Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Festive Wreath // DIY

I do love a wreath on a front door at Christmas time. I think it looks really pretty and adds colour and character to a house when the weather outside is a little bleak & grey.

I am all for buying a premade wreath whether it is made out of all natural materials or if you choose to fake it - its all good, what ever suits you! But this year I really wanted to turn my hand at making one myself and set aside an afternoon to do just that!

If  you would like to have a go at making a wreath for your front door or as a pre-Christmas gift for a loved one, keep reading and I shall show you how! Be prepared to set aside at least an hour and a half to make the wreath itself but don't forget to dedicate an hour or two to get all the bits before hand such as holly and other foliage. This is one for the patient people out there, also, prepare yourself for being pricked once or twice by the holly - stings like hell but the final product is definitely worth it!!

So lets get started!!

What you will need:-
1 premade grapevine wreath (or oasis) in the size of your choice. At the widest point, my grapevine wreath measured roughly 30cm across
Floristry or craft wire. I used green wire to blend in with the foliage (you may not need to use wire if  you are using an oasis)
Holly, ivy, foliage of  your choice

Lets Go!

Start by giving those legs of yours a little action by taking a walk to the woods where you should be able to find an array of foliage such as holly, ivy and twigs. Collect as much as you can carry, preferably in a thick reusable bag to avoid it splitting on your travels. Alternatively a florists will have lots of varied flowers, leaves and pretty shrubs but be prepared to spend a few pennies!

Once you have headed back into the warmth of your house, lay out all of your materials. This will make it easier when deciding what kind of leaf or berry or spruce you want to pick next.

Take your ribbon (I find ribbon that is about 1cm - 2cm thick is the best) and cut it into the length in which you want to hang it. I have mine hanging off a peg next to my front door as I do not have a knocker or hook to hang it on. My loop measured roughly 50cm - remember this is going to be halved and then tied in a knot so you may wish to add a few extra centimetres.
Loop the ribbon through the wreath and tie in a knot to secure.

Find where you want the ribbon to hang as you may find the wreath isn't perfectly circular as I found with mine. Once you are happy with where you want the top of the wreath to be, lay it down flat and pull the ribbon out, ensuring that the knot is on the inner edge of the wreath (see photo above).

Start placing your chosen foliage onto the wreath one piece at a time and secure in place with wire. Be careful if you are using holly as it can be a little vicious so you may want to wear some gloves if available.

Continue to add the holly, leaves and sprigs to the wreath ensuring that they cover any bare patches using the wire to secure it in place - you don't want to see the wreath or oasis itself. When securing in place with the wire, be sure to keep a piece aside - you will need this for the final bow. I also tried to conceal the knot of the ribbon to make a neater finish. It is a good idea to either hang/hold it up every now and then to see how it is progressing and to get an idea of where needs more greenery.

When I was near enough happy with how it looked like from the front, I turned the wreath over and gently placed it on the floor ensuring that the leaves were not squished. I then added further foliage to the outer edges to help conceal the grapevine wreath. I repeated this process for the inner ring.
By adding extra leaves etc to the back, you create a really lush, full wreath that holds it shape and lasts longer.

To finish the wreath, I took a thicker ribbon and tied it into a bow around a pen. With the bow tied to the pen I was then able to adjust the size of the bow to make it a shape and size that complimented the size of the wreath. When you are happy with the bow, decide on where you want it positioned and secure with the final piece of wire. You can now add any other decorations you may have such as pine cones, baubles, flowers, tinsel - the ideas are endless. I decided to keep mine quite minimal, only adding pretty ribbon to complete the wreath.

I really love the final product and will definitely be making another next year. It was a hit with people I worked with too after showing them - they were all asking if I would sell them which I think would be a fabulous idea for those who have time to get a little extra income at this rather expensive time of year!

It would be really great if this has inspired you to make a wreath! Pretty please let me know if you have gone for it and if you upload them to Instagram, be sure to tag me in it (@rhemaekea) so I can gaze in awe!

Have fun little crafters 

Loads of love and festive wishes!


Thursday, 4 December 2014

The Christmas Tag

Slippers on, hot drink at the ready & your favourite festive song playing - its Christmas Tag time!

1. What is your favourite Christmas Movie/s?
I am really trying to think of just one.. of course I love Elf and Home Alone is pretty good too, but I do love love love Scrooge. And The Holiday. And Love Actually. And Miracle on 34th Street. Ugh picking one just means doing all the other an injustice. I LOVE THEM ALL!!

2. Do you open your presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning?
Christmas morning always and forever. When I lived at home I would always get up really early with my sister and we would run down stairs at like 6.30am screaming at all the presents that had miraculously been delivered under the tree whilst we tried to sleep. Yes I am 23 and yes I am totally heart broken that I won't be doing that this year. Something tells me James wouldn't quite see the magic in me running downstairs screaming my head off at all the presents I have wrapped myself aha!

3. Egg Nog or Hot Chocolate?
I have never tried egg nog, but something tells me that is what a Snow Ball is? And I LOVE Snow Balls with advocate and lemonade and a little glacé cherry. Mhmmm honey bee, get me one of those please!

4. Favourite festive food?
Christmas dinner in general is literally life. But I adore the special sausage stuffing that only ever seems to be used at Christmas and Yorkshire puddings and roasted veg will always be my number one. Oh and pigs in blankets. I am just making myself sound like a whale aren't I :)

5. Favourite Christmas gift?
From my whole entire life? Without a doubt would of been my little kitchen I got when I was really teeny tiny. I had it for years and adored it! I remember being so heartbroken when my Nanny decided I was too old for it and it was taken to the local nursery :( Them grubby fingered toddlers better of looked after it!

