Friday, 29 November 2013

Frugal Friday | The Finale

Firstly I would like to make an apology for missing last week's Frugal Friday, I had zero internet and then when we finally had it reconnected, mother dearest unknowingly had child protection on which blocked my beloved Blogger. But do not fret - Frugal Friday is back for the last instalment of the series - The Finale - wahooo!

You have read my tips and tricks, my story from when I first started employment and how I saved (or didn't) along the way and now it is your turn to share your own saving secrets!

Eleanor; Blooming El' | Twitter

The big question - 'Do I really need it?' This has helped me not only save money but stopped me from stuffing my face with chocolate at midnight. Whether it's picking up items in store or adding them to your online basket, ask yourself 'Do I really need it?' If the answer is no, put the item back, delete it from your basket  save yourself a few pennies. You can save yourself a lot of money by adding your must haves to your Christmas list. Instead of struggling to give your Grandparents an answer and ending up with a jumper you'll never wear or bath salts you'll never use, use your noggin and give your rents original ideas instead of 'Um just a voucher will do'.

Saranne; BlueEyedWithStyle | Twitter

So whenever your payday is, save 10% of what you make, ask your bank to take 'x' amount each week and pop it into a savings account. Honestly - you don't even notice you are saving. If you save 10% you still have enough money to cover everything else - you don't want to be halving your wages as this isn't a realistic amount you can live on. Also, track your spending. Every time I spend I add it to a spread sheet to see where my money is going. It helps you realise where your money is going. Of course you can treat yourself, but just do it in moderation.

Beth; Beauty In Beta | Twitter

Plan your meals ahead. I mean breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. Plan for the whole week and buy everything on the weekend. That way you're less likely to spend unnecessarily.
Always check for voucher codes before buying anything online, there's always one hanging about somewhere.
For DIY gifts, buy cheap photo frames from Tesco, decorate and pop in a printed out picture. This is especially good for mum's and nan's - they love stuff like that. Also you can make your own candles by melting down old ones and adding your own scent.

Gemma; Yummy Mummy xo | Twitter

My mother has helped me with my money saving ways, as she has 'years' of experience in her words. One thing is to do grocery shopping online, saves buying all those little bits that aren't necessary as well as planning the weeks meals ahead, this way you only get what you want. Boring but saves over £200 a month, shocking! Also, I always do lists, constantly! Such as how much money goes on what & how much money comes in, then work out how much you have left over to spend on goodies. The slightest change and I re-do my list, so I know exactly what I have or haven't got. If you're a good organised, planner these handy tricks are for you :) Unfortunately for me, my shopping addiction takes over - I am a bit of a comfort spender, as well as a comfort eater (nightmare!) Good luck working on saving the pennies!!

Jo; Mumma & full time beauty

Spend within your means; if you don't have the money in your bank/wallet/pocket/purse then I am afraid no purchase can be made!
At this time of year there's so much pressure to spend, spend, spend but the focus should be spending time with friends & family, we should consider the importance of the real meaning of Christmas rather than how many gifts you give. We are such a 'disposable' society; things that you think are destined for the dustbin may be fixed or reused. If you no longer want it then you can always earn a few pennies by popping them on eBay or if you want to do a good deed, take your unwanted goods to one of many charity shops.

Collette; Shrewd Fox | Twitter

My number 1 Christmas tip is NEVER last minute buy. I always make a list and a plan of who I really need to buy for and what I want to get. I then go browsing the shops to find the best deals. I find that doing this means I buy presents that have been well thought out rather than something 'that will do'. Just because it's christmas it doesn't mean you have to fork out lots of money. One of the best way to save money is to give a home made gift; some of my most treasured gifts have been ones that are  homemade and I love giving something I've made as well. The key thing to remember when giving a homemade gift is to give yourself enough time - no one wants a rushed present. A good effort needs to be made;  use Pinterest to get some ideas and plan in advance. A good idea for anyone is a '52 reasons why...' gift. The idea is that you get a pack of cards, bind them and then on each one write a reason, for example, why you're my bestie. It's such a funny gift which you can make really personal to that person. plus you can pick up a pack of cards cheap so it's really up to you how much you spend.

