Wednesday, 26 February 2014

OOTD | Dancing in the Deepest Oceans

ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh HEY little loved ones and sassy minxes!

What would PixiRella be without a regular dose of clothes and outfit inspo?!  Today is this really pretty dress I brought from New Look. I really love the colour and style of this number; I think the shape is really flattering and I like the pockets which add a little extra interest. I was debating whether to go for it or not as check and tartan has been lingering around for quite a while but I am so glad I did as I think it is a great piece for both day and night and will be nice in the Spring/Summer and into next Winter. I plan to wear it out this weekend for my friends 21st with bear legs and stacked wedges or some flatforms I wore for NYE that you can kiiiiiiind of see here - what do you think?

I popped on some heeled chelsea boots also from New Look that are so comfy which you may have seen in my previous OOTD Post. For my jacket, I went for my camel coloured boyfriend blazer which is an oldie from Topshop. Its quite lightweight so isn't ideal for the horrendous weather that has been effecting the UK recently but luckily I chose to wear this on a reasonably dry day so all was well and dandy.

For make up I decided to opt for a smokey eye which I usually save for nights out but I've been craving dark eyes quite a lot recently. To tone everything down and make it a little more acceptable to wear to Tesco, I used MAC Myth which has swiftly become my favourite nude lip product.

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Thursday, 20 February 2014

Peach Melba | MAC Melba Powder Blush

On a recent virtual shopping trip I made to Debenhams to buy my Pappa Keabs a shirt for his burrrrfday, I tried extra hard to be good and avoid their rather large and tempting array of beauty products. It wasn't until I got to the check out that the dreaded postage and packaging fees made me feel bitter and twisted and totally against buying anything all together. Then that thing that your brain does happened where you decide it is the best thing since sliced bread to just add more to your basket to make up the amount needed to qualify for free P&P. Now actually, I do think this is a good idea, why pay for shipping when you are so close to the free shipping price when you can just buy a lip salve or a pair of socks - pretty much anything that is more exciting and gets you something for the same price you would pay in the first place. Oh dear I've started to ramble and go off track and possibly lose all sense of what I am talking about. Anyway.... in this state of hating to pay for P&P, I was lured in by MAC. The evil and beautiful place that it is and ended paying waaaaaay over the price needed.
Ooooh to live the life of a cheap skate.

I ended up going for Melba which is a really pretty, peachy shade. It has lovely warm tones which makes it perfect on its own but blends well when contouring. I haven't gone overly cray with the application in the above photo but the colour pay off is great for a delicate flush but builds nicely if you want something a little more noticeable. I have also added a little highlight on my chubby cheeks which I think looks really pretty against Melba and makes for a subtle, everyday look that is equally as nice teamed with dramatic eyes for a night of cocktails and dipping low.

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Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Hello, Me Again / xx

Hello, I hope all you beautiful readers, new or old are well.
Today I wanted to do a little bit of a re-introduction to myself and my blog :)

My name is Rheya, I am 22 from Hertfordshire. I have now been writing and filling up my spare time wittering away about fashion, beauty and life for 6 months now! CRIKEY!! Whilst I LOVE blogging, for a little burst of time I had felt a little lost in all of this. What kind of 'blogger' am I? I post my outfits quite a lot, but I love make up. I'm no make up artist though. And then I love to bake and create, inspiring others with crafts as well as helping with topical issues such as money saving. Where do I fit? Who am I? What do I do best?

My answer to all the above is the most gut churning, cringe answer I could possibly conjurer up.... I am just going to be me and what ever blogger that makes me can be decided by you. If you don't mind a few extra #hashtags on my Twitter then I hope you all can appreciate my mixed bag of posts and ponderings. I trust that there has been something for everyone and you have found something of use to you. If not? Let me know! I would looooove to know what you would like me to create for the entertainment of us both. I say 'us both' as suggestions for sport will be disregarded. Sorry! I am not a sporty kinda gal. I like chocolate and pasta instead :) No muddy trainers with achey muscles for me.

If you enjoy what you see over here at PixiRella, then you might be interested to know I have Instagram too. I do upload blog related photos to ensure you don't miss a thing, but in amongst it all are obligatory selfies, friends, le lover and pretty things I have bought to adorn my room or myself. It's a touch more personal, plus you get to nose around what it's like to be little ol me! Come on over, I am friendly I promise!

So there we have it, a little reintroduction to the girl behind the blog as well as self indulgent plugs to other platforms where you can find me. I hope you would like to join me in my next 6 months and beyond and you can join my growing list of blogging buddies!

Thanks for reading, take care and welcome to PixiRella - the Life as an Average Girl!

Toodle Pip

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Friday, 14 February 2014

Lord of Misrule | LUSH Bath Bomb

If like me you are partial to a nice relaxing bath to dissolve the days troubles and woes, it's a no brainer to look to Lush for a delicious smelling bath bomb to take that bath from an average soak to a luxurious, pampering event.

I was kindly bought the Lord of Misrule bath bomb for Christmas which has lovely rich, earthy, warm scents which is perfect for the nippy, gloomy weather England is experience at the moment. The bomb is said to have vanilla, black pepper and patchouli oil which I am not really too sure how I would describe; who knew black pepper had a scent?! But it is so lovely and warming. It does have a kind of Christmassy vibe without taking you back to the midst of presents, turkey and mistletoe in one whiff. It is supposed to resemble a party hat though.. but that's fine - I love to party.

