Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Hello, Me Again / xx

Hello, I hope all you beautiful readers, new or old are well.
Today I wanted to do a little bit of a re-introduction to myself and my blog :)

My name is Rheya, I am 22 from Hertfordshire. I have now been writing and filling up my spare time wittering away about fashion, beauty and life for 6 months now! CRIKEY!! Whilst I LOVE blogging, for a little burst of time I had felt a little lost in all of this. What kind of 'blogger' am I? I post my outfits quite a lot, but I love make up. I'm no make up artist though. And then I love to bake and create, inspiring others with crafts as well as helping with topical issues such as money saving. Where do I fit? Who am I? What do I do best?

My answer to all the above is the most gut churning, cringe answer I could possibly conjurer up.... I am just going to be me and what ever blogger that makes me can be decided by you. If you don't mind a few extra #hashtags on my Twitter then I hope you all can appreciate my mixed bag of posts and ponderings. I trust that there has been something for everyone and you have found something of use to you. If not? Let me know! I would looooove to know what you would like me to create for the entertainment of us both. I say 'us both' as suggestions for sport will be disregarded. Sorry! I am not a sporty kinda gal. I like chocolate and pasta instead :) No muddy trainers with achey muscles for me.

If you enjoy what you see over here at PixiRella, then you might be interested to know I have Instagram too. I do upload blog related photos to ensure you don't miss a thing, but in amongst it all are obligatory selfies, friends, le lover and pretty things I have bought to adorn my room or myself. It's a touch more personal, plus you get to nose around what it's like to be little ol me! Come on over, I am friendly I promise!

So there we have it, a little reintroduction to the girl behind the blog as well as self indulgent plugs to other platforms where you can find me. I hope you would like to join me in my next 6 months and beyond and you can join my growing list of blogging buddies!

Thanks for reading, take care and welcome to PixiRella - the Life as an Average Girl!

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  1. I can't believe how far you have come in 6 months, i do enjoy reading your blog it looks so professional - i paticularly like your header :) and it feels very real (if that make sense ) :) I wish I had more time to put into mine, i am trying to vow to make more time haha xx