6. Where do you usually spend Christmas?
I come from separated parents but have never spent Christmas Day with my Dad, he gets a whole day of his own usually on the 27th. I would always spend it at my Nan and Grandads and then when my Mum remarried we went to his parents ever other year and on Boxing Day we would go to wherever we wasn't on Christmas Day. Sounds confusing doesn't it aha! Sadly my Nanny passed away so Christmas Day is now shared between my Mum and Aunty, this year it is at my Mummas :D Not so sadly - my mum is rid of her ex husband so we don't see his family any more and my time is split between seeing my mum and going to James' house.

7. Do you have any Christmas Eve traditions?
Cosy nights in with films and drinks and treats. All my friends are keen to get me to go disco dancing but I have always stayed in and dread the idea of waking up on Christmas morning with the hangover from hell.

8. What tops your tree?
I got to buy all new decorations for our house this year which brought me uncapped amounts of happiness. To go with my rustic and retro theme I have going on in my living room, we have a star in a gorge bronzy colour with a little sprinkling of gold glitter on the top. It's a beaut!

9. Be honest, do you prefer giving gifts or receiving them?
I would be lying if I said I didn't love opening a pressie or two but I ADORE giving gifts more. I love spending the time picking out something for that special someone, wrapping it with pretty decorations and paper and bows and then watching the look on the receivers face when they are given it. Its such a nice feeling and I love it. Christmas is for giving!

10. Do you like to stay in your pj's or dress up for Christmas?
False eye lashes, heels, a new dress, full face of make up and hair curled. Dress up all the way! It's a once a year event in my family so we all tend to go all out and wear something a little more special.

11. What's your favourite Christmas song?
The Pogues Fairytale of New York & Jona Lewie Stop the Calvary. Such classics!

12. Do you get your shopping done early or leave it till the last minute?
I tend to be a late bloomer but this year I have flourished pretty quickly! I only have a few more little bits and bobs to get and then I am all set for a marathon of wrapping. I once stayed on till 3am perfecting my pressies!

13. The Tree: Fake or Real?
I've only ever had fake before when living with my beautiful Mumma, but James and I this year are going for the real thing.

14. Have you ever had a white Christmas?
Yes but Christmas is for staying in, keeping cosy, getting a little tipsy, playing games and spending it with family

15. What's the best part about Christmas for you?
Seeing the family all together and all the younger ones being spoiled. Someone in my family needs to pop some more children out as we are all growing up and I love little ones at Christmas time, all their little festive outfits and the excitement of what lies under the tree. Its just such a beautiful time of year and without a doubt my favourite. I hate when it is over but lucky for me due to having such a wide spread family, I get around 3 or four Christmas days WAHOO!!!

I hope you are all really looking forward to Christmas too and are excited for all the festivities! Be sure to let me know if you join in on the tag too and what your favourite thing about Christmas is!

Loads of love and festive wishes


Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Red Lips & Rosy Cheeks

Well Hello there!

A huge amount of time has passed and a whole lot has changed since my last post. I have missed blogging and writing so so much in the past month or two that I have been absent from the WWW but I intend to be back to stay!

Anyway - I hope you are well and have been loving the transition into Autumn/Winter with the crunchy leaves, scarves and hats <3

So here are my excuses as to why I have been slacking....

I am now finally in the house which I spoke about previously. James and I got the keys on the 9 October and spent a week totally redecorating and making it our own.
What we thought was going to take a few licks of paint and a handful of days to complete turned into a mammoth overhaul of every room; repapering, flooring, ceilings, kitchen appliances, the whole hog. And of course took 10 days rather than the three expected. What a pair of muggins!

It has been roughly a month of actually living in the house and so far, touch wood, there has been no issues and I have been LOVING it. It still feels totally surreal that James and I have our own home, our own collection of bricks and our own garden. That we have keys to somewhere we can call our own and have the foundations of our future set in place for the next few years until a bambino comes along. I hope!

The transition to becoming a fully fledged adult is well underway with a few weekly shops and an extra handful of bills under my belt. But I am enjoying it all. Even going to visit parents and family is nicer than what it was before as it becomes a treat and something to look forward to rather than being the norm.

Moving house aside, I am now addicted to The Walking Dead.
What. A. Show.
I am now into the 3rd series by about 3 or four episodes. THE GOVNOR IS FREAKING ME OUT! I need to know more about why he is so darn WEIRD! He is clearly messed up. And the samurai chick. She is bad ass. And is it kind of weird that I ever so slightly want to know what it would be like to be in the midst of a zombie apocalypse for a day or two. I wouldn't want to die or get eaten or anything, but just kick some zombie butt. Also, Rick & Lori (RIP) are incredibly poor at parenting. They constantly go on about looking after Carl, but there he goes, off wandering into the hands of a furiously hungry and festering Walker. Girl, you got to get your priorities straight!

Something that slides in nicely next to The Walking Dead is Bad Lip Reading which is a channel on YouTube. It is hands down one of the cleverest, funniest and most random things I have watched. If you haven't seen it, you must! And if you have, then watch some more! The NFL videos are incredible too! Let me know what you think!

Other than that I have been up to a whole lot of nothing much. I've been to see The Woman in Black in the theatre which is really good, quite jumpy but was really well put together considering it only consists of three actors.

I have also been having an issue with the dreaded garden nemesis. The neighbours cat. Or cats!
My garden of late has become a giant litter tray for the cats in my street. And it better not be the cute ginger cat that sits in the window opposite every morning. Cos that cat is cute. And I have a lot of time for that kitty.

For the other cats relieving yourself amongst my pansies, PISS OFF! OR I WILL COME AT YOU WITH A FIST FULL OF CHILLI POWDER FURY!