Paige; Echoes In Your Heart | Twitter

Join Top Cash back and earn money back when you buy things online etc. It's free to sign up and eventually all the money adds up!
Like "10 ways to have more money as a student, without working" on Facebook. This page offers discount codes and links to free samples, etc :)
McDonald's offers a free McFlurry original, hamburger or cheeseburger when you buy an Extra Value Meal and show valid student ID. Free food!


I hope that you have enjoyed reading the Frugal Friday series and that it has helped or inspired you in some way :) Be sure to share any tips you have below if you wasn't able to get involved or if you wasn't aware you could.

Many thanks to the beauties above who did take the time to share their savvy hints and tips - definitely will be taking note and trying a few myself!

As always if you have any suggestions on posts you would like to read then pop these in the comments below or have a little natter with me on Twitter, I am lovely lol :)

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Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Tag You're It | 50 Facts

1. Full Name; Rheya Mae Keable
2. My first name in another language - I forget which.. means 'to laugh'
3. 22 years young
4. Hertfordshire born & bred
5. I absolutely HATE wrists, I hate looking at them, touching them, mine being touched and even talking about them. I can wear bracelets and watches fine until I consciously feel them 'there' then I get all panicky and have to take them off. Recently this has extended to inner elbows too. BLEURGH!!
6. I have a beautiful sister who is ten years younger than me
7. I am a Pisces
8. I love art and being creative
9. Swimming is my favourite but particularly under water - mermaid 4lyf
10. I could eat pasta all day eerrryday, even just plain with a sprinkling of cheese YUM
11. I love to cook, and am pretty decent in the kitchen
12. I passed my driving test first time with only 1 singular most minor-est of minors - not pulling up to the side of the road enough
13. Taylor Swift is my guilty pleasure <3
14. Migraine sufferererererer
15. Hayfever victim
16. Colour It In by The Maccabees is my favourite album
17. Allergic to cats and sadly - horses :'( my eyes swell and I get soooo so itchy. I find this so weird though as I rode for like 3 years fine. This makes me sad as I love horsies and now have to avoid them
18. DESPISE JAMES BLUNT - NOOOOOO NOOO NO! His music is banned from my life
19. I had my own little part time baking service for about a year making all kinds of cupcakes and cake pops, google 'Rheya Mae's Cupcakes' :)
20. I am pretty tall at 5'11
21. I absolutely CAN NOT stand FIFA. It is satan in game form
22. Kenya is somewhere I really want to go. I want to see the elephants and the amazing wildlife
23. I once volunteered at BBC Introducing at the Herts, Beds & Bucks station for like 8 months. I still would love to be a radio presenter
24. I drive a navy KA called Luby Lou
25. Christmas is my most favourite time of the year. I have been excited since August this year which has been the earliest I have ever looked forward to it. Sorry not sorry.
26. I make the best spag bol & chili con carne hands down
27. It's a little morbid, but my one wish when I pass away is to be cremated and put into a firework and set off at the end of a big party
28. From the age of about 3, I went on yearly holidays with my Nanny and Grandad in their caravan all over England. These are some of my fondest memories
29. The Sims, GTA and Halo are the best games I have ever played. And Crash Bandicoote. And Barbie Race and Ride, that game was awesome
30. If someone has touched the towel I have got out ready to be used when I get out the shower/bath, I have to get another out. It's just gross
31. I have the worst knowledge in Geography. Literally. No. Clue
32. My favourite number is 12
33. I spend waaaayyyyy too much time watching YouTube videos on such random things ranging from beauty to vlogs to funny dogs to 'fails' to... SPOT POPPING oooooooh
34. I wore a brace for like 2 years I think?
35. I am equally as happy as spending time on my own as I am with my beautiful friends, family and boyfriend. My own company doesn't bore me at all
36. My dream car is a Nissan Figaro. Adorable!
37. I went to the same school as Ed Westwick. He gave me a strawberry lace. And no - I don't fancy him
38. 99.9% of the time I am super happy and bubbly. It takes a lot and quite a while for me to get cross but when I am it isn't just anger but full blown rage. There is now a hole in the bathroom door from when I hated my hair cut short. Luckily this happens like once a year if that - Sorry Motherrrrr xx
39. I miss school SO MUCH. Mainly 6 form/post 16. People weren't lying when they said it is some of the best years of your life.
40. My body shape is like a human lolipop
41. I feel so uncomfortable in the sea when I can't feel the bottom. The thought of what could be under there makes me shudder
42. I am allergic to melon and lots of other fruits which makes me sad as they are so yummy :( I get all itchy-throaty and have to guzzle gallons of milk to make it go away
43. I hate people whispering in my ear or getting close to my neck. WAHHHH so vulnerable!
44. I shall be spending my 23rd birthday in NYC <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
45. Vera Wang - Princess is my favourite perfume, it just brings back so many memories of adventures and drunken nights out with my best friends and when James and I first got together. Plus it smells like chocolate mmm
46. I have been to Boardmasters Festival twice, both as VIP, both for free. So nice not having to use porter loos!
47. I have been skiing in Austria on a school trip with all my best friends. I was useless but was one of the best experiences ever. My award for the week was taking out the most snowboarders. Ooopsies 0:)
48. No matter what anyone says, I still believe James is my very own Ryan Gosling. The resemblance is uncanny
49. My favourite show I have seen in the theatre is 'Oliver'. It was amazing!
50. I have spent far too long thinking of 50 facts about me :)

