Monday, 20 January 2014

Pale & Pretty | MAC Myth Lipstick

 For quite sometime now I have lusted over beauty bloggers, youtubers and chickas with obsessions for make up and their beautiful snaps on insta with perfectly nude, neutral lips. Alongside magically muted mouths is an equally beautiful collection of MAC lipsticks. With this playing on my mind, I thought it was about time I took the plunge and kicked off my own collection.

I have dabbled in nude lipsticks before, usually resulting in an overly peachy, coral colour and not nude at all. But what I have found with most is worse than a colour malfunction - the dreaded foundation lip! Nude is pretty, but a face with lips the same shade as your nose and forehead can be a little less subtle and more, crazed woman who got ready in the dark.

Myth is a very pretty neutral shade in a satin finish that looks amazing if you want a naturally pretty look or teamed with a dark, smoky eye, would look beautiful for more 'dressy' occasions.

The swatch looked a little darker than I was expecting as does the stick in the tube (pardon my lack of beauty bloging lingo & terminology - I am sure I have heard the word bullet being thrown about but that sounds a little awks to me!) but once applied it muted my lips perfectly.

The consistency is lovely and creamy and isn't drying. I would recommend buffing the lips before to ensure no dry flakey bits appear. I find that with lighter shades they adore clinging to all the bits us mere mortals occasionally get especially in the winter and can highlight the imperfections, but with a little lip scrub and balm you should be good as gold.

What are your favourite nudes and lipsticks in general? Any you would recommend?

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  1. You look gorgeous beaut! xo

  2. oh mah gawd you look beautiful in myth! i love this nude on you chicka :D
    + u look hot in glasses.

    just sayin :P


  3. I've just kicked off my Mac Lipstick collection too, with Plumful and Brick-o-la which I love! I have an olive skin tone and am looking for the perfect nude...Myth looks gorgeous!

    Laura@HookedOnBeauty xxxx

  4. I want it! I want it, I want it! Gemme!

    I really enjoyed this post, short n' sweet! I think I may have to invest in this lipstick ASAP!


    Saranne x

  5. Loving the natural look. It brings out the best in you.
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  6. Ooh gorgeous shade! I never seem to be able to find a nude colour that suits me because of my skin tone, but this looks great on you!


  7. Really petty colour. Might have to and find this out.