Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Hold the Straighteners & Save the Blow Dry

You have caught me red handed. I use shower caps! Now don't get me wrong I looooove freshly washed and straightened or curled hair, but what I love even more is when my hair can look as nice the day after without having to re-wash and re-style.

I have been a big fan of ye olde shower cap for quite some time now after being aware of the health of my hair after many years of dying and blow drying and heated tooler-ing it. I used to wash it everyday and wasn't in the know that excessive washing causes all the important oils and goodness to come out leaving dry and limp hair, masked by conditioner so it pretends to be healthy.

When I decided to wash my hair less, the idea of using a shower cap didn't even cross my mind. I just risked getting my bare hair wet and ruined by cleansers and exfoliators for so long until mum was bought one for Christmas or birthday or summin or summin. I quickly stole it and thought it did a pretty okay job, that is until I was given the opportunity to try a shower cap like no other from Save the Blow Dry.

This moisture eliminating shower cap has a clever, super absorbent micro weave towelling layer that slurps up any water or humidity caused when showering meaning that your beautiful, bouncy curls that were styled to perfection the day before can be scooped up in this snuggly miniature quilt, protected from any risk of being ruined and emerge just as glorious as they did before.

What I love the most about this Save The Blow Dry shower cap is how roomy it is. I found my previous, bog standard cap a little tight on my shoulder length hair and would struggle to have my hair in a bun underneath. Now I can have my hair loose or in a top knot or pretty much however I please and know that there won't be any sneaky strands poking out and suffer a good drenching due to the fabric being stretched. How girls with longer hair use these I do not know, I presume that they just don't bother? It is soooo comfy and looks cute too; I really like the pattern and think it is a little more luxurious than the boring ones available on the high street.

Needless to say my hair comes out as dry as a bone and the cap dries really quickly with a few shakes, I like to put mine on the radiator for a small spurt to ensure there are no cheeky droplets hanging about. I also can't wait to try it with a deep conditioning treatment to help penetrate my hair - something that was a little difficult with the size of my previous caps.

It has definitely become my new favourite addition to my morning routine and keeps my hair looking lovely and ready to go for the day ahead. Now I use a shower cap I highly doubt I would ever go back to my old ways, not only does it preserve the style of my locks but allows me to have that all important extra ten minutes in bed - especially when it is so cold out and leaving my pit where I am snug as a bug in a rug is the biggest chore everrrr!

Be sure to add this to your Christmas list - your hair will love you for all eternity!

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  1. this sounds right up my street!
    I've never been one of those girls that has to wash their hair every night, call me a scruff but the longer I can go the better haha. I'll have to pick one of these up.
    Nice picture too you cutie :) xx

  2. I used to love shower caps but somehow over the years I forgot about them. I will have to find one!