I hope you haven't found this too yawn inducing and feel like you know the girl behind the blog a little better. 50 facts doesn't seem that much but when you have to come up with more than a handful, things get a little tricky dicky.
As I love reading these, I tag ANYONE who fancies sharing a few random facts and anecdotes - be sure to let me know so I can have a good nosey!

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Monday, 25 November 2013

Winter FLORA'ls

So if you have seen my two most recent OOTD posts you may of seen that I was sporting a pair of rather delightful Chelsea boots.

I know, I know, I have already bought a pair of Serena Docs but I didn't know which pair I liked the best and I was going to send one pair back but then whoops, I wore both pairs outside so that means that they can't be sent back and they are so comfy and pretty and I love the colour and I love wearing them with everything and I JUST WANTED TWO PAIRS!

I am sorry.

But just look!

In my defence I did get discount off both pairs and I have wanted them for more than I can remember. Plus docs are sturdy, good, reliable shoes that will keep my feet warm for years to come. I always buy cheapy boots and they never last, always letting the big, bad, splashy puddles in and giving my socks a little more than a drowning. Not pleasant!

So there we have it, a second pair or booties to add to my collection. I am going to stop kidding myself as well as all of you with the reasons why I bought two pairs. I just couldn't resist!

And before you all go crazy and say 'WHAAAAT?! What happened to Frugal Friday?', this crazy purchase was made before I decided I really needed to stop spending money and focus on saving and buying Christmas presents for my loved ones. Please don't hate me, it was a moment of weakness and now we can all go back to being super scrimpers together again and forget this ever happened.

Have a look at my first pair of beautiful Dr Martens | TAG! You're It! Check out my lip product tag HERE!

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Monday, 18 November 2013

Dermalogica @ Beauty900 | Tried & Tested

What you see here is a beautiful selection of Dermalogica treats that I was luckily sent from the lovelies at Beauty900 are official, authorised sellers of all things Dermalogica and stock cleansers to masques to travel bags and shaving kits. Not only do they offer competitive prices to other Dermalogica stockists, but they offer free delivery and even 30 day returns. Their website is super easy to navigate; displaying products by category, skin type, product type and skin concern which enables easy access to the products best suited to you.

