Wednesday, 12 February 2014

OOTD | You Are The Best Thing That's Ever Been Mine

So just before the end of January I decided I needed a few little treats to add to my wardrobe and needed a new jumper in my life. I have plain ones a plenty but nothing that is cute or that adds enough interest to an outfit without having to pile on loads of accessories. I found this little silky soft beauty in New Look for about £8.00. It was in quite a few sizes up from what I usually would go for but as it was the last size in stock I couldn't say no. I really love the pattern and it is so soft and snug which is great as Spring is starting to peep at us and the days are ever so slightly warmer so you don't have to wear a coat on top. I would say that after wearing it on every occasion I could since buying it, it has gone a little bobbly.
My leggings are your boring generic leggings that you can get from anywhere and my socks are from Primark.

In my shopping spree I also got these lovely chunky chelsea boots which are also from New Look. I was unable to find the same but THESE are so nice and would probably add a 'dressier' look to your outfit. My boots are so comfy and bouncey and the heel is a perfect height to wear every day. These were in no way a neccisity when having a browse but they have definitely been worth it as I have near enough worn them every day since.

For jewellery I have stuck to my go to faves with a mix of TopshopDorothy Perkins and Black Tied. My nail varnish is a really pretty colour from Models Own in the shade Purple Grey. It is a lovely neutral colour with browney tones. I have added an accent nail with a dash of gold which I think looks really pretty.

I wore this outfit to the Taylor Swift concert which I went to see with my sister on 2 February - it was amazing! Yes I am 22 and just a little in love with Taylor Swift - no shame! She is so beautiful and really knows how to put on a show with clowns and drummers dangling and bouncing from the ceiling. It was a great night even though I had to get nearly naked and strip down to my vest through excessive dancing and screaming - yes I am that girl.
I was fortunate enough to be able to go a second time this Monday (10 Feb) with my boyfriend. He says he would go to keep me company but I know he likes Taylor Swift really - singing along to her cd on the way home - I see you! I know you're a secret Swiftie! He now wants to buy a banjo - and I thought I was a fangirl!

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  1. Boots are fabbers! Ive been eyeing the jumper on asos, might have to make a purchase now! xxx

  2. You found a great bargain, I love the print on the jumpers I'm might have to try & hunt it down in my local New Look.
    Maybe Its Megan Leigh xx