Monday, 31 March 2014

Goodbye GlossyBox; It's not me, Its You!

For a while now, what with trying to save money and my beauty & cosmetic stash at an all time high, I have contemplated cancelling my GlossyBox subscription.

Like a boyfriend who hasn't been there for you as much as you would like, I defended the beauty box; it was worth it, that it was like my birthday every month, I have been introduced to some really amazing brands -BLAH BLAH BLAH. But also like a poor boyfriend, at some point you realise the relationship isn't living up to your expectations, its no longer giving you what you need and instead of enjoying it, you're wasting time and money pretending it's something its not.

For a long while I had enjoyed receiving GlossyBox, I was excited to try the various products and felt like it was a luxurious treat every month. Oooh the excitement to get home and see what gems would behold me. At the time when I initially subscribed the box cost £12 a month I believe including P&P and I felt that it was worth it for 5 'high end' samples and sometimes a full sized beauty too. At times, the boxes have been amazing. One product which stands out in particular is a Murad Clay Mask - it is brilliant and I really like it. I have Glossy Box to thank for my pores being a little clearer and my skin a little softer. An Essie nail varnish also cropped up once which I had a little wee over. Granted it wasn't the nicest colour but ESSIE!! They are like £8+ in the shops and here I am laughing with 5 bits for £12?! YES!

Then it dawned on me that on a number of occasions I had been betrayed. What had promised to be a 'high end' monthly treat soon included samples which I could find in my most recent copy of Cosmo. Dove and Tresemm√©, both lovely brands which I have used before had decided to join the party. But I didn't sign up for Dove and Tresemm√©. 

I persisted; willing, hoping that the next box would be different. For just one box to blow me away and really put all the doubts to the back of my mind. February came and the Valentines box reared it's daunting head. I opened it, wincing at what I would find. YESSS! Finally, after all this time I received something that could stand up against the best of them. I was really impressed and thought just give it one more try - this could be the turning point.

Then the March box came. A complete failure. A disaster. A train wreck of an attempt to salvage what we had left. Not only that but I had received a letter telling me the subscription would now cost an extra few pounds a month and that I should just be fine with it. No. I'm sorry. I think I have had quite enough thank you.

It was lunchtime on Thursday, 20 March that I finally ended things with GlossyBox. I wondered if I would miss the little delivery card on my door step reminding me to check my 'safe place' for the package or if the next month could be the box where my life is changed and I receive THE PERFECT foundation that I have been searching for or the all in one mascara that would sweep me off my feet. But enough is enough and I did the best for both my beauty drawer and bank balance.

I am now trying to move on. I have found comfort in KFC Boxmasters (omg you need to try these) and MAC blushes and feel a little relieved I don't have to try and find a place for the pretty boxes anymore as they are too nice to throw away. 

I want to thank GlossyBox for the good times, for the free chocolate treat you gave me and the occasional gem. But there is only so many weird smelling body moisturisers a girl can handle and as I leave, another girl will take my place - all doe eyed and excited with the prospects of falling in love every month with 5 new cosmetics to enjoy. I wish you all the best and hope you learn from your mistakes. One day I hope you look back and can understand that it wasn't me, it was YOU and the poor attempts you made at trying to impress me. If you only stuck to what you set out to achieve, things could be different.

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Tuesday, 25 March 2014

NYC | A Trip to the Big Apple

On Wednesday 5th March 2014, le lover and I went on a vay cay to New York City for THE city break of a life time. Along with the pizza, pretzels, shops, sites and copious amounts of walking in store, I of course was looking forward to ALL the make up I could set my eyes on.

The trip was four nights, five days which I think was a really good amount of time to see all the things we wanted to see, to walk where we wanted to walk and shop where we wanted to shop as well as a few planned trips such as the theatre to see Matilda and visit the Statue of Liberty.

The time difference from England is a little tricky to get used to to say the least. Five hours behind doesn't seem too much of an issue but when you are living it; eating lunch when you would be having dinner, eating dinner when you would be in bed.. its all a little strange. Nonetheless I would do it all again, ten times over.

The first day we arrived around 3pm at our hotel after quite possibly the worst taxi journey of my life - I don't think American taxi drivers abide by anything that the Driving Standards Agency would deem safe in the slightest. Road markings and other road users went out the window! We settled in, got rid of our empty suitcases, freshened up and meandered the streets, blocks and avenues, trying to get our barings for the first real day of exploring we had ahead of us. As much as we tried to plough on through to 10pm their time, unfortunately tired eyes kicked in (the much less fun brother of the googly eye - often making his appearance after 2 ciders and a bottle of white zinfandel - classy) and we fell asleep at the rather embarrassing time of 7.30pm.