I already use the Daily Microfoliant which I love so was so excited to add these to my daily routine.
The first thing that caught my eye is my favourite of all the goodies which is the Special Cleansing Gel, the bottles states 'recommended for all skins types' however I think I sway to the description on the website that it is suited for oily-combination skin. My t-zone, particularly my nose likes to look like I have done a cross country run if I don't use the right products to tame it and this gel seems to work with my skin a treat.
Prior to receiving this, my skin decided to have a horrendous breakout of white heads and hard under the skin bumps. Since using this every morning in conjunction with the microfoliant, my skin has become a lot more tame with a nice glow.
The gel has a slightly sticky texture that I haven't experienced before with cleansers but this is no longer noticeable after a weeks use. There is a slightly 'spa-like' sent to the product which runs nicely throughout all the products that I like as it feels like you are really treating and pampering your skin.

My second favourite is the Multivitamin Power Firm which came in the Daily Radiance set. Due to being a happy and smiley soul, I have developed lovely wrinkly creases under my eyes. This has done wonders to relax and smooth out any fine lines and whilst they are not gone completely, I have definitely noticed my under-eye concealer doesn't half as crease as much as what it used to. You don't need very much, a little less than a pea sized blob did well to cover the desired area and sinks in quickly ready for other lotions and potions to be smoothed on over the top. This can also be used around the mouth, forehead and neck to prevent the aging process but as I don't need to use it so much in those areas, I can only recommend trying it for the eyes.

Another eye product is the Total Eye Care which has been working wonders alongside the multivitamin power firm. The light reflecting cream makes me look wide awakes and gives the illusion I have had a really good nights sleep even thought I may not feel it! It comes out in a light peachy, slightly salmon shade which erases puffiness and under eye circles. I pop this on every night and morning to hydrate, strengthen and smooth the eye area to prevent ageing. I had never really used an eye product like this before and have been really impressed with the results. Like the power firm, you don't need much at all, when I say the size of a grain of rice - even that is too big, think more one grain of couscous!

The other two products which came in the Daily Radiance set is the Dynamic Skin Recovery & a Skinperfect Primer.
I apply the Dynamic Skin Recovery in the morning after I have cleansed my face and before I put on my make up. This intensely hydrating moisturiser leaves my skin feeling nourished and soft ready for the application of my make up. It has SPF 30 which is great to avoid premature aging of the skin.

The last, but no means least product I have been fortunate enough to try is the Skinperfect Primer. This primer is primarily aimed at more mature skin which at the moment in time I am thankful that I don't have. I can, however, still apprectiate the benefits this primer has when applied prior to applying foundation; I am not sure if it has increased the longevity of my make up however it does slightly enhance the finish and gives a more illuminated glow. This is also a good product for those with sensitive skin as it is free from any artificial colours and fragrances.

A huge, massive thank you again to Beauty900 - I absolutely loved trying out the products and shall definitely be putting some of the bits on my Christmas list this year if I do not make a few purchases myself!

Be sure to go check them out as they have a great gift section which would be perfect for those who want to dabble with Dermalogica products or to give to those who are currently using the range a nice set as a Christmas pressie ready for the party season.

Let me know if you have tried or are going to try any of the products I have mentioned - what did you think?

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Friday, 15 November 2013

Frugal Friday | Urrrrrm

Bonjournooo little beauties, I hope you are all well and enjoying the Frugal Friday series! I have a slight apology to make, after a million ideas rushing through my head of what to write about in the third instalment and then deciding that I really don't think they are good enough, I have decided that I am just going to write about my own experiences with money and saving and spending and just see where it goes.

So I am 22, employed full time and have been in a steady, reasonably paid position for just over 2 years. I am fortunate that I live at home and have little responsibilities such as a house or a kidlet to consume every penny I make. I have worked since I was 16 and looking back on all the money I have made in the past six years, I really have very little to show for the hundreds of hours I have spent beavering away.

