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Frugal Friday | The Finale

Firstly I would like to make an apology for missing last week's Frugal Friday, I had zero internet and then when we finally had it reconnected, mother dearest unknowingly had child protection on which blocked my beloved Blogger. But do not fret - Frugal Friday is back for the last instalment of the series - The Finale - wahooo!

You have read my tips and tricks, my story from when I first started employment and how I saved (or didn't) along the way and now it is your turn to share your own saving secrets!

Eleanor; Blooming El' | Twitter

The big question - 'Do I really need it?' This has helped me not only save money but stopped me from stuffing my face with chocolate at midnight. Whether it's picking up items in store or adding them to your online basket, ask yourself 'Do I really need it?' If the answer is no, put the item back, delete it from your basket  save yourself a few pennies. You can save yourself a lot of money by adding your must haves to your Christmas list. Instead of struggling to give your Grandparents an answer and ending up with a jumper you'll never wear or bath salts you'll never use, use your noggin and give your rents original ideas instead of 'Um just a voucher will do'.

Saranne; BlueEyedWithStyle | Twitter

So whenever your payday is, save 10% of what you make, ask your bank to take 'x' amount each week and pop it into a savings account. Honestly - you don't even notice you are saving. If you save 10% you still have enough money to cover everything else - you don't want to be halving your wages as this isn't a realistic amount you can live on. Also, track your spending. Every time I spend I add it to a spread sheet to see where my money is going. It helps you realise where your money is going. Of course you can treat yourself, but just do it in moderation.

Beth; Beauty In Beta | Twitter

Plan your meals ahead. I mean breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. Plan for the whole week and buy everything on the weekend. That way you're less likely to spend unnecessarily.
Always check for voucher codes before buying anything online, there's always one hanging about somewhere.
For DIY gifts, buy cheap photo frames from Tesco, decorate and pop in a printed out picture. This is especially good for mum's and nan's - they love stuff like that. Also you can make your own candles by melting down old ones and adding your own scent.

Gemma; Yummy Mummy xo | Twitter

My mother has helped me with my money saving ways, as she has 'years' of experience in her words. One thing is to do grocery shopping online, saves buying all those little bits that aren't necessary as well as planning the weeks meals ahead, this way you only get what you want. Boring but saves over £200 a month, shocking! Also, I always do lists, constantly! Such as how much money goes on what & how much money comes in, then work out how much you have left over to spend on goodies. The slightest change and I re-do my list, so I know exactly what I have or haven't got. If you're a good organised, planner these handy tricks are for you :) Unfortunately for me, my shopping addiction takes over - I am a bit of a comfort spender, as well as a comfort eater (nightmare!) Good luck working on saving the pennies!!

Jo; Mumma & full time beauty

Spend within your means; if you don't have the money in your bank/wallet/pocket/purse then I am afraid no purchase can be made!
At this time of year there's so much pressure to spend, spend, spend but the focus should be spending time with friends & family, we should consider the importance of the real meaning of Christmas rather than how many gifts you give. We are such a 'disposable' society; things that you think are destined for the dustbin may be fixed or reused. If you no longer want it then you can always earn a few pennies by popping them on eBay or if you want to do a good deed, take your unwanted goods to one of many charity shops.

Collette; Shrewd Fox | Twitter

My number 1 Christmas tip is NEVER last minute buy. I always make a list and a plan of who I really need to buy for and what I want to get. I then go browsing the shops to find the best deals. I find that doing this means I buy presents that have been well thought out rather than something 'that will do'. Just because it's christmas it doesn't mean you have to fork out lots of money. One of the best way to save money is to give a home made gift; some of my most treasured gifts have been ones that are  homemade and I love giving something I've made as well. The key thing to remember when giving a homemade gift is to give yourself enough time - no one wants a rushed present. A good effort needs to be made;  use Pinterest to get some ideas and plan in advance. A good idea for anyone is a '52 reasons why...' gift. The idea is that you get a pack of cards, bind them and then on each one write a reason, for example, why you're my bestie. It's such a funny gift which you can make really personal to that person. plus you can pick up a pack of cards cheap so it's really up to you how much you spend.

Paige; Echoes In Your Heart | Twitter

Join Top Cash back and earn money back when you buy things online etc. It's free to sign up and eventually all the money adds up!
Like "10 ways to have more money as a student, without working" on Facebook. This page offers discount codes and links to free samples, etc :)
McDonald's offers a free McFlurry original, hamburger or cheeseburger when you buy an Extra Value Meal and show valid student ID. Free food!


I hope that you have enjoyed reading the Frugal Friday series and that it has helped or inspired you in some way :) Be sure to share any tips you have below if you wasn't able to get involved or if you wasn't aware you could.

Many thanks to the beauties above who did take the time to share their savvy hints and tips - definitely will be taking note and trying a few myself!

As always if you have any suggestions on posts you would like to read then pop these in the comments below or have a little natter with me on Twitter, I am lovely lol :)

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