Now don't get me wrong, I love all animals, but you try putting up with an ever growing collection of shit in your garden. I wouldn't want my pets doing it in other peoples shrubs and I know it isn't something the owner can control. But my dislike towards it is something which I can't control either. If anyone knows of anything to deter these pesky pooers please let me know. I have already been out in my garden sprinkling chilli flakes, coffee and oranges complete with a peg adorning my nose whilst the removal of the crap took place. I even dreamed about it I am that enraged!

I am also soooo soo soo looking forward to Christmas, particularly decorating my tree with all the baubles I have recently bought - side note, Wilkinsons is amazing for decs this year! So cute and right up my street!! I really want a wreath and loads of festive candles. Ahhh I adore this time of year!

Let me know what you have been up to and anything that I have missed out on whilst I had a little break

Loads of love xoxo

Friday, 3 October 2014

Say YES to Carrots Exfoliating Cleanser

This is going to be the second time I have written this post. I deleted the first version after deciding I wasn't going to bother with it again plus the fact the bottle in use at the time was looking a little sorry for itself.  In my first draft, I had written how well the Yes to Carrots Exfoliating Cleanser cleaned and softened my skin but there wasn't anything overly special about it and my hunt for the perfect face scrub was to continue.

Well I continued and continued and found that all other scrubs were a little too harsh for everyday exfoliating, didn't smell that great, were too expensive for very little in the way of results or just contained nasties that I don't really know much about but hear they are to be avoided (parabens I'm talking bout you!)

It then dawned on me that whilst using this exfoliating cleanser, my skin was great. It was clear and soft with breakouts being a rarity - with this in mind I have purchased my second bottle and haven't looked back.

Retailing at £6.99 it is a great little addition to your beauty shelf and contains nothing but goodness for your skin. It is fragrance free so shouldn't irritate those with sensitive skin and the chunks of exfoliating bamboo are nice and small to clear out all the gunk in your pores.

I use the exfoliator every morning and sometimes in the evening too if I have over done it on the make up or feel my skin is a little more congested than normal. I particularly love using a hot cloth before hand, scrubbing it into my face and neck and swiping the remaining product off again with the cloth that has had a second drenching from the hot tap. This really opens the pores and readies the skin for cleansing not to mention it's sooooo relaxing!

The packaging is pretty simple too, nothing too offensive if you want your bathroom or beauty stash to look sleek and inviting and it is good for the boys too. It is pretty much your bog standard exfoliator with all the junk removed. As I said before, it really is a nothing of nothingness type product but once you are left without it, you realise just how great it is. Sometimes boring is best and in the Yes to Carrots case - this couldn't be more true!

If you love fancy packaging, chunks of gold and a fragrance so decadent you want to bathe in it, then this might not be the product for you, however I whole heartedly would recommend this to anyone who is after a basic that gets the job done with no nasty repercussions from over scrubbing etc. I am definitely going to repurchase this and have every intention to do just that once my current bottle runs out!

Do let me know if you give this product a try and what you think of it!



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Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Garnier Ultimate Blends - The Sleek Restorer | First Impressions

I am a huge fan of caring for my hair and am partial to a lotion and potion or two to try and help keep dryness and split ends at bay. Usually I deep condition and finish with various oils and serums to keep it in check but fancied trying something new to mix it up a little.

Enter the new Garnier Ultimate Blends range. Packed with coconut oil (already a hair care fave of mine) and coca butter, this thick conditioning cream smells like a dream and feels really luxurious rubbed between the hands before it is distributed between the lengths of my hair.

After shampooing and conditioning, I ran a walnut sized blob (biscuit fans should aim for the size of a party ring) through the bottom half of my hair, paying particular attention to the ends and left it to mingle with the strands for roughly a minute.

I must admit that once the minute was up and it was time to wash it out, rather than feeling like silk, my hair felt a little clumpy and waxy. I was expecting my fingers to glide through silky soft locks and felt a little aprehensive once I let loose with the hair dryer.

I decided to skip any other products I usually use for styling, including heat spray to really see the results and found that drying my hair took a little longer than usual, I presume this would be the oils locking in moisture from showering.  Once near enough dry, I didn't see an overwhelming difference. My hair looked slightly smoother but shine and softness hadn't improved.

As my hair still seemed to be living the thug life, I opted to finish the styling process with straighteners. Here is where I feel the true results of the mask paid off! After sectioning and straightening my barnet as usual, my hair was salon soft. It moved as if I had just stepped out of the hairdressers and smelt delicious for a good few hours after.

Even though my hair isn't overly dry or frizzy which is what the product is advertised to tackle, sadly I do not think it has defeated the dryness I have on my ends. Although I have only used this product once, I have high hopes that the condition will improve after multiple uses and hopefully will lock in more moisture in washes to come.

I am definitely not a hater of the Ultimate Blends mask and am looking forward to using it in conjunction with other products to see what results I get, particularly the Organics Coconut Oil which so far works well with almost all products I use.

Have you tried any of the Ultimate Blends range and if so what would you recommend?

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Monday, 29 September 2014

Brighton, Beaches & Bikes

A lot has been going on recently, my life is everywhere what with moving, trying to get rid of old & unwanted stuff, buying hella huge amounts of new stuff and having a social life all at once (you can read about my moving out experience so far here) Amongst all this hectic-ness, James and I have managed to smuggle ourselves away for a few trips to the seaside.

Over the Bank Holiday weekend in August (23- 25 Aug 2014) James & I had planned a trip to Brighton. James over the past two years has heavily gotten into scooters and all the nostalgia that comes with it; Mods, Music, Lambrettas, Vespas & QUADROPHENIA! Since falling in love with all things scooter related, it has been on our to do list to go to the Brighton Scooter Ride Out and decided we would tick it off this year.