Of course when I was in my first job at a shoe shop, my priorities where a new Topshop dress every Friday, finding enough money to get the train into the next town for a little disco dance and a spot of underage drinking (sorry but we have all been there, you know it girl!) I wasn't overly bothered about being a little worse for wear for work in the morning or ringing in sick when I couldn't be bothered; looking back I wish I didn't have that mind set. I think it was mainly because I didn't really like it there and found it difficult to get along with the other girls, I always felt like an outsider and a little too 'alternative' for them. That isn't an excuse and if I found my younger sister behaving like this I would be rather disappointed. Anyway... in my first job I made £3.20 an hour and thought I was raking it in. How wrong I felt when my best friend got a job in MotherCare and earned like... £5 something. I felt cheated. We both encouraged one another to leave our jobs and decided on a summer of scrimping every penny we could get from our parents. How we made it through 4 months or so without anything coming in is beyond me.

My attitude towards making money soon changed when Christmas was soon approaching and bagged myself a temp job at Game. I really had no clue what I was trying to sell, there are a few games I like and know about and that is as far as my knowledge goes. I worked every hour I could; before school, after school, on the weekends, and to tell the truth I actually really liked it there. It was fun and the people I worked with were relatively nice and funny. I was told that I would be made a permanent member of staff once the Christmas period was over and lived happily in the comfort of knowing that I wouldn't have to find somewhere else. Lies! Unfortunately my new found willingness to work wasn't noticed as I thought it would be and instead I found myself printing off 20+ CV's and traipsing through town in hope of finding a 'JOB VACANCY' sign in the window of pretty much anywhere. I suppose you can call that karma.

Fortunately I quickly found a part time position in retail, selling 'distinctive' clothing for the slightly chav-ier individuals amongst us. Here I met some of the loveliest girls and really grew up and became more responsible with money. I was 18 and in a relatively new relationship which might I add can be a rather expensive addition to your life. Meals out, dates to the cinema and dreams of going on holidays all adds up. I still didn't really actively save, the only outgoings I really had was driving lessons and a phone bill. Everything else I spent was a treat and I loved being able to buy what ever I wanted. I wish I had bought things that would of lasted me forever, I wish I had the willpower to put some aside and understood that I didn't need to spend every penny until next pay day. I was able to save enough to go on holiday with le lover and it was worth every penny. Sadly my ambition to work full time led me to leave my position in retail, a place that I have missed hugely since.

The next job is something I wish I could erase from my memory, no amount of money could of made me stay there. Never have I felt so belittled by someone three times my age, who reviewed me on not making enough tea and not doing the dishwasher - tasks that never officially where given to me. I hope that they experience some kind of karma of putting me through so much distress at that time. It is this time that I started to struggle with money.

Due to leaving I no longer had an income, I couldn't go on my weekly driving lessons and struggled to justify going out with friends when I had no money to spend. I proceeded to gain an apprenticeship at a local newspaper and got given all the jobs no one wanted to do themselves however I did get to produce a few columns and I felt so proud when the paper was published every week knowing that I had some input. Sadly,  again I was fed empty promises and left within 5 months once I completed the apprenticeship. Saving on such a little wage was horrific, I just about managed to start up driving lessons again and finally passed my test first time - wahoo! Holidays were pretty much a no no but my boyfriend was aware of how hard I was finding life in general on such a small wage and treated us both to a two week break in Turkey. I don't think I have ever felt such a relief and overwhelmed with emotion from one act of kindness and such generosity before.

The pressure of finding full time employment in an industry I enjoyed and wanted to progress is soon weighed heavy on my shoulders. My boyfriend had and still has the same job since the age of 16 and as a result has been able to save quite a decent sum which is amazing. Due to my rather varied and short bursts of jobs, this has been a little hard for me. Even after securing a position as a receptionist in my current place of work, I pushed saving to the back of my priorities. Holidays, clothes, short trips away and then finally buying a car all seemed so tempting and on a full time wage made it all the more accessible.

