Saturday, 21 December 2013

Cute As A Button | Present Wrapping

One of my favourite things to do at Christmas is saving all the presents I've bought, hiding them in my room for when I am home alone to wrap them all in pretty paper and fancy decorations. The tree is twinkling, Christmas films are playing and the presents are stacked high whilst I make a nest for myself in amongst paper and ribbon for the evening.

I absolutely love giving gifts and like to go the whole hog when it comes to wrapping the presents. Every year I have a different theme and colour scheme; this year my chosen decoration is the humble button! Teamed with brown paper and garden twine I envisaged beautiful, rustic and vintage gifts nestled under the looking all cute lit by the golden lights of the tree and shimmery baubles.

Brown paper is always my favourite for wrapping gifts all year round, it goes with so many other colours and acts as a nice backdrop to other, slighty more fancy papers. It is really cheap too so wont cost you an arm and a leg especially if you have millions and zillions of presents to wrap. I usually get mine from the pound shop in the postage section.

I know that I am one of the rare few who actually enjoys spending a whole evening or two putting all my efforts into wrapping, so to help you along a little smidge, I thought I would give you a little inspiration of how to wrap your gifts this year.

As you can see I have chosen paper with tonal colours to compliment each other. The polka dot and deer paper came in a beautiful set of four rolls, ribbons and tags from Next for £6.50 which I thought was fantastic. Their paper and wrapping sets were 3 for 2 and I am a little annoyed I didn't take advantage of this offer - bah humbug!

I then wrapped the presents in either the red ribbon from the set which has really cute iridescent polka dots or with the twine. You can get twine from a range of shops; hobby craft do various sizes but you may be able to find some cheaper in a pound stretcher or another bargain bucket shop. For the buttons you can use any that you may have lying around or saved from the spares that come with jumpers or coats etc. As I am not that thrifty, I bought a large pot of mixed buttons and super glued them directly onto the twine. The glue sets pretty quickly but to make sure they stay put I held them down for roughly 10 seconds each.

I really love the final result and think it looks really effective against the plain paper. To add a little extra, you can always slip a candy cane under the ribbon or string as an added treat to whoever you are giving it to :)

If you prefer something a little more vibrant and eye catching, you can opt for bright greens and reds or any colour you prefer. Again I have incorporated a little touch of brown as it is my absolute favourite and enables the more expensive, colourful paper to go a lot further. The paper here is from last year which I believe is from Primark but I am sure you can easily find something similar.

Here I have used mini baubles tied onto the shiny ribbon. These are reasonably inexpensive but if you want to get them for next to nothing, keep an eye out after Christmas and save them for next year. You can get these in a huge variety of colours so pick ones that fit your colour scheme best. I have gone for gold as I think this this is a classic colour that can be used year after year with many other colour variations.

Baubles look so pretty paired with fancy ribbons and make the gifts look really special. I used baubles on the majority of my gifts last year and everyone loved how much effort it looked I had put into the wrapping.

Another idea that I love is thick, sheer, wired ribbon. Tied around delicate paper whether you chose a block colour of a fancy pattern, a huge bow on top looks so pretty and impressive sitting under the tree. Ribbon can be a little expensive so be sure to shop around. It might be worth while heading to your local market to see if there are any haberdasheries where you should be able to pick up ribbons, bows and fabric a lot cheaper than you would in a stationery or craft chain.

Alternatively if you prefer to not wrap at all, you can find really adorable gift bags in supermarkets, craft shops or even diy stores. This small bag is from Wilkinson's for 60p each. I really like the little bird with a sprig of mistletoe in its beak - very cute! These are perfect if you want to give a small gift to your friends or if you want to keep all your presents for that lucky someone in one place. Also - if you don't have time to wrap for a surprise visitor or if you are going visiting and want to give a little present, you haven't got to worry about paper, scissors, tape and sticking, plonk it all in a bag and you're good to go.

If you prefer gift bags but want to give it a personal touch, my favourite idea is ... surprise surprise... brown lunch bags. I am sorry but I am in the midst of a full blown addiction. Plus you get 12 for like £1 in cheapy home shops!
To make them look special, add a bauble or if you own one - a pretty Christmas stamp with festive ink colours like red or gold. Finish it off with a ribbon and you have a really easy and quick personalised gift bag with no tape in sight!

