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Cute As A Button | Present Wrapping

One of my favourite things to do at Christmas is saving all the presents I've bought, hiding them in my room for when I am home alone to wrap them all in pretty paper and fancy decorations. The tree is twinkling, Christmas films are playing and the presents are stacked high whilst I make a nest for myself in amongst paper and ribbon for the evening.

I absolutely love giving gifts and like to go the whole hog when it comes to wrapping the presents. Every year I have a different theme and colour scheme; this year my chosen decoration is the humble button! Teamed with brown paper and garden twine I envisaged beautiful, rustic and vintage gifts nestled under the looking all cute lit by the golden lights of the tree and shimmery baubles.

Brown paper is always my favourite for wrapping gifts all year round, it goes with so many other colours and acts as a nice backdrop to other, slighty more fancy papers. It is really cheap too so wont cost you an arm and a leg especially if you have millions and zillions of presents to wrap. I usually get mine from the pound shop in the postage section.

I know that I am one of the rare few who actually enjoys spending a whole evening or two putting all my efforts into wrapping, so to help you along a little smidge, I thought I would give you a little inspiration of how to wrap your gifts this year.

As you can see I have chosen paper with tonal colours to compliment each other. The polka dot and deer paper came in a beautiful set of four rolls, ribbons and tags from Next for £6.50 which I thought was fantastic. Their paper and wrapping sets were 3 for 2 and I am a little annoyed I didn't take advantage of this offer - bah humbug!

I then wrapped the presents in either the red ribbon from the set which has really cute iridescent polka dots or with the twine. You can get twine from a range of shops; hobby craft do various sizes but you may be able to find some cheaper in a pound stretcher or another bargain bucket shop. For the buttons you can use any that you may have lying around or saved from the spares that come with jumpers or coats etc. As I am not that thrifty, I bought a large pot of mixed buttons and super glued them directly onto the twine. The glue sets pretty quickly but to make sure they stay put I held them down for roughly 10 seconds each.

I really love the final result and think it looks really effective against the plain paper. To add a little extra, you can always slip a candy cane under the ribbon or string as an added treat to whoever you are giving it to :)

If you prefer something a little more vibrant and eye catching, you can opt for bright greens and reds or any colour you prefer. Again I have incorporated a little touch of brown as it is my absolute favourite and enables the more expensive, colourful paper to go a lot further. The paper here is from last year which I believe is from Primark but I am sure you can easily find something similar.

Here I have used mini baubles tied onto the shiny ribbon. These are reasonably inexpensive but if you want to get them for next to nothing, keep an eye out after Christmas and save them for next year. You can get these in a huge variety of colours so pick ones that fit your colour scheme best. I have gone for gold as I think this this is a classic colour that can be used year after year with many other colour variations.

Baubles look so pretty paired with fancy ribbons and make the gifts look really special. I used baubles on the majority of my gifts last year and everyone loved how much effort it looked I had put into the wrapping.

Another idea that I love is thick, sheer, wired ribbon. Tied around delicate paper whether you chose a block colour of a fancy pattern, a huge bow on top looks so pretty and impressive sitting under the tree. Ribbon can be a little expensive so be sure to shop around. It might be worth while heading to your local market to see if there are any haberdasheries where you should be able to pick up ribbons, bows and fabric a lot cheaper than you would in a stationery or craft chain.

Alternatively if you prefer to not wrap at all, you can find really adorable gift bags in supermarkets, craft shops or even diy stores. This small bag is from Wilkinson's for 60p each. I really like the little bird with a sprig of mistletoe in its beak - very cute! These are perfect if you want to give a small gift to your friends or if you want to keep all your presents for that lucky someone in one place. Also - if you don't have time to wrap for a surprise visitor or if you are going visiting and want to give a little present, you haven't got to worry about paper, scissors, tape and sticking, plonk it all in a bag and you're good to go.

If you prefer gift bags but want to give it a personal touch, my favourite idea is ... surprise surprise... brown lunch bags. I am sorry but I am in the midst of a full blown addiction. Plus you get 12 for like £1 in cheapy home shops!
To make them look special, add a bauble or if you own one - a pretty Christmas stamp with festive ink colours like red or gold. Finish it off with a ribbon and you have a really easy and quick personalised gift bag with no tape in sight!

I hope that these ideas have helped and inspired with wrapping your gifts this year - the extra effort you put in is so worth it when you give a beautifully wrapped present to a loved one - their face looks so excited to tear it all apart. I know it can seem a little wasteful but that really doesn't bother me when it all looks so pretty under the tree.

Please let me know if you use any of my ideas when wrapping this year - I would love to see your variations or any beautiful creations of your own!

I hope you have a fabulous Christmas and a spectacular New Year! Happy Wrapping!!

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  1. ahhh I get so excited to wrap up presents! yours look gorgeous :D Funnily enough I got my wrapping paper and ribbons from wilkos too :P

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  2. Aww this post has made me feel really festive!! x

  3. What wonderful presents! Love the buttons & twine one :)
    New follower!


  4. Aww these presents really are cute as a button! :o They are super super cute well done! :D Gisforgingers xx