We stayed in the perfectly placed Kemp Townhouse guest house which is down one of the narrow roads set back from the sea front. Whilst the rooms are small, they are perfectly formed and decorated so elegantly. The breakfasts they had on offer were delicious and their range of complimentary drinks was good too, even providing mini marshmallows for an evenings hot choc.

Upon arrival, we didn't waste much time and got exploring straight away. Arriving at 8am on the Saturday morning, we wanted to make the most of the lovely weather and ventured to the pier. At that time it was pretty much occupied by just James and I and I wouldn't of had it any other way if I could choose. It was so nice & peaceful and was an excellent start to our weekend getaway ♥

Soon the mods from far and wide started to arrive and with them they brought such amazing nostalgia. All the guys looked amazing in their suits and loafers, parkas & dm's and the women looked PHENOMINAL. Hair perfectly trimmed into bobs or swept into beehives with skirts shorter than a short thing. It is so liberating to see all these beautiful girls dressed in these amazing outfits, oozing confidence and style.

The bikes were great too. I love how people customise them; pretty colours, fancy wraps, tartan seat covers, cute picnic baskets on the back. I just love it. I totally wish I grew up in the 60s & 70s - it seems like such an amazing pair of decades to have experienced. Whilst I can appreciate it 40 years on, paying homage to it with a beehive and thick, flicked eye liner, to actually be there and experience it first hand has such a huge appeal to me.

Unfortunately when it came to the ride out on the Sunday afternoon, we weren't in the greatest of locations to appreciate the mass of scooters that had congregated. We found ourselves at the end of the crowed and before we knew it they had all lined up and set off to the grassy cliff as seen in Quadrophenia. Still, we had a fabulous time and I left with a huge want list of items to get my 60s on.

Soon after, James and I went to Hunstanton on the weekend of the 6 September. We are rather lucky as James' parents have a caravan there so we can pretty much have seaside getaways whenever we choose. We had planned to go on this particular weekend as every year they have a Mods & Rockers event on the green, surrounding the band stand in Hunstanton town. We went last year too which if you would like to read about, you can do just that here :)

The weather was great, and although I sadly didn't take any photos, there was so many lovely bikes. The variety is huge from chunky motorbikes to scooters with side cars. This particular year there was a rather interesting 'biker' in the form of Harley the Hairy Biker, a huge St Bernard dog riding in the side car of a huge Honda. Complete with goggles and helmet, Harley looked so cute and was without a doubt the highlight of the Mods and Rockers event!

Picture of Harley direct link

We were also lucky enough to go on a seal trip in Blakeney which was amazing! We went with Beans Boat Trips and the guide was fantastic. He was entertaining without being OTT and gave loads of interesting facts and tales of the seals, fisherman and the fishing boats that had made their home in the waters.

The seals themselves were so interesting and funny to watch; hopping along on their sides and itching with their flippers. I particularly liked the babies all small and white and full of flubber. The big papa seals were ginormous. Lounging on the sand, yawning all day long didn't seem too bad & I think they quite enjoyed it too. I would definitely take a trip back in the future and would highly recommend going if you are in the Blakeney area.

I hoped you liked reading about my seaside escapades all be it a few weeks late!

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Thursday, 4 September 2014

Dull as Ditch Water | Tales of Woes and Wierdness

I am not sure where this has come from. The urge to kind of try and very self-indulgently make myself feel better I suppose. But I am sure I am not the only one who gets/feels like this. Surely not...

I know when I finally stop blubbering and spill the beans it isn't even going to seem an issue at all. And that is part of the issue.

On a regular, every day basis, I would say I am a pretty confident person. Inwardly I am a social mouse. When faced with situations that is ever so slightly out of my comfort zone, I fold in on myself. Obviously not literally, but I may as well! I automatically feel so much self-awareness; how my outfit looks, is my hair okay, please God don't say my mascara has run..... and so on and so forth. I get awkward. I get tongue tied and start saying weird things, verbal diarrhoea for want of a better word.

Now normally I am okay with being slightly kooky. In fact usually I embrace my 'alternative' characteristics, but when in these new zones of discomfort, the traits in which I like in myself become the things that make me feel and act like an outsider. I no longer know how to interact like a normal person and feel inferior to others.

This isn't how I should be. I know that. I know that when I speak to my mum, friends, boyfriend or work colleagues about this that they will say I am just being stupid. To go and do [insert thing which is making you become a freakish alien here] and enjoy myself. I know that I will be told to get over myself, that I have nothing to worry about. That I am a nice, fun girl. And deep down I know I am.

So what is this horrible niggle I get? Like a little gremlin in my noggin telling me that what ever situation, what ever outing, what ever new scenario that I might find myself in, even walking from my seat to the loo on my own in a restaurant I haven't been in before, that I am going to be judged from head to toe, inside and out. From the conversation I make to the way I walk.

I can feel the relief of this burden being shared as I type each word. ClichĂ© and corny I know, but sometimes all you need is to get it out in the open. And ironically if people I know, whether that is closely or those who are just an acquaintance ever read this, they really will be the ones who are reassessing me. Gathering this new knowledge of me that they didn't know before, processing it and deciding whether or not I am on their wave length any more or if I am one to avoid. No doubt they are going to have a new idea of the kind of person I am, if I really am the weirdo they always suspected me to be.

Who knows whether or not this will even be posted. It might just sit in my drafts collecting virtual dust until I either press the publish button or get rid of it and these words will be lost to the huge online dustbin, no doubt to be squashed by the various other posts, emails, letters, forums of thoughts and feelings that are felt to be better left unsaid. I suppose if you are reading this I have braved it and just gone with it. Im only sharing it with the internet after all - no biggie!