I hope that these ideas have helped and inspired with wrapping your gifts this year - the extra effort you put in is so worth it when you give a beautifully wrapped present to a loved one - their face looks so excited to tear it all apart. I know it can seem a little wasteful but that really doesn't bother me when it all looks so pretty under the tree.

Please let me know if you use any of my ideas when wrapping this year - I would love to see your variations or any beautiful creations of your own!

I hope you have a fabulous Christmas and a spectacular New Year! Happy Wrapping!!

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Friday, 20 December 2013

DIY | Christmas Stockings

Today’s post is a little DIY for you all to get your crafting fingers in action! I have decided to show you how to make Christmas Stockings which you can make as decorations for your home, as gifts for others, or, like me you can use them as a kind of gift bag. I made mine for people I work with but shall definitely make some more for family.

The stockings are really easy to make and adds a nice personal touch to any gift you are giving this Christmas. You can make them out of any fabric you may have such as shirts or old, clean sheets or you can buy fabric like I did. I really wanted calico which proved a little hard to find but luckily I stumbled upon calico shopper bags for £1.00 each in Hobby Craft. I bought various ribbons in different colours, textures and sizes with autumnal tones to give an extra Christmassy feel.

Before I started I ironed all the bags to get rid of any creases to make a nice, smooth surface to work with. I would recommend you do this to any fabric you choose to use to give a neat finish.

Next, fold your ironed fabric over so when you cut out your stocking shape you create two pieces. As I had a bag I didn’t have to do this. You can then draw a shape of a stocking onto the fabric – be sure to include 1cm seam allowance to allow for stitching the sides together. I drew mine free hand but alternatively you could always make or print off a stencil from a computer.

To give a neat finish to your stockings I would recommend folding over the top of each side of the stocking halves and to run a seam to secure it in place. Be sure to only do this to the opening; remember to fold over to the side you don’t want to see. Here you can add a little loop of ribbon to hang the stocking. As it’s homemade, a few rough edges are fine so you can skip this step if you are a little unsure.

Start adding your ribbons, buttons and any other decorations you like. With my stockings I only decorated one side, but you can of course do both if you prefer. I attached mine using a sewing machine but you could easily use a needle and thread. It is a little fiddly and takes more time so just set aside a few hours across a few days so you don’t rush, loose focus and make mistakes.

Once you are happy with your design, place the undecorated half on top of its far more attractive twin ensuring that the edges meet. To stop it wibbly wobbling everywhere when you sew, you can use little pins to tack the two pieces together. I am quite a confident lass on my sewing machine so was happy to skip the pins.

With both sides mingling with one another, turn it right side out and VOILA! You have yourself a cute, thoughtful and reusable gift!

I hope this has inspired you to make your own! If you do decide to get crafty, be sure to tweet me your pics to @rheyamaek – I would love to check them out!

Happy crafting, have an amazing Merry Christmas and an extremely happy New Year!

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Wednesday, 11 December 2013

The 'Does It All' Mascara

If you are in the market for a new mascara my dearest readers, then sit back, get a glass of hot blackcurrant or what ever beverage takes your fancy, and get ready to put this onto the top of your wish list for Christmas (or just buy it yourself - its a bargain!)

The product in question today is Collection Does It All 5 in 1 Mascara. I am not really too sure what drew me to popping it into my basket, the packaging isn't anything special, I didn't look at the brush and hadn't heard anything about it to grab my attention.

A few days after it had been in my stash of things to try I decided to give it ago and put my in desperate need of replacement Maybelline Rocket Volum mascara in the bin. On opening the tube revealed a brush that could be twins with the infamous balled tip brush found in Benefit They're Real mascara. I am not going to lie I did have a little squeal of excitement.

As you can see the brushes are almost identical. When using the brush, there doesn't seem to be a difference in how the product is applied, Collection gets just as stuck in to those teeny corner lashes as does the ever popular Benefit. The stick is slightly thinner on They're real but this doesn't effect the application. Both have varied length bristles and to the touch they are equally as soft.