Once plopped into the bath, it starts bubbling around and marbling the water with red and green swirls. When it's short but rather pretty life has come to an end, you are left with a rather deep, blood red water - be sure to warn your partner, mum, whoever is in the house with you that you haven't had the worlds worst disaster with a razor, just a little maxin relaxin sesh with a bath bomb. It does look a little gory.

When you get out and dry yo body from all the suds and you are nice and relaxed, you are left with the scent lingering on the skin. The bathroom afterwards smelt SO nice, I definitely wish Lush did room sprays (and if they do how comes I didn't know about this?!) After I love to pop on fresh pyjammas, change the sheets and watch either YouTube or catch up on what ever drivel takes my fancy on catch up and continue to unwind until the land of nod calls.

If you haven't got much planned tonight for Valentines or wish that the day didn't exist all together, my advice would be this - a hot bath, a few chunks of chocolate (my preference is galaxy if you fancy sharing?) a face mask, a onesie, The Notebook, a shovel and a bucket of ice cream :D YESSS. I am planning to have a date night with le lover, my sister, a curry and not much else. Spending tonight with a full belly and two of my all time favourite people - don't think you can get much better?

Let me know if you have tried this bomb! What are your favourite Lush products?

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Wednesday, 12 February 2014

OOTD | You Are The Best Thing That's Ever Been Mine

So just before the end of January I decided I needed a few little treats to add to my wardrobe and needed a new jumper in my life. I have plain ones a plenty but nothing that is cute or that adds enough interest to an outfit without having to pile on loads of accessories. I found this little silky soft beauty in New Look for about £8.00. It was in quite a few sizes up from what I usually would go for but as it was the last size in stock I couldn't say no. I really love the pattern and it is so soft and snug which is great as Spring is starting to peep at us and the days are ever so slightly warmer so you don't have to wear a coat on top. I would say that after wearing it on every occasion I could since buying it, it has gone a little bobbly.
My leggings are your boring generic leggings that you can get from anywhere and my socks are from Primark.

In my shopping spree I also got these lovely chunky chelsea boots which are also from New Look. I was unable to find the same but THESE are so nice and would probably add a 'dressier' look to your outfit. My boots are so comfy and bouncey and the heel is a perfect height to wear every day. These were in no way a neccisity when having a browse but they have definitely been worth it as I have near enough worn them every day since.

For jewellery I have stuck to my go to faves with a mix of TopshopDorothy Perkins and Black Tied. My nail varnish is a really pretty colour from Models Own in the shade Purple Grey. It is a lovely neutral colour with browney tones. I have added an accent nail with a dash of gold which I think looks really pretty.

I wore this outfit to the Taylor Swift concert which I went to see with my sister on 2 February - it was amazing! Yes I am 22 and just a little in love with Taylor Swift - no shame! She is so beautiful and really knows how to put on a show with clowns and drummers dangling and bouncing from the ceiling. It was a great night even though I had to get nearly naked and strip down to my vest through excessive dancing and screaming - yes I am that girl.
I was fortunate enough to be able to go a second time this Monday (10 Feb) with my boyfriend. He says he would go to keep me company but I know he likes Taylor Swift really - singing along to her cd on the way home - I see you! I know you're a secret Swiftie! He now wants to buy a banjo - and I thought I was a fangirl!

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Monday, 10 February 2014

VDay | What To Wear This Valentines

Whether you love or hate valentines day, there is no escaping it! I am one of those people who say 'Nahhhh I'm not bothered about valentines day, its overrated, I'm happy to stay in - not fussed' but as soon as I get a card, get taken out or shown affection in anyway I am like 'WAHHH ITS THE CUTEST EVERRRR!' Yeah, so I suppose I'm a teeny bit bothered. It is true,  I equally like to spend it at home with le lover with a dvd and snuggles as well as being wined and dined; it is a little over hyped but its still a great excuse to treat yourself to a pamper night or a new outfit for disco dancing with the girls.

What ever you are up to this Valentines, here are a few outfit ideas plus other little additions to have a lovely February 14th xoxo

Onesie, £15.99 // Socks, £3.50 // Face Mask, £1.00 // Mango Body Butter £2.95 // Essie Nail Varnish in Peach Daquiri £7.99 // Emma Bridgewater Mug £19.99 // Floral Blanket £8.00

This is definitely my ideal cosy night summed up in one picture. Whether you are with your friends or choosing to have a snug night in with your other half, there is nothing nicer than settling down for the night with a DVD, a onesie and hot choc.


My favourite of the three by far! I love the Iris blouse which is from Topshop. It also comes in black but I love the light grey with flecks of bright orange. It is such a beautiful print. I really like these boots too, I have a similar pair which are a little less statement but I think these would be perfect to take you from day to night. I think this outfit would be great for a dinner date or drinks with your friends and could be dressed down with simple accessories for shopping or the cinema.Teamed with a coral lip, I think this would look beautiful. This shirt is number one on my to buy list!

Last but not least I have picked a few items for a night of drinks and dipping low with your favourite females. As Valentines is a Friday this year, I am sure there are quite a few of you who shall be taking this opportunity whilst love is in the air to nab your self a partner in crime whether thats for the night or for the long run. I thought the pretty pattern of this playsuit would be perfect for this with a little keyhole detail to add a flash of da booooobs! Of course I had to include my favourite nude lipstick of the moment which is MAC Myth; team this with a smokey eye and pretty fluttery lashes and you will have them queuing!

What is your favourite outfit? Do you have any plans for Valentines Day?

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