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Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Fledging the Nest | Update

Hello everyone, I hope you are well and enjoying the last remaining days of Summer. I have already bought hats and scarfs and am pretty much living in boots so Summer has well and truly gone for me!

I know I have been such a blog neglecter of late. My schedule has well and truly flown out of the window and any hope of me finding one is looking bleak. I do, however, feel that moving out is a good enough excuse for the lack of posts and the stress of trying to get everything organised does take it out of you. Working full time alongside the mental exhaustion of getting my head around just the concept of moving out means that by the time I get home, have dinner and catch up with loved ones, I really haven't got the energy. I am going to work on this though. She said for the millionth time.

If you have read my post 'Spreading My Wings' then you will already know that James & I are moving into our first home together. EXCITMENTTTTT! We are still in the last stages of solicitor chasing and document signing but everything is slowing coming together and I feel a move in date is in sight!

To say that it has been a long process would be an understatement. Although I do not have any doubts about moving out, there are A LOT of things you take for granted whilst living with the 'rents and there is a lot that I am yet to prepare for. Hello world of bills and responsibilities aha!

There are so many things that I am excited about though; just to get stuck in with decorating and spending Christmas with James and having our own tree fills me with so much happiness. We have bought a sofa and have the nicest kettle, toaster and pots & pans. My mug collection could rival the mad hatters tea party and four huge tins of paint is ready to be splashed over the walls.

Just now I took a little visit to the house and it is starting to feel so real now. It is our dream finally coming true and I can't wait for all the adventures that James and I have to come in our new home.

In regards to a move in date, as I said there hasn't been one set in stone yet but I really feel like it is going to be before the end of September. Really - it has to be! I do not know what on earth is taking them so long to decide on a completion date. Not being a solicitor myself means I will never understand I suppose! But when I have people telling me it usually takes 6 weeks from buying to completion and it has taken us more like three months, you do start to wonder!

Aside from all the exchanging of documents and emails, we have slowly been stocking up on housey bits; utensils, towels, pretty decorations and crockery. Zara sale has literally been the highlight of my house filling spree and whilst it has cost me a little more than what I suppose is neseccary, I adore everything and can not wait to get it all out on display and in use!

So for now - that is my little house update! Hopefully the next one will be written on my gorge, squidgy sofa in my diddy living room in my OWN HOUSE eeeek!

Take care love nuts


Monday, 1 September 2014

PixiRella at the Pictures | The Inbetweeners

After the huuuuuuge hype there has been recently about the Inbetweeners 2, I decided to take a little trip to my local Cineworld and see what all the fuss was about.

I have to say, I fear I am going to go against the grain here - I am rather disappointed. With many friends saying its 'laugh a minute funny' and ten times better than its predecessor, I was preparing myself for 96 minutes of belly laughing.

Without giving too much away for those who haven't seen it but are planning to; there are about 2 or three moments where I can safely say I was giggling, possibly one big chuckle, and a handful of sniggers. Yes it was good enough that I would watch it again, but I wont be buying the DVD nor would I take another visit, even on cheap Tuesday to the cinema. James felt the same. Surely we cant be the only ones?!

Of course there is loads of crude gags (which by the way I LOVE; gross, rude humour is right up my street) but the execution of it just wasn't right. I think the stereotypical 'lads' lingo was just a touch too dated. There is only so many times I can hear 'bants' before it gets old.

In comparison to the original film and the series, both of which I really enjoy, Inbetweeners 2 was a bit of a wet flannel of a film. I am sure if I watch it again there will be more moments that I didn't remember or didn't quite get the first time round, but first impressions are everything and this didn't make the cut!

One word of warning I shall leave you with - if you ever go camping and stumble across an unusual dip in a friends tent, don't go rummaging in the hole, it isn't bad tent positioning!!!!!

I hope that if you do still want to go see for yourself, that you enjoy it more than I did. For those of you that have watched the film, what did you think? Please someone say that they feel my pain?!!



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Thursday, 14 August 2014

Tomorrow May Rain So I'll Follow the Sun

Dress TopShop // Lace Shirt Charity Shop
Sandals Dr Marten Gryphons // Sunglasses Asos
Floral Head Band Primark // Watch Casio // Bag Zara

Cropped Vest Miss Selfridge // Jeans Topshop
Shoes Converse // Necklace Primark
Friendship Bracelets Urrr?! // Nail Polish Barry M


Saturday morning saw me and my sister take a trip to the beautiful Lavender Farm in Hitchin, Hertfordshire. Little did I know that it also had the most beautiful sunflowers growing there too.

The farm itself is really cute and small, selling lots of locally produced products and a lot using the fruits of their labour such as lavender cake and hand creams. After a small £4 is exchanged (children under 14 are free) you are given brown paper bags and scissors and are welcome to snip away and fill your bags until they are full. You could also pick sunflowers at an extra cost of 50p per head. Damn for only ever carrying card :(
I would say if you do ever venture to the farm, check the flowers before adding them to your stash, we had a giant spider smuggled in one of ours - luckily it escaped before a fellow lavender picker came to our rescue.

It was a beautiful place and was a lovely alternative trip out than our usual ventures. The view from the top of the farm was glorious, particularly on such a sunny day. You could really appreciate the lovely sunny yellow sunflowers and pretty, purple lavender. I shall definitely be taking another trip there with James in tow and a picnic in hand too!
Rheya x


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Tuesday, 12 August 2014

365 Days of PixiRella

I can't quite believe I am writing this to be honest. Where has a whole year gone?!
I know that is such a boring and overly used thing to say - but time is just whizzing by and here I am writing a post on the 1st anniversary of the conception and birth of PixiRella!

