Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Goodbye For Now xx

As you are reading this, Nadia, Keely, Jade and I shall be getting together to say our good byes to our best friend Charley who is travelling to Australia with her boyfriend Mark for a year!
We had a fabulous time on Saturday 9th November 2013 at their going away party with all of their close friends and family - as you can see they have quite a few and will be missed by shed loads of people. We have also decided on having a little meal out - just us girls - as a final seeing off, fingers crossed we keep it together!
I am not quite sure what it is going to be like having my best friend half way around the globe; whoever invented Skype is an absolute genius! I hope that we will have loads of Saturday night Skype dates and get to see loads of snaps of your adventures -  and Mark I know you are subscribed to my blog so you best still read whilst you are away, get your bum down the internet café!
I hope you create the most beautiful and amazing memories, I hope that you make loads of friends and spend Christmas together sipping voddy on the beach. I hope you get to hold a koala and avoid all the dangerous spiders - don't go getting bitten please! I hope you have an incredible New Years there - I bet it will be so so so amazing! I would be there in a flash to celebrate it with you under the Australian stars. I hope that your 23rd birthday will be the best you have ever had and your tan is the darkest you will ever be! If you get a job, once the pennies run out, I hope that it is in something you enjoy and that you become mega rich and famous and you can fly us out there to disco dance with you! But most of all I hope you are safe and have the best time of your life!
I don't want to get too personal seeing as this is something that Charley isn't aware of, but I really hope that you know how much we will miss you - it is times like this when I think you realise you take the people you love the most for granted. I wont be able to see your gorge face or eat your 'love sandwich' or hear your wheezy laugh. I am so proud of how much of an independent chick you are - but please don't ever move to another country aha! I look forward to all the updates and instagram photos. Please don't forget me on your amazing travels and please don't come back too brown, I am already a ghost as it is - but more importantly please come back!
Loads of love, forever and always
Rhe xx

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