Monday, 9 December 2013

Toodle Pip November

In true Rheya style, I am late to the whole November favourites party, but if you're still interested in all the things I had a little fling with over the past month, dangle your tootsies into the majestic, collective river that is my first everrrrr November Favourites wahoooo!

November is the time of the year I feel it is acceptable to others for me to get excited about Christmas (obvs I have totally been gagging for the festivities since August! Yes, I am 22). I love all the leaves going crisp and falling to the ground in an array of gold, ruby and bronze. I love winter walks, overly priced shop bought coffee, hats without the hat hair, boots, Christmas markets and everything else that everyone loves this time of year.

So as a farewell to November, I have decided to share with you everything I have enjoyed within this month and welcome all the new exciting things in the run up to Christmas and NYE!

Wearing - If you are a follower of PixiRella (and if not, heyyyy, welcome! Fancy joining my gang??) then you may be aware that I was a little naughty and bought not one but two pairs of Dr Martens. At £110 each they aren't the most affordable pair of shoes I have ever bought but then where have the cheaper shoes I've previously bought ended up? In shoe heaven that's where! Both pairs are so snug and comfy that these are definitely my new winter essential. No more soggy soles for me!
To join in with the theme of keeping warm and cosy, I purchased a faux fur head band with a fleecy lining for like £5.00 from eBay. This has been a life saver for my ears! My ears HATE the cold, all I have to do is get caught in a slight frosty breeze and they are throbbing in pain, the head band stops this perfectly and looks beaut with a big coat and mittens. Plus I happen to think I look rather cute hehe.

Beautifying - Collection Does It All 5 In 1 Mascara is hands down one of the best mascaras I have tried. This is worthy of a post all of its own and don't doubt that I wont post one homies! I need to share this amazing find with you all! I would highly recommend to anyone to go out and buy this fantastic beauty find - watch this space for a proper review :)
I have also been loving Rimmel Wake Me Up concealer slathered under my eyes and buffed in with a lovely fluffy brush, it is so illuminating and the perfect product to brighten dark circles and hide under eye bags.

Watching - I don't really watch much telly any more. I do, however, watch a tonne of youtube. I am addicted uh ohhhh. A few fond favourites are to name but a few are Helen aka Melon Lady, Louise and her cute little baby glitter & Zoella. I can also spend hours watching dogs, cats, monkeys and other adorable species.

Reading - I have massively fallen off the reading waggon and miss it rather a lot so if anyone has any recommendations that would be terrific! I do, however LOVE Cosmo magazine just a small amount - it is definitely my favourite mag I have stumbled upon and I am just a little sad that I have been missing out for so many years - Cosmo if you read this, I would be extremely grateful if you wanted to back date me? Mwah x

Eating - Proper Corn Popcorn. YUM YUM YUM. I feel these are such a perfect treat as a good size bag is around the 100 calorie mark which makes me and my tummy happy bunnies.

Drinking - I don't have a local Starbucks, the nearest one as far as I am aware is in the next town so, naturally I had to see what all the fuss is about on my recent visit. If you like coffee, cream, yummy little caramel crunchie bits and hot, snuggly drinks, then their toffee nut laté might tickle your taste buds.

Listening - The 1975 album is terrific. I know I am probably so late on the hype for this but better late than never right? Every songs reminds me of being 17, listening to local bands at teeny tiny venues, getting the last train home at like... midnight and getting a little too involved in moshpits. My boyfriend dislikes the album all for the same reasons aha!
I am also having a massive girl crush on Haim; Honey and I makes my journey to work! I love the hippy vibes with a slight touch of grunge and their hair is out of this world beautiful.

Lusting - Vagabonds, Dr Martens, glossy perfectly touselled hair, but I think more than all of that, is a shearling coat yummmmm oh and I want my own little house to make into a nest *sigh*

Missing - Charley <3 A real summer tan & a slightly more acceptable body for a bikini *double sigh*

Waiting - CHRISTMAS EEEEEEEK! Agh I am so so excited; receiving gifts, giving gifts, eating too much, drinking excessively, friends, family and a whole lot of nestling in the warm.
After that, I don't think I have EVER in my WHOLE ENTIRE LIFE been as excited for my birthday as I am for my next one, Macy's, Broadway, Empire State... need any more clues? EEEEK!!!!

What have you loved throughout November? Any plans for December? And dont forget to tell me your book recommendations mwah mwah.

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  1. I really want to try that Collection 5 in 1 mascara!

    Belle x
    Mascara & Maltesers

  2. Im looking forward to christmas too it cannot come quick enough!

    Jess x