It honestly feels like a few months ago I was umming and ahhing over whether to start a blog and I can honestly say it has been one of my favourite hobbies ever - I have no regrets at all and have loved interacting with other bloggers and readers. It is such a rewarding way to spend my spare time and I can only say that I wish I had put more time and effort into it towards the end of the first year.

I have had the privilege to get to know some of the loveliest girls who, if I am honest, made blogging so enjoyable and kept me motivated to keep writing. Being a part of a community of like minded people has been such a joy and I can only hope that it grows and flourishes even more.

Working with brands such as Joe Brown, Dermalogica and Santoro London has been amazing and I am forever grateful for the kind people behind these brands to even ask me to get involved, let alone receive such generosity.

And probably the most important and humbling point of all - the amount of readers from all across the world. It never fails to surprise me at the wide spread and varied readers I have and I am so grateful for each and every one of you.

I have come to realise that blogging, whilst it can be a source of help and information to those seeking it, is mainly something which I do for myself. I thoroughly enjoy creative writing, taking photos and the whole process of creating posts ready to be published. I have had times where I have thought that the blogging world is happily moving on without me, and it's true - if I was to stop today and leave blogging to the million other boys and girls, the world really would just carry on without a second look. And I am okay with that. I might not be the most popular, most read or have the most desired corner of the internet with brands, companies and individuals lining up for me to review their products,  I might not have the best camera or editing facilities and I might not have the time or opportunity to write everyday, but I am proud of how I & PixiRella have grown throughout the past 365 days.

All I can hope for is that I will continue to enjoy writing as much as I have done and can possibly inspire others to get tip tapping! Of course it is such a great feeling when your 'following' count creeps up, but there is more to blogging than just feeling valued and accepted by others. It is such a great outlet to discover things about yourself and look back on how you have developed both as a creative but also as an individual.

So Happy Birthday to Pixirella and to all the other blogs out there celebrating their first, fifth, fifteenth birthday- well done on all the things you set out to achieve and succeeded and keep striving to get there if you haven't yet. Good luck to everyone starting out with wide eyes and dreams of blogging domination and congratulations to those who have dominated (Zoella I am looking at you girlfriend!!)

Thank you for reading and joining me on my little blogging journey - here is to next year and beyond & everything in between

Kiss Kiss
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Monday, 11 August 2014

MUA Velvet Lip Lacquers


When it comes to high street beauty, I definitely pick Boots over Superdrug every time, but I thought I would pop in to check if they had any Tanya Burr cosmetics in stock. Sadly they didn't.
Superdrug does, however, stock MUA which if you are not familiar is a really affordable brand which I am tempted to compare with Seventeen that can be found in Boots.

With lipsticks being £1 a pop I thought I would have a little nose to see if anything caught my eye but found drawn to their newer items instead. Much like Seventeen, MUA seem to have revamped their products and have come out with items that can rival other brands such as face fixing sprays, liquid luminisers, face form kits and matte lip lacquers. 

The velvet lip lacquers they had on offer were a little sparse as most of the selection had been nabbed already. I took this as a sign that these had been a hit with other make up lovers and decided to pick up two; Atomic which is a vibrant orangey coral and Kooky which is a deep plum/purple. 

The application is relatively smooth, I find that in some areas the colour can be a little transparent but with a second coat the pigmentation is excellent. Drying time is super quick which enables a second coat to be applied a mere minute or so after - perfect if you are in a rush!

About an hour or so after my first ever application and debut out in public, I was aware of that awful papery, peeling, foundation lip line. Without having the lacquer or a mirror with me (school girl error), all I could do was hope that it didn't look as bad as it felt. At the first chance I got, I checked the matte gloss and my fears were true. Half of the beautiful orange I covered my lips in had vanished leaving me with a terrible line that made me look like I got ready in the dark. The texture is awful too; incredibly drying which felt like I had two bits of tissue rubbing together. 

As a whole, I am rather disappointed in the velvet lip lacquers. Retailing at £3.00, I won't loose sleep over it, but when the colour spectrum on offer is as good as slightly more expensive brands and an obvious effort has gone into packaging the items, you think you are onto a winner. Whilst the colour is really beautiful, the longevity of the product is poor and I would say these are one to stay on the shelf.

I am now on the hunt for a vibrant orange/coral lipstick or lip lacquer so if you have any recommendations be sure to let me know!!

MUA you have certainly upped your game visually, but the product it self lets it down so much that the slightly 'luxe' vibe I think you are aiming for is a complete waste of all resources, soz peeps!


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Sunday, 27 July 2014

Mothers Meeting

Happy Sunday everyone! 

I hope everyone has had a terrific weekend so far! Apologies for the lack of photos in todays post - I fancied a little sporadic natter, giving everyone a little up date and nose into what I have gotten up to recently.

My mother hen has gone away so I have been left with the house to myself to enjoy. Naturally little love cat has moved in for the week which is excellent practice for when James and I eventually move into our own nest (pssssst - sneaky update! watch this space for a whole post on my trials and tribulations on trying to move out)

Friday evening was filled with drinks and disco dancing with 2 of my friends, one of whom had just turned 18 - HAPPY BIRTHDAY ELLIE! Unfortunately our usual haunt is for all us oldies over the age of 21 so we ventured to somewhere I swore I would never venture again.... Chicagos!

If you are from Hertfordshire or have visited and been to Stevenage Leisure Park, you may be aware of the dreaded place that is Chicagos or what is fondly called Shitcagos if you are from these 'endzzzzz'. After the years which I have avoided it - it safe to say it still lives up to its apt nick name. Still - its not all about where you are, its about who you are with and we still had a lovely time dropping it like its hot.

My favourite drink of late is something called a Cherry Pop from the old school classic - Wetherspoons. It is delicious and tastes like sweeties! It is a really pretty colour too; definitely a 'girls drink' aha!