The first proper day of NYC adventures happened to also be on the day of my 23rd birthday. I was awoken with James' husky morning voice singing 'Happy Birthday' before briskly being hurried to get ready - the Statue of Liberty awaited us! I donned two pairs of leggings for the icey air (big mistake - two lots of elasticated waists didn't agree with my skin and I had sore sides by the evening, grrrrr!) a big furry hat, scarf and my life saver shoes of choice, my Dr Marten Serena boots. We made our way through the morning hustle and bustle to the Subway, bought our Metro card and jumped onto the 1 train to South Ferry. WRONG. In the rush and panic of wanting to get to the boat on time we had ended up going North on the 1 train. So off I got with an angry alien in tow to run back to the correct train. Oops. You will all be glad to know that after a 20 minute journey, running a marathon to the boat queue, being told to get out the queue to collect our tickets, jogging back and getting in line, we finally made it. To rub salt in the wound it left an hour later than what we planned to get there for aha. We had breakfast on the boat on the way to Lady Liberty in the sunny, frosty air which definitely got rid of any cob webs that might of been lingering after the sprint to get there. After taking in the view and how tall Lady Liberty is in comparison to how small she was on the boat, we queued up to take the mammoth climb of 354 steps to reach her crown. With a few breath stops, we finally completed it and it felt so good once we was there, looking down at all the other travellers basking in the sun, taking photos with the iconic landmark. How the tour guide man does that every day I do not know but he must have some killer calves!

After the journey back to mainland NYC, we took a detour to the 9/11 memorial. For those who are planning a trip here - initially we believed tickets had to be purchased in advance but this isn't true, a donation is asked and those who give $10 or more receive a band of support, kind of like a bracelet. Inside are vast memorial fountains, framed by the names of the individuals who had lost their lives in the terror attack of 9/11 but also in the bombings of the centres in 1993. The sun created little rainbows in the spray from the fountains and white roses had been placed in some of the names by loved ones.
Unfortunately the museum doesn't open till later this Spring but it looks really impressive from the outside and would be interesting to see for anyone who is visiting in the future.

In the evening we had dinner in Guy Fieri's restaurant (he is the presenter of the US show Diners, Drive Ins & Dives) which was delish. I had the nicest cider I have tasted, Angry Orchard Cider - if you get the chance to try it then you must! We ended the meal with coffee to prepare our eye lids for Matilda in the Shubert Theatre. The show was really funny, complete with a male playing the part of Miss Trunchball - the only downside is I would of liked to have seen a little more magic with her eyes but apart from that - it was great.

The next fews days were spent venturing to Soho which I loved, the shops there are excellent if you want to go home with bags of goodies a plenty. We went to the Top of the Rock, took a trip to the 102nd floor of The Empire State, two trips to Central Park as well as indulging in $68 worth of cocktails in The View which is a revolving restaurant and bar located in the Marriot Marquis hotel. We visited all the obligatory shops such as Macy's, Bloomingdales, Wallgreens, Dunkin Doughnuts, and of course the holy grail of any beauty lover - SEPHORA. If heaven was to be in the form of a shop, Sephora would be it. I also went to Bath and Body works and stocked up on hand gel - thank you Bethany Mota for making this a necessity for my haul - I am now stocked up until next year.

It really was the best trip and I couldn't be more thankful to James for taking us as a present for my 22nd birthday and making my 23rd this year one to remember! Someday I will attempt to beat it, somehow I don't think I will :P

Now for all those who are interested in eeeeerythang I bought, of course I want to share with you what I spent my pennies on. Here is a sneak peek of everything I bought whilst in NYC - there was a few other bits but I have given those away as gifts already.

Bath & Body Work / Sephora / Dr Martens / Nars / Wet N Wild / EOS / Wallgreens / MAC / Sinful Colors / Milani /Clinique / Smiths

I hope you enjoyed a little snippet of my really wonderful trip to New York City, one day I hope to return for a lot more walking, a lot more shopping and a lot more adventuring! 

Be sure to let me know if you have tried any of the bits you can see in the above photo - make sure you keep your peepers out for full reviews on all the products in the near future. Bare with me though, there is A LOT to get through!

Lots of Love,

A really pretty Spring time blush; MAC Melba // Tea Towel Tarten - OOTD // CALLING ALL MALES - About a BOY - Tales for the Males is all about you. Come read the intro and get involved! x

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Monday, 3 March 2014

About A Boy - Tales for the Males | Intro

I think it is fair to say that I have established PixiRella to be a female led, beauty and fashion related blog for all the chickas in the world who want to read  up on a MAC blush review before they go buy it, to see how they could style net curtains disguised as a blouse or how to make a cupcake or two.

Thinking about the population of the world which currently stands over 7 billion booties, where do the males fit into my blog? Well at the moment... they don't (if there are le males reading - how you doinnnnn? thanks for getting involved!) So I have decided that I may do the occasional post for the bro's out there.

These are going to be a mix of fashion, electronics, music, advice, relationship and any other topics you and your male mind tanks meander over as you go for a morning wee or what ever. I can even pretend to talk about football if you want? 

So as the title suggests, this is the first post, an intro if you like, dedicated to you men out there. Nothing flash or fancy but I intend for all this to change. Much like the effort I put into my usual posts, I will include worth while content that should hopefully be of interest to you.

Please feel free to get involved and send any post suggestions my way in the comments below, tweet me or send me a little email -

Welcome - all you strapping, ball bearing brothers 

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