Finally in my mind of wanting and needing everything that is relatively sparkly, floral or shabby chic, I decided enough is enough. I don't want to live at home forever. I don't want to be dipping into my ISA when something pretty things pops up in the 'New This Week' page on whatever website. I have finally decided that I really need to be more responsible, that I need a few pennies saved for a rainy day or emergencies like my car dying on me. I really do want to move out and saving has enabled me to be one step closer to it becoming a reality. I want to explore Kenya and have a real Pad Thai curry in Thailand and by putting a little away at the end of every month I will be able to do so.

Now I spend with in my means and never spend excessively, I try not to buy everything I want all in one go and treat myself occasionally. I still enjoy myself, going out with friends, family and my beautiful boyfriend but have learnt to say no if I cant afford to do so.

Really my priorities haven't changed THAT dramatically in the past 6 years, I still want to have a good time at the weekend and still want a new dress every week. I still want to go on 5* holidays and weekends away. I still lust after new shoes and to go wild in Boots but I now have the ambition to take the next step as an adult and can appreciate that a few too many splurges means a few extra months it will take for me to own my own house with a garden and country side view. I am not there just yet and still have a long way to go before I reach my goal and by no means do I stick to my routine 100% every single month but I try my hardest and feel so proud when I see the results of my will power paying off.

I am not sure if this is helpful, interesting or something that will inspire you to tackle the subject of money, but I thought this would be a nice change to the usual fashion or beauty related posts.

If you would like to get involved in the last of the Frugal Friday series by sharing your saving & money related tips, then please send all your contributions to before Monday 25th November. These will be put together to share with other bloggers and readers. Feel free to include any links such as YouTube, Twitter etc. You don't even have to have a blog or YouTube channel to take part - your input is just as welcome!

Need a few frugal Christmas ideas, then check the second post in the series here | Love Dr Martens, lace and camo jackets, then you might like this

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Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Goodbye For Now xx

As you are reading this, Nadia, Keely, Jade and I shall be getting together to say our good byes to our best friend Charley who is travelling to Australia with her boyfriend Mark for a year!
We had a fabulous time on Saturday 9th November 2013 at their going away party with all of their close friends and family - as you can see they have quite a few and will be missed by shed loads of people. We have also decided on having a little meal out - just us girls - as a final seeing off, fingers crossed we keep it together!
I am not quite sure what it is going to be like having my best friend half way around the globe; whoever invented Skype is an absolute genius! I hope that we will have loads of Saturday night Skype dates and get to see loads of snaps of your adventures -  and Mark I know you are subscribed to my blog so you best still read whilst you are away, get your bum down the internet cafĂ©!
I hope you create the most beautiful and amazing memories, I hope that you make loads of friends and spend Christmas together sipping voddy on the beach. I hope you get to hold a koala and avoid all the dangerous spiders - don't go getting bitten please! I hope you have an incredible New Years there - I bet it will be so so so amazing! I would be there in a flash to celebrate it with you under the Australian stars. I hope that your 23rd birthday will be the best you have ever had and your tan is the darkest you will ever be! If you get a job, once the pennies run out, I hope that it is in something you enjoy and that you become mega rich and famous and you can fly us out there to disco dance with you! But most of all I hope you are safe and have the best time of your life!
I don't want to get too personal seeing as this is something that Charley isn't aware of, but I really hope that you know how much we will miss you - it is times like this when I think you realise you take the people you love the most for granted. I wont be able to see your gorge face or eat your 'love sandwich' or hear your wheezy laugh. I am so proud of how much of an independent chick you are - but please don't ever move to another country aha! I look forward to all the updates and instagram photos. Please don't forget me on your amazing travels and please don't come back too brown, I am already a ghost as it is - but more importantly please come back!
Loads of love, forever and always
Rhe xx

Hold the Straighteners & Save the Blow Dry

You have caