Friday, 20 December 2013

DIY | Christmas Stockings

Today’s post is a little DIY for you all to get your crafting fingers in action! I have decided to show you how to make Christmas Stockings which you can make as decorations for your home, as gifts for others, or, like me you can use them as a kind of gift bag. I made mine for people I work with but shall definitely make some more for family.

The stockings are really easy to make and adds a nice personal touch to any gift you are giving this Christmas. You can make them out of any fabric you may have such as shirts or old, clean sheets or you can buy fabric like I did. I really wanted calico which proved a little hard to find but luckily I stumbled upon calico shopper bags for £1.00 each in Hobby Craft. I bought various ribbons in different colours, textures and sizes with autumnal tones to give an extra Christmassy feel.

Before I started I ironed all the bags to get rid of any creases to make a nice, smooth surface to work with. I would recommend you do this to any fabric you choose to use to give a neat finish.

Next, fold your ironed fabric over so when you cut out your stocking shape you create two pieces. As I had a bag I didn’t have to do this. You can then draw a shape of a stocking onto the fabric – be sure to include 1cm seam allowance to allow for stitching the sides together. I drew mine free hand but alternatively you could always make or print off a stencil from a computer.

To give a neat finish to your stockings I would recommend folding over the top of each side of the stocking halves and to run a seam to secure it in place. Be sure to only do this to the opening; remember to fold over to the side you don’t want to see. Here you can add a little loop of ribbon to hang the stocking. As it’s homemade, a few rough edges are fine so you can skip this step if you are a little unsure.

Start adding your ribbons, buttons and any other decorations you like. With my stockings I only decorated one side, but you can of course do both if you prefer. I attached mine using a sewing machine but you could easily use a needle and thread. It is a little fiddly and takes more time so just set aside a few hours across a few days so you don’t rush, loose focus and make mistakes.

Once you are happy with your design, place the undecorated half on top of its far more attractive twin ensuring that the edges meet. To stop it wibbly wobbling everywhere when you sew, you can use little pins to tack the two pieces together. I am quite a confident lass on my sewing machine so was happy to skip the pins.

With both sides mingling with one another, turn it right side out and VOILA! You have yourself a cute, thoughtful and reusable gift!

I hope this has inspired you to make your own! If you do decide to get crafty, be sure to tweet me your pics to @rheyamaek – I would love to check them out!

Happy crafting, have an amazing Merry Christmas and an extremely happy New Year!

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