Yesterday James & I ventured to Hitchin to pick up a b-e-a-utiful vintage Herbert Terry Anglepoise lamp which we won off eBay. We have been after one for a VERY long time and I am so chuffed to finally have one of our own! It is such a great size and moves perfectly. Picture the cute jumping Pixar lamp, dip it in black and enlarge it 3 fold and you get the idea. If you actually want to see what the hell I am nattering about, head on over to my Instagram.

Once we had picked up the lamp, I headed over to Jolly Brown which is a fantastic vintage shop. The girls in there are lovely too, very friendly and welcoming. If you are in Hitchin, I would definitely recommend you popping in, even for a browse. I always come out wishing to be born 40 years ago. The merchandising is so on point too - well done ladies <3

Today has been a proper wife in training kind of day aha! James has been out with his friends, playing FootGolf which I can only imagine is golf, but with a football and your plates of meat. Personally, I couldn't think of anything worse - golf is boring and I have no ball skills (minds out of the gutters please girls) So... whilst the cats away, I had the exciting job of doing the weekly shop. Yep. My day really has been that glamorous.

Can I just say though that Aldi is definitely the place to be. It is so good and affordable with excellent 'dupes' of more expensive brands. I know this is like a proper mumsy thing to talk about, but if you are umming and aaahing about shopping there or you think you might be compromising on the quality because of the stigma that shopping in Aldi used to have, you couldn't be more wrong. I have always been a  Tesco kind of girl but I think I might have been converted. Praise the Lord for three Soleros for £1!!

I am now settling down for the evening, watching Kirsties Fill Your House For Free, blogging and waiting for his highness to be back from playing out. Today has been so nice and relaxing. Whilst I adore James to the end of time, knowing that we can still enjoy our own company is still so important.

So.. that was my weekend! I hope you have had a lovely time too! Lots of love and kisses //


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Monday, 21 July 2014

Wet n Wild | Walking on Eggshells & The Naked Truth

The Naked Truth

Walking on Eggshells

'Let me just swatch that for you' // excuse the horrifically unblog-fessional brown smudge :)

If you didn't know, I was a lucky little bunny and went to the beautiful Big Apple aka New York City for my birthday in March this year (read about it here). As well as being above and beyond excited for sight seeing and food sampling, I am not going to beat around the bush - the makeeeee uppppppp UGHHHH.

Having watched a good 20+ NYC hauls and seen Kassia's want list, I was dying to get into Wallgreens, CVS and the mother land... Sephora. One of my favourite things I bought whilst there and a product which I have used everyday since I have been back is the Wet 'n' Wild Walking on Eggshells eye shadow palette. To say the least, it is gorgeous. The neutral colours are subtle enough for day wear but can be built for a slightly smokier eye. This has become my go to eye without a doubt and I think I am going to be a little sad when I hit pan.

Walking on Eggshells consists of a beautiful, champagne-y pink, a rusty, slightly golden brown, and pearl white. All shades have a lovely shimmer and are yet to crease after application. The buttery formulation glides on a treat and gives such a silky, soft look to the eye. The brushes are also pretty darn okay too! Particularly the soft bristly brush, it is SO GOOD at blending the shades and softening the edges.

The second palette I bought is The Naked Truth. Again it has beautiful nude, natural, buttery shadows consisting of a silvery-grey, a matte skin toned beige, a dark matte brown and a shimmery chocolate brown that has lovely golden shimmers running through it. This is also a lovely palette, I particularly like the chocolate brown but feel WoE suits my skin tone a little better.

All shadows come with the trademark embossed 'names' or rather where the colours are intended for eg, brow bone, crease etc. I think this is such a cute touch and makes them look a lot more expensive than what they are - I only wish I picked up more!


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Thursday, 17 July 2014

petals & paisley.


Shirt \\ eBay
Smock dress \\ River Island // Past Season
Necklace \\ Mumma's
Watch \\ Casio
DM Sandals \\ Dr Martens // Gryphons


Although print clashing has been a 'thing' of late, I thought I had left my clashing ways back in 6 Form when I would wear stripes, polka dots, floral and check all in one outfit. Whilst I love it on others, I didn't really feel confident enough to pull it off.

One breezy afternoon I chucked on this silky shirt over the top of my paisley smock dress & actually quite loved it. It is such a versatile item as its lovely as a top but looks pretty worn as a kimono too. I think the colours are what make this outfit; so whilst the patterns differ, the colours and tones are a match made in heaven.

For me though, the star of the show is the rather androgynous sandals. These are just ughh - I love them!  I totally get they are not everyones cup of earl grey, and I kind of agree that they are a little ugly, but ugly in the most beautiful, chunky, old man sandal kind of way. And for me, my new summer staple!


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Monday, 14 July 2014

Biotherm Biosource Cleansing Milk

Rewind back to 2012 in the midst of the Duty Free gooodness, I stupidly confused Biotherm with Bioderma in the pressure of being rushed to catch my flight from Amsterdam to home. Can I just say this was the best mistake I had made so far in terms of skin care - EVER.

Struggling to find the Bioderma miscelleire water, I opted for the Biotherm Cleansing Milk. My skin after a weeks use had been totally transformed. It was silky soft with all my under the skin bumps vanishing by the day. Sadly when it ran out I turned my back onto Biotherm and opted to try various other lotions and potions.

As you can imagine, when you find that wonder product, nothing else quite lives up to it. It wasn't until I had a bout of terrible skin at the beginning of this year that I recalled the lovely, soft skin I once had from my previous skin saviour so I promised mysely that I would reinvest in a new bottle of the cleansing milk.

Retailing at around £12.50 for 200ml, the Biotherm Biosource Cleansing Milk is a smooth, milky cream that dissolves into the skin and gets to work on all the impurities for a silky smooth, clearer complexion - an excellent price for a product that lasts months with twice-a-day use!

