Monday, 4 November 2013


Internet shopping my lunch hour away, the CEO of where I work decided to linger around my desk and suggested I searched the designs of a girl he knows; Katie Eary.
As I punched her name into the Google search bar, he told me that he is quite good friends with her and that she came from my home town - hollaaa at your girl!
This instantly made me more interested as I was amazed and in awe at how someone who has come from an average little town like mine has become such a success and produce such amazing pieces.
Unfortunately the collection is a little out of my price range but I can still appreciate how gorgeous the pieces are and admire her beautiful wears.

Here are some of my favourite pieces that I wanted to share with you...

I LOVE the lobster print blouse so much, I think it is so unusual and eye catching - the blue is such a gorgeous colour. I also really love the top left jumper, the colours are beautiful and bright which are perfect for livening up winter outfits.

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  1. haha your not going to believe this but she's kind of related to me!! xx

    1. whaaat aha no way?! how? i thought it was weird enough that someone i work with knows her. so many clothes out at the moment that have this whole graffic thing going on! xx

  2. haha she's my nan's boyfriends gran daughter! Met up with her a few times, her clothes are realllly amaze xx

  3. Ooo, some of these look awesome! Will check out her site now! :) Beth xox