Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Haulin' | Primark, Boots, Etc.

Eeek, my first ever haul post! I know this isn't the biggest of hauls or greatest of snaps, but I am a newbie to photographing anything other than myself really (selfie pro) so just bare with, I will get there - just gives me an excuse to buy loads more to test my haul photography skillzzzz. Lets go....

My first pit stop was of course Primark. I had been after this denim jacket with faux shearling lining which I had wanted from Topshop for a while but had seen one on Helen from Fragile Bird from good old Primada (just me?) so it was a no brainer. I rummaged so long and hard through the coat and denim section but they either had sold out or didn't stock it. Cry cry cry. I bought jeans instead which were equally a let down & will be making their way back as swiftly as poss!
What did make the trip worth while are these adorable shoes/sandals which also came in black. They really remind me of something you would find in Topshop but at a fraction of the price. I really love the patent nude shade and now really want the black version, sadly they were sold out booo! How cute are these going to be with frilly socks, bare legs and summer dresses?!! HELLA CUTE! They are only £12.00 too :) I wore them to work last Friday and got quite a few compliments on them so I'm rather chuffed with these!

What would a trip to town be without an obligatory visit to Boots?! I had only wanted the Rimmel Stay Matte Powder but when is that ever possible to stick to what you went in for. I could go in just wanting cotton pads and find myself buying lunch, nail varnish, magazines, lipstick, powder, hair oil, face wipes and still come out cotton pad free. Everything is just too pretty for me not to own. As Boots had a deal on, I justified buying a few other bits. In my defence I did need a new mascara as well so got the Maybelline Mega Plush Volum Mascara which my sister had been using and loves. Whilst at the Maybelline stand I also grabbed the Better Skin Foundation which I can't wait to try. I hadn't really read much into it but fingers crossed it does what it says on the label and gives me beaut skin.
I also picked up two of their varnishes in Nude Rose (cute name) and Berry Stain (not so cute!). Again I cant wait to try these and think they will make perfect transitional colours ready for Spring/Summer.

On the way back to the car le lover wanted to go to Wilkinsons to pick up boring man bits like wood worm killer... yawn.... Of course I have zero interest or need to be killing worms so I took a trip to the sale section. So many cute bits from Christmas were in the sale for as little as 25p, there were these adorable little felt hearts in different shades of grey that I kind of regret not picking up but oh well. The heart I bought turned out to be £1.00 reduced from £5.00 and it is probably the best £1.00 I have ever spent, I was the happiest girl all afternoon. Sad? Who? Me?!! I do have a little obsession with hearts and everything worn and old so this is going to fit into my room nicely. I am currently making a 'bottom drawer' which is basically a little collection of bits ready for when I move out. Currently it stands at about a million heart decorations, a black board, 3 vases, THE cutest key and letter rack amongst other little bits and bobs.

I hope you liked my first of many hauls, I have been terribly naughty since pay day and kind of gone a little mental so there are going to be a few more coming soon as well as a cheeky MAC purchase which I can not wait to share with you.

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Monday, 27 January 2014

From 8 Till Late I Think About You | MAC Russian Red

Winter 2013 saw me delve into the realm of dark red and brown lipsticks. I had never tried dark shades before and always felt that my make up ended a little too 'try hard'. Once teamed with neutral eyes, I discovered dark red wasn't so scary after all and now I have a little addiction.

With Spring approaching (and with the kick start of my mac collection with Myth) I wanted to treat myself and my make up bag to a slightly brighter red. I wanted a shade with a blue tone to enhance the shade of my pearly not so whites. I asked Gabby from VelvetGh0st for her opinion on what shade to get as her make up is on point and I have severe lipstick collection envy. I am sure you can tell by the title I went for Russian Red

The shade is a lovely red which isnt too over powering but still lifts and adds a gorgeous pop of colour to yo face. It is a lovely texture but I found was a teeny tiny bit drying as it is a matte finish; I would recommend using lip scrub prior to wearing Russian Red as well as using a clear lip balm to ensure it glides on nice and smooth, no one wants to see your flaky bits girlfriend!

It lasts ages so is definitely worth its £15.00 price tag, one application lasted all day with eating and drinking. I must admit it did fade a little but the colour was still pretty enough without having to reapply more product.

I really like the look with a simple eye, here I used neutral shades from my Naked 2 palette with a slick of black eyeliner. This is my usual every day make up just with a little twist from the lippy. I feel this jazzed up my usual day time face without feeling too 'OTT' and felt confident for someone who usually sticks to pale colours during the day.