In regards to the packaging, I think Benefit does win, it looks classy in your make up bag and looks like you have paid full whack for it. Collection Does it All doesn't look like it would be anything fancy but really does do what it says on the tin and for a mere £5.00, whose going to moan at a little bit of tacky packaging - not me girlie!

Value for money wise, I feel I can justify coating layer upon layer with the Does it All mascara as I don't feel like I am wasting a luxury product where as I felt like too many applications of They're Real left me worried it wouldn't last long. The price automatically made me so impressed on first application as I couldn't believe a product so affordable could take preference over something that has been hyped up like crazy.

In comparison to longevity, I didn't think They're Real lasted as long as I had hoped - it seemed to dry really quickly and I started to use the brush dipped in to other mascara tubes. This worked just as well by the way if you love the brush but are unsure of paying the hefty price again! I have been using Collection for about 3 weeks now and it is working as well as it did on first application.

Unfortunately I wasn't a blogging babe when I used up Benefits They're Real so do not have a comparison of my lashes, but here is how Collection 5 in 1 looks on my with a rather reserved two coats.

I found it a little difficult to capture the length of my lashes in all their glory when wearing this mascara but can definitely tell a difference between others I have used - eye photography is not my forte.
For fuller and thicker lashes you can build this product nicely to create a more dramatic look which is great for nights of disco dancing and beverage sipping.

When it comes to bed time and you want it gone, it comes off well too. My usual routine of a cotton pad and make up remover does a fine enough job of swiping away the face of the day!

So really - I think I have done enough persuading, I think you should head out to Boots or Superdrug or wherever you prefer to buy your bits and try it for yourself! I highly doubt you will be disappointed.

And to all those that are dedicated Benefit junkies, it's not you, it's me. I felt it was time to go on a break and move on to bigger and better things - hopefully one day you will move on with me and in the process save yourself £14.50

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Monday, 9 December 2013

Toodle Pip November

In true Rheya style, I am late to the whole November favourites party, but if you're still interested in all the things I had a little fling with over the past month, dangle your tootsies into the majestic, collective river that is my first everrrrr November Favourites wahoooo!

November is the time of the year I feel it is acceptable to others for me to get excited about Christmas (obvs I have totally been gagging for the festivities since August! Yes, I am 22). I love all the leaves going crisp and falling to the ground in an array of gold, ruby and bronze. I love winter walks, overly priced shop bought coffee, hats without the hat hair, boots, Christmas markets and everything else that everyone loves this time of year.

So as a farewell to November, I have decided to share with you everything I have enjoyed within this month and welcome all the new exciting things in the run up to Christmas and NYE!

Wearing - If you are a follower of PixiRella (and if not, heyyyy, welcome! Fancy joining my gang??) then you may be aware that I was a little naughty and bought not one but two pairs of Dr Martens. At £110 each they aren't the most affordable pair of shoes I have ever bought but then where have the cheaper shoes I've previously bought ended up? In shoe heaven that's where! Both pairs are so snug and comfy that these are definitely my new winter essential. No more soggy soles for me!
To join in with the theme of keeping warm and cosy, I purchased a faux fur head band with a fleecy lining for like £5.00 from eBay. This has been a life saver for my ears! My ears HATE the cold, all I have to do is get caught in a slight frosty breeze and they are throbbing in pain, the head band stops this perfectly and looks beaut with a big coat and mittens. Plus I happen to think I look rather cute hehe.

Beautifying - Collection Does It All 5 In 1 Mascara is hands down one of the best mascaras I have tried. This is worthy of a post all of its own and don't doubt that I wont post one homies! I need to share this amazing find with you all! I would highly recommend to anyone to go out and buy this fantastic beauty find - watch this space for a proper review :)
I have also been loving Rimmel Wake Me Up concealer slathered under my eyes and buffed in with a lovely fluffy brush, it is so illuminating and the perfect product to brighten dark circles and hide under eye bags.

Watching - I don't really watch much telly any more. I do, however, watch a tonne of youtube. I am addicted uh ohhhh. A few fond favourites are to name but a few are Helen aka Melon Lady, Louise and her cute little baby glitter & Zoella. I can also spend hours watching dogs, cats, monkeys and other adorable species.

