Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Haulin' | Primark, Boots, Etc.

Eeek, my first ever haul post! I know this isn't the biggest of hauls or greatest of snaps, but I am a newbie to photographing anything other than myself really (selfie pro) so just bare with, I will get there - just gives me an excuse to buy loads more to test my haul photography skillzzzz. Lets go....

My first pit stop was of course Primark. I had been after this denim jacket with faux shearling lining which I had wanted from Topshop for a while but had seen one on Helen from Fragile Bird from good old Primada (just me?) so it was a no brainer. I rummaged so long and hard through the coat and denim section but they either had sold out or didn't stock it. Cry cry cry. I bought jeans instead which were equally a let down & will be making their way back as swiftly as poss!
What did make the trip worth while are these adorable shoes/sandals which also came in black. They really remind me of something you would find in Topshop but at a fraction of the price. I really love the patent nude shade and now really want the black version, sadly they were sold out booo! How cute are these going to be with frilly socks, bare legs and summer dresses?!! HELLA CUTE! They are only £12.00 too :) I wore them to work last Friday and got quite a few compliments on them so I'm rather chuffed with these!

What would a trip to town be without an obligatory visit to Boots?! I had only wanted the Rimmel Stay Matte Powder but when is that ever possible to stick to what you went in for. I could go in just wanting cotton pads and find myself buying lunch, nail varnish, magazines, lipstick, powder, hair oil, face wipes and still come out cotton pad free. Everything is just too pretty for me not to own. As Boots had a deal on, I justified buying a few other bits. In my defence I did need a new mascara as well so got the Maybelline Mega Plush Volum Mascara which my sister had been using and loves. Whilst at the Maybelline stand I also grabbed the Better Skin Foundation which I can't wait to try. I hadn't really read much into it but fingers crossed it does what it says on the label and gives me beaut skin.
I also picked up two of their varnishes in Nude Rose (cute name) and Berry Stain (not so cute!). Again I cant wait to try these and think they will make perfect transitional colours ready for Spring/Summer.

On the way back to the car le lover wanted to go to Wilkinsons to pick up boring man bits like wood worm killer... yawn.... Of course I have zero interest or need to be killing worms so I took a trip to the sale section. So many cute bits from Christmas were in the sale for as little as 25p, there were these adorable little felt hearts in different shades of grey that I kind of regret not picking up but oh well. The heart I bought turned out to be £1.00 reduced from £5.00 and it is probably the best £1.00 I have ever spent, I was the happiest girl all afternoon. Sad? Who? Me?!! I do have a little obsession with hearts and everything worn and old so this is going to fit into my room nicely. I am currently making a 'bottom drawer' which is basically a little collection of bits ready for when I move out. Currently it stands at about a million heart decorations, a black board, 3 vases, THE cutest key and letter rack amongst other little bits and bobs.

I hope you liked my first of many hauls, I have been terribly naughty since pay day and kind of gone a little mental so there are going to be a few more coming soon as well as a cheeky MAC purchase which I can not wait to share with you.

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  1. I love those shoes!
    and omg!
    I love stay matte!
    Make sure to check out my blog:

  2. I have that Stay Matte powder, its so good! Love the shoes!

  3. Great first haul post, I love that mascara and those nail polishes look so pretty.

  4. Aw I love your writing style it's so entertaining haha! I have the denim jacket you were looking for haha, I was so excited when I first found it cause I'd also been wanting the Topshop one! Also those shoes are amazzzzzzing, I saw them in Primark but told myself I'd buy them nearer to Spring and now they're not in my local Primark haha :( Ah I'd love to hear your thoughts on the Maybelline foundation once you've sussed it out haha x