Monday, 3 March 2014

About A Boy - Tales for the Males | Intro

I think it is fair to say that I have established PixiRella to be a female led, beauty and fashion related blog for all the chickas in the world who want to read  up on a MAC blush review before they go buy it, to see how they could style net curtains disguised as a blouse or how to make a cupcake or two.

Thinking about the population of the world which currently stands over 7 billion booties, where do the males fit into my blog? Well at the moment... they don't (if there are le males reading - how you doinnnnn? thanks for getting involved!) So I have decided that I may do the occasional post for the bro's out there.

These are going to be a mix of fashion, electronics, music, advice, relationship and any other topics you and your male mind tanks meander over as you go for a morning wee or what ever. I can even pretend to talk about football if you want? 

So as the title suggests, this is the first post, an intro if you like, dedicated to you men out there. Nothing flash or fancy but I intend for all this to change. Much like the effort I put into my usual posts, I will include worth while content that should hopefully be of interest to you.

Please feel free to get involved and send any post suggestions my way in the comments below, tweet me or send me a little email -

Welcome - all you strapping, ball bearing brothers 

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  1. oOoooO looking forward to reading more about our ball bearin brothers from other mothers :D

    Lucie xx

    Fatbeautyx // Youtube