Reading - I have massively fallen off the reading waggon and miss it rather a lot so if anyone has any recommendations that would be terrific! I do, however LOVE Cosmo magazine just a small amount - it is definitely my favourite mag I have stumbled upon and I am just a little sad that I have been missing out for so many years - Cosmo if you read this, I would be extremely grateful if you wanted to back date me? Mwah x

Eating - Proper Corn Popcorn. YUM YUM YUM. I feel these are such a perfect treat as a good size bag is around the 100 calorie mark which makes me and my tummy happy bunnies.

Drinking - I don't have a local Starbucks, the nearest one as far as I am aware is in the next town so, naturally I had to see what all the fuss is about on my recent visit. If you like coffee, cream, yummy little caramel crunchie bits and hot, snuggly drinks, then their toffee nut laté might tickle your taste buds.

Listening - The 1975 album is terrific. I know I am probably so late on the hype for this but better late than never right? Every songs reminds me of being 17, listening to local bands at teeny tiny venues, getting the last train home at like... midnight and getting a little too involved in moshpits. My boyfriend dislikes the album all for the same reasons aha!
I am also having a massive girl crush on Haim; Honey and I makes my journey to work! I love the hippy vibes with a slight touch of grunge and their hair is out of this world beautiful.

Lusting - Vagabonds, Dr Martens, glossy perfectly touselled hair, but I think more than all of that, is a shearling coat yummmmm oh and I want my own little house to make into a nest *sigh*

Missing - Charley <3 A real summer tan & a slightly more acceptable body for a bikini *double sigh*

Waiting - CHRISTMAS EEEEEEEK! Agh I am so so excited; receiving gifts, giving gifts, eating too much, drinking excessively, friends, family and a whole lot of nestling in the warm.
After that, I don't think I have EVER in my WHOLE ENTIRE LIFE been as excited for my birthday as I am for my next one, Macy's, Broadway, Empire State... need any more clues? EEEEK!!!!

What have you loved throughout November? Any plans for December? And dont forget to tell me your book recommendations mwah mwah.

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Sunday, 8 December 2013

Tag You're It | The Sunshine Award

I do love a 'tag' me & today's post shall be just that! I was 'tagged' by the cutest little hazelnut on the planet - Collette from Shrewd Fox to take part in The Sunshine Award. You may of seen Collette pop up in my recent Frugal Friday Finale post where she shared some fab tips on Christmas present shopping and thrifty, creative gift ideas, if you've not had a mooch, I would highly advise it :P tehe.

So with every tag, there are some incy wincy rules which are... *drum roll please*...

11 random facts about yourself
Answer 11 questions from the blogger who nominated you
Nominate 11 bloggers
Write 11 questions to ask them
And finally.. so they know to take part too, send them a cheeky tweet or some kind of notification to get your fellow beauts involved too!

So... on with the show :)

11 Facts About Me
1. Melon gives me an itchy throat along with plums, honey, cucumber, tomatoes, bananas and various other fruits
2. I really dislike odd socks
3. I was nominated as a gifted and talented student through out my school years 
4. I have a really deep hatred for wrists to the point where it is a phobia
5. My dream job would be to have my own little shop selling crafty bits, vintage gifts and other pretty curios with a room upstairs for sewing classes and all things creative
6. For about a year I had my own cupcake 'service' :)
7. I rode horses for about 3 years
8. My favourite theatre show I have seen so far is Oliver
9. I stand at a tall 5"11
10. Without a doubt and without hesitation I would move to the seaside, specifically Southwold in a heart beat. Such fond memories in that place <3
11. I met Scouting for Girls aha - is that even cool to admit these days?
To find out more about me - I have a whole post on 50 Facts About Me :)

My Answers for Collette

1. What inspired you to start a blog?
Urrrm, initially I wanted to start a YouTube channel but after deciding I felt a little uncomfortable talking to no one and didn't have the right equipment to produce anything of a decent quality, I decided I should venture into the world of blogging. So far - no regrets!

2. If you could steal one celebrities wardrobe who would it be?
I am about to completely ruin this question aha - there are so many chickas whose style is phenomenal however what would be the point in stealing their wardrobe when my little finger wouldn't be able to fit in them? By ruining it even further, I don't think I could pick just one female celebrity whose wardrobe stands out, I think I much prefer looking at normal girls and seeing how they style their clothes and the various trends.

