows*.

  5. I loved the way you wrote this post! I'm not really one for cosmetics, I stick to what I know and trends or new launches don't often phase me, so I'm really glad I never got into the boxes!