Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Tag You're It | 50 Facts

1. Full Name; Rheya Mae Keable
2. My first name in another language - I forget which.. means 'to laugh'
3. 22 years young
4. Hertfordshire born & bred
5. I absolutely HATE wrists, I hate looking at them, touching them, mine being touched and even talking about them. I can wear bracelets and watches fine until I consciously feel them 'there' then I get all panicky and have to take them off. Recently this has extended to inner elbows too. BLEURGH!!
6. I have a beautiful sister who is ten years younger than me
7. I am a Pisces
8. I love art and being creative
9. Swimming is my favourite but particularly under water - mermaid 4lyf
10. I could eat pasta all day eerrryday, even just plain with a sprinkling of cheese YUM
11. I love to cook, and am pretty decent in the kitchen
12. I passed my driving test first time with only 1 singular most minor-est of minors - not pulling up to the side of the road enough
13. Taylor Swift is my guilty pleasure <3
14. Migraine sufferererererer
15. Hayfever victim
16. Colour It In by The Maccabees is my favourite album
17. Allergic to cats and sadly - horses :'( my eyes swell and I get soooo so itchy. I find this so weird though as I rode for like 3 years fine. This makes me sad as I love horsies and now have to avoid them
18. DESPISE JAMES BLUNT - NOOOOOO NOOO NO! His music is banned from my life
19. I had my own little part time baking service for about a year making all kinds of cupcakes and cake pops, google 'Rheya Mae's Cupcakes' :)
20. I am pretty tall at 5'11
21. I absolutely CAN NOT stand FIFA. It is satan in game form
22. Kenya is somewhere I really want to go. I want to see the elephants and the amazing wildlife
23. I once volunteered at BBC Introducing at the Herts, Beds & Bucks station for like 8 months. I still would love to be a radio presenter
24. I drive a navy KA called Luby Lou
25. Christmas is my most favourite time of the year. I have been excited since August this year which has been the earliest I have ever looked forward to it. Sorry not sorry.
26. I make the best spag bol & chili con carne hands down
27. It's a little morbid, but my one wish when I pass away is to be cremated and put into a firework and set off at the end of a big party
28. From the age of about 3, I went on yearly holidays with my Nanny and Grandad in their caravan all over England. These are some of my fondest memories
29. The Sims, GTA and Halo are the best games I have ever played. And Crash Bandicoote. And Barbie Race and Ride, that game was awesome
30. If someone has touched the towel I have got out ready to be used when I get out the shower/bath, I have to get another out. It's just gross
31. I have the worst knowledge in Geography. Literally. No. Clue
32. My favourite number is 12
33. I spend waaaayyyyy too much time watching YouTube videos on such random things ranging from beauty to vlogs to funny dogs to 'fails' to... SPOT POPPING oooooooh
34. I wore a brace for like 2 years I think?
35. I am equally as happy as spending time on my own as I am with my beautiful friends, family and boyfriend. My own company doesn't bore me at all
36. My dream car is a Nissan Figaro. Adorable!
37. I went to the same school as Ed Westwick. He gave me a strawberry lace. And no - I don't fancy him
38. 99.9% of the time I am super happy and bubbly. It takes a lot and quite a while for me to get cross but when I am it isn't just anger but full blown rage. There is now a hole in the bathroom door from when I hated my hair cut short. Luckily this happens like once a year if that - Sorry Motherrrrr xx
39. I miss school SO MUCH. Mainly 6 form/post 16. People weren't lying when they said it is some of the best years of your life.
40. My body shape is like a human lolipop
41. I feel so uncomfortable in the sea when I can't feel the bottom. The thought of what could be under there makes me shudder
42. I am allergic to melon and lots of other fruits which makes me sad as they are so yummy :( I get all itchy-throaty and have to guzzle gallons of milk to make it go away
43. I hate people whispering in my ear or getting close to my neck. WAHHHH so vulnerable!
44. I shall be spending my 23rd birthday in NYC <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
45. Vera Wang - Princess is my favourite perfume, it just brings back so many memories of adventures and drunken nights out with my best friends and when James and I first got together. Plus it smells like chocolate mmm
46. I have been to Boardmasters Festival twice, both as VIP, both for free. So nice not having to use porter loos!
47. I have been skiing in Austria on a school trip with all my best friends. I was useless but was one of the best experiences ever. My award for the week was taking out the most snowboarders. Ooopsies 0:)
48. No matter what anyone says, I still believe James is my very own Ryan Gosling. The resemblance is uncanny
49. My favourite show I have seen in the theatre is 'Oliver'. It was amazing!
50. I have spent far too long thinking of 50 facts about me :)

I hope you haven't found this too yawn inducing and feel like you know the girl behind the blog a little better. 50 facts doesn't seem that much but when you have to come up with more than a handful, things get a little tricky dicky.
As I love reading these, I tag ANYONE who fancies sharing a few random facts and anecdotes - be sure to let me know so I can have a good nosey!

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  1. I like this. A lot. It's nice getting to know who's behind the computer screen!

    Love Saranne xx

  2. Nice tag :) Christmas is my favourite time of the year as well! And I miss school,too! The best memories <3
    Nice blog! :) Follow for follow? xoxo