I tend to remove my make up before I use any skin care products with cotton pads and miscelleire water and then go in for a deep clean with a cleanser. Biotherm really ensures that there is minimum to zero product remaining on the skin, preparing the face for toning, serum-ing and moisturising.

Since going back to Biotherm, I think it is going to take quite a lot to make me switch to something new. Whilst I admit I might try other brands, I feel I will continue to come back to the cleansing milk and now want to venture deeper into the Biotherm range.

So overall would I recommend Biotherm Boisource Cleansing Milk? Yes, definitely! I use the Normal to Combination version of the cleanser which I find works perfectly with my skin but there is a Dry alternative if you feel you skin is in need of a little extra hydration. My skin feels really supple after using the cleanser and I believe it is the main contribution to clearing up any issues I may of had before I returned to Biotherm. Of course I still get the odd blemish when Mother Nature comes knocking, but other than that I seemed to have tamed my unruly skin (touch wood) which I battled with a few months ago.

Amen for being a thicko and completely mistaking one entirely different brand for another! Must have been fate!


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Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Summertime Stationery | Santoro London*

Ever since I was knee high, I have loved stationery. I used buy a new pencil case every week and you know I had every scented gel pen known to man. Mmmm nothing quite like apple scented pens is there, ooh and pop corn. Bit difficult to write in white though! Any who - I love stationery; new pens, new pads and making endless lists with them just to see how my writing looks. Please tell me I am not the only one who does this?

Santoro London stocks really pretty and unusual bits ranging from slippers and pyjammas to some lovely pens, notepads, greeting cards and the most gorgeous ribbon sets - perfect for gift wrapping! I was fortunate enough to be gifted a few items which are perfect for brightening up your pen pot at work or desk at school.

To start with, I received this adorable 'Make Me Beautiful' greetings card which has the cutest little monkey with rollers in its hair playing dress up with a little girl. I thought it was so nice to receive along with the other bits. They stock a wide range of designs at different price ranges but I think their collection of black and white photographic cards are definitely my favourite. The inside is blank for your own message so these are great for any occasion or if you just want to do a spot of old school writing to let someone know you are thinking of them.

I then have this pretty pastel Watercolour Birds iPad sleeve which is a lovely thick Neoprene material. It fits nice and snug around my iPad and has a little flap to keep it from falling out. I really like the pattern on this and love the pastel blue edging. I do think you would still need to be careful whilst storing your iPad in this, whilst it will protect it from spillages and scratches, it is still quite soft so may not protect it from a drop - it is perfect for use in your hang bag to stop any bag crud getting on it and any unwanted contact from your keys or that necklace you chucked in there last week with the huge spikes and gems.

To match the sleeve, I have the Summer Garden ball point pen which writes like a dream. I was chuffed to find it has black ink as I hate writing in blue! It has a rubbery section which cushions your fingers nicely for heavy duty scribbling. For £4.99 it is probably on the pricier side of pens that I would usually go for but I think it would be a lovely little gift or bag essential.

Along with the pen, I received a really cute a5 Scottie Dog note pad. The design is really pretty and a great size to pop in your handbag - perfect for any blog ideas I may have on the go. The pad has a wipe clean cover to stop any spillages ruining the pattern but also gives it a nice structure too. Along with the pretty outside, the inside pages are different colours with matching Scotties.

Last but not least;I have a pack of emery boards which come in a set of 5. They come in a range of designs to suit most people tastes and again, are a great addition to a party bag or popped in your drawer at work to touch up any rough bits on your nails throughout the day.

For any of you wanting to purchasing anything from Santoro, they offer free delivery on orders over £40 (£3.95 if under) as well as shipping to the USA if you spend $80 or over ($8.95 if under). International shipping is calculated at the checkout!

Thank you to Santoro London for being so generous! Everything was packaged in such beautiful wrapping paper and was all very exciting to receive! If you want to see what it looked like, head over to my Instagram :)

In a bid to lose weigh, I am giving Herbalife a shot - take a look and share your experience if you have tried anything similar! // An outfit of the evening ft a bargain sale dress from New Look - OOTD // The most gorgeous pinky/nude lipstick - MAC Creme Cup
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Saturday, 10 May 2014

Periwinkle Dreams | OOTN

One of my all time favourite colours definitely has to be periwinkle blue - a kind of powdery blue mixed with purple that I think looks so pretty.

I found this dress in the New Look sale for about £10.00 so a complete bargain I think! Unfortunately I was unable to find the exact dress however here is an alternative in the same colour which is also lovely. I decided on wearing tights with this dress as a bit of a change from the usual bare legs I opt for with a more dressy look like this. I really like the black contrast again the colour of the dress and have incorporated black and gold accessories to give a little more character to this outfit.

My beautiful bag is from Jolly Brown. I absolutely love it - the gold embellishment and detail against the crushed velvet looks so luxe and has swiftly become a new favourite of mine. It has a little strap so it can be worn across the body but can also be tucked in to become the perfect little clutch for all your essentials.
I love Jolly Brown Vintage, they stock amazing one of a kind pieces as well as stocking some really great brands such as Tatty Devine and Pop Boutique.

For the finishing touches I chose a simple gold chain necklace from Primark and my trusty Casio watch. I popped my hair half up into this weird kind of bun/nest type thing and completed the look with a smokey eye and slick of MAC Creme Cup lipstick.

Have a peep at the beautiful floral dress I was kindly gifted from Joe Browns // I did a bit of retail therapy in Bath and Body Works, here is my Haul! // In the market for a new daily moisturiser, this chap isn't too shabby! The Eucerin Dermo Purifyer for oily skin <3

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