3. Name one beauty product you are currently loving.
Pretty please can I have two? If yes then Collection Does It All 5 in 1 Mascara and dark, autumnal lipsticks.
If just one then I will go for the mascara hehe <3

4. What is your all time favourite song?
The Maccabees - Toothpaste Kisses

5. Name one thing you would like to achieve in 2014...
To save up enough for a deposit on a house (with change to spare for a fab holiday)

6. Essie, OPI or another brand. Tell me why :)
You can't beat Barry M nail varnishes! They have such pretty colours and so many sparkly & festive glitter polishes that makes me become a magpie whilst I browse their range. Plus on top of all of that, they are super affordable with deals on them usually flying around and they last just as good as more expensive polishes. Phew that was long!

7. Who is your favourite blogger/youtuber?
Hmmm, bebby do you mean 'famous' or non? YouTube is pretty easy for me - I LOVE Melonlady & Zoella but I think my all time favourite is Sprinkle of Glitter - I relate to her and her interests so so much! Plus she answered my question on one of her posts a few months back and I had such a huge fan girl moment aha!! For this reason, Louise is also my favourite blogger.
My favourite blogger, or should I say bloggers are three of the nicest girls I have met so far on my blogging journey, Collette, Saranne & Chanelle. These beauties have made me feel so welcome in the land of blog and have been so friendly, kind and supportive. Thank you girls for making my blogging experience such a joy!

8. Describe your fashion style in 3 words.
Pick and Mix :D aha - I always mix up what I like to wear and how I like to wear things. Sometimes I want to be really put together and other times I want to be a goth, so to solve that I just wear for the mood I am feeling in that morning.

9. Name one film that everyone should watch at some point in their lives.
Hmmmmm, this is such a tricky question! As soon as I read this question Up! automatically popped into my head, and as much as I do love this film I don't think its for everyone. I think everyone should see Shawshank Redemption - such a good film!

10. What tip would you give to someone thinking of starting a blog?
Stop thinking and just do it! There are so many 'what if's' I worried about before starting a blog; would people be interested in it, what would people I know think about it? What if I have nothing to write about? What if I am boring? And so on and so forth. The answer to all of the above is ultimately you are not doing it for anyone else other than for YOU. I completely get that a lot of the content people write about is in some way aimed at helping or guiding others, but in the sense of what to write about and if people will want to read, just write! Type away about the things you love and have a real interest in and will enjoy writing about then all the people with the same interests will find you! It may not be over night, but soon your followers will start.. well.. following and with a little extra time spent interacting with other bloggers, you too may feature as someone's favourite blogger like I did with Collette and when you do - the happiness and joy it brings you is amazing and makes you feel like all the time you have spent writing and rambling has been worth while <3

11. And lastly your favourite quote...
Its more of a section of a poem so I think this is a little bit of a cheat answer;

"I carry your heart here with me, I carry it in my heart".

Love that soooo much even if it is a little gooey and smooshey aha.

My Nominees
1. Chanelle | Chanelle Jade
2. Beth | Beauty In Beta
3. Gemma | Yummy Mummy Blog
4. Helen | Fragile Bird
5. Jade | Gracious Silhouettes
6. Megan | Maybe Its Megan Leigh
7. Lucie | FatBeautyx
8. Bex | Bex And The City
9. Jess | Coffee and Cosmetics
10. Leah | Painted Daisies
11. Kirsty | Taupe and Pearl

My Questions
1. What inspires you as a blogger
2. How do you fit writing (& YouTube-ing if you do that too) in to your life and around work etc?
3. What would your dream career be?
4. Would you change anything that you have/haven't done in your blogging journey so far?
5. Favourite Christmas/Festive tradition
6. New Years Resolution?
7. What are your three favourite pieces in your wardrobe?
8. What are you doing for NYE?
9. Laid back lounge wear or full blown festive frocks on Christmas day?
10. The best advice you have been given?
11. Tell me a random story of make believe and magic :) aha

Thanks again to the beautiful Collette for tagging me! I hope you have all enjoyed reading this post - be sure to leave a link to your answers if you have done one already. Sadly I could only pick 11 nominees so feel free to take part also - the more the merrier!

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