Have you tried Russian Red? What are your favourite lip products?

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Thursday, 23 January 2014

OOTD | You and I, We Don't Want to Be Like Them

This OOTD was pretty casual with a kind of smart element from the boyfriend coat which is an oldie from Topshop. I really love the colour of this jacket and was a steal at half price in the sale - how could I say no!
To keep frostbite at bay, I chucked on this pretty scarf from a charity shop. I love the Burberry-esque colours and think it compliments the jacket nicely. Whilst mine is a cheap and chips copy, you can grab the real deal over at Suede and Velvet Vintage Clothing.

Under the outer layers is a pretty simple outfit. Both top and skirt are from River Island. I really like the texture combination of the winceyette tshirt and matte leather skirt. Mother dearest felt this skirt a little short but I figured I got away with it with the high neck top and tiggy tights.

For a slight splash of subtle colour I went for my dark red Dr Marten Kensington Flora Chelsea Boots which are now in the sale over at Asos! I would definitely recommend these as they are so comfy and sturdy; perfect for winter walks through puddles and dreary-ness. If you want to read more about them, a whole post has been dedicated to these beauts which you can read by clicking HERE!!

To complete the look I added a worn looking necklace which is again from a charity shop. It was brand new in the original packaging from Next and I believe I bought it for about £1.00. I really love the 'teeth' it has in a lovely brushed, old silver.

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Monday, 20 January 2014

Pale & Pretty | MAC Myth Lipstick

 For quite sometime now I have lusted over beauty bloggers, youtubers and chickas with obsessions for make up and their beautiful snaps on insta with perfectly nude, neutral lips. Alongside magically muted mouths is an equally beautiful collection of MAC lipsticks. With this playing on my mind, I thought it was about time I took the plunge and kicked off my own collection.

I have dabbled in nude lipsticks before, usually resulting in an overly peachy, coral colour and not nude at all. But what I have found with most is worse than a colour malfunction - the dreaded foundation lip! Nude is pretty, but a face with lips the same shade as your nose and forehead can be a little less subtle and more, crazed woman who got ready in the dark.

Myth is a very pretty neutral shade in a satin finish that looks amazing if you want a naturally pretty look or teamed with a dark, smoky eye, would look beautiful for more 'dressy' occasions.

The swatch looked a little darker than I was expecting as does the stick in the tube (pardon my lack of beauty bloging lingo & terminology - I am sure I have heard the word bullet being thrown about but that sounds a little awks to me!) but once applied it muted my lips perfectly.

The consistency is lovely and creamy and isn't drying. I would recommend buffing the lips before to ensure no dry flakey bits appear. I find that with lighter shades they adore clinging to all the bits us mere mortals occasionally get especially in the winter and can highlight the imperfections, but with a little lip scrub and balm you should be good as gold.

What are your favourite nudes and lipsticks in general? Any you would recommend?

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Thursday, 9 January 2014

My Picks | January Sales

I am not one to usually brave the sales, its usually always messy and I just can not be bothered to tackle all the crazy women fighting for the last item on the rail. I do not have time for that!
What I do like is internet shopping; here are my picks from the January sales.

Sheer black shirt with zip pocket, Topshop - Was £65 Now £20 | Limited Edition pearl swing dress, Topshop - Was £195 Now £100Tapestry dress, River Island - Was £65 Now £25Checked trousers, Zara - Was £39.99 Now £17.99Purse, Ted Baker - Was £99 Now £50 | Floral dress, Topshop - Was £45 Now £15Platforms, Zara - Was £39.99 Now £29.99Satchel, Cambridge Satchel @ ASOS - Was £130 Now £91Mock croc heeled loafers, Topshop - Was £50 Now £25

I absolutely am in love with the pearl dress from Topshop, it is sooo gorgeous and would be perfect for summer weddings or a birthday bash. The River Island tapestry dress is another of my faves from my pick of the sales. The pattern is perfect for Winter/Spring with a cardie and tights, come summer add some chunky wedges to make this the prettiest dress for disco dancing.

Have you found any great bargain buys from the January sales?

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Wednesday, 8 January 2014

OOTD | I love you like xo

After a bout of silence I must admit it does feel a little odd hearing the sound of my finger tips tapping away at my keyboard. I think I have fallen out of my 'flow' and a teeny layer of rust has formed over all possible exits for my creativity to come to me as naturally as it did two weeks ago. Nothing a little cillit bang and my old routine wont fix!

So with the first attempt at ridding my creative block, here is my first outfit post of 2014! YAY! It seemed aaaaaaaaaaaaaaages ago that I was pestering my sister to take photos of me shaking my thaaang in our conservatory and I must say, I have quite missed it!

I love this black and white checked dress from New Look. I bought it a few weekends before Christmas, it was the last one I could find and luckily was in my size so I pinched it off the rail as quick as I could. I am unsure if it is still stocked online but I really like this alternative. Its really easy and comfortable to wear and I think it would look great on a night out with bare legs and massive, chunky shoes.

This green coat has been a staple in my wardrobe since I bought it a year ago from Jolly Brown which is a vintage shop in a nearby town where I live. It is such a versatile coat as it goes with so many outfits, is cool & breathable enough chucked on over a dress and tights but when teamed with a cardigan or jumper, this gem turns into a full powered radiator which is perfect for the cold English weather.

My booties are also from New Look. Again, I found it really hard to find the exact ones so here is a really similar pair. I have been after a heeled pair of boots for ages and am really chuffed with my choice. My momma treated me (and herself) to these for Christmas which was lovely - thank you Mum xx
The sole is really bouncy so makes for a really comfy shoe, plus the heel is nice and chunky so you aren't teetering around everywhere. The height of the heel is perfect for me for someone who wears flats on a day to day basis, the platform gives added cushioning too! I really love these and am certain they are going to be a new firm favourite!

To finish off this outfit I braved a bowler hat which I got from ebay for like £4. I didn't want to spend a lot as I wasn't sure if they even suit me - I am still unsure to be honest. I have such a flat head at the back with a pretty small forehead and this combination means that there isn't much head for a hat to cling onto aha!! The bowler hat kind of just perches there hanging in hope that a gust of wind doesn't come along and sweep it away for everrrr. I am still undecided - what do you think?

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Saturday, 4 January 2014

Hello 2014 You Cheeky Monkey

To state the obvious, we are now in 2014... can we all just take a moment to let that sink in and accept that another year has passed us in the blink of an eye! I know I am not the first to say how quick 2013 went, but seriously, it seems like a few weeks ago I was sunning my self on holiday, creating PixiRella and celebrating my 5th anniversary with le lover. Mental!

So now I have got that out of my system, I would like to wish you all a super duper New Year! I hope that 2014 brings you every health and happiness & you achieve everything you set your heart on.

I apologise for my two weeks of silence in the blogging world, I was having such a fabulous time with friends and family; eating and drinking far too much, staying up far too late and sleeping in much later than I would like to admit. To me the festive season and the two weeks I am fortunate enough to get off work are dedicated to spending time with those who mean the most to me and sadly that meant that PixiRella had to take a back seat for a while, but I promise that now the New Year has arrived and all the excessive merriment is over, my blogging routine shall slip back into place within the next few weeks.

2014 shall hopefully be filled with many more adventures for you all to join me on, loads of fashion faux pas and favourites as well as beauty discoveries to share with you all. Fingers crossed this year will be the year I fly the nest and create one of my own and become a proper adult wahhhh!

I hope that you continue to follow and support PixiRella and the girl behind the blog, thank you all so much to those that have shown an interest in my posts and take the effort to comment and follow me and contact me through Twitter and Instagram, it means so much to me and makes all the effort I put into it all so very worthwhile.

To those who are new to my little wedge of the internet, WELCOME, I do hope you enjoy your stay and will come back to visit me again! Grab yourself a nice drink and a really unhealthy snack of your choice whilst the backlog of Christmas goodies are still lingering around, catch up on all my old posts and maybe treat yourself to a minxy follow? Be sure to say hello and follow me on Twitter too so we can be the bestest of blogging friends :) Who knows, 2014 might also be the year that a Blogger Meet Up is held for all those who which to meet this mad nut case in the flesh and hear my rambles rather than just reading them?!

A HUGE special thank you goes to Chanelle Jade, Collette, Saranne, Eleanor, Beth & Helen - you have all made my blogging journey a very happy place to be.  I wish you all the best in 2014 and hope that your blog continues to grow with success as well as any other ventures you may find yourself encountering. Thank you for being little internet friendies and being beautiful chickas - it's refreshing knowing that there actually are nice people lurking in the world!!

Soooo on that note, I hope you have a wonderful day and a magical year! Don't be a stranger and be sure to let me know if you have a blog or need a little helping hand getting started - I love a new read!

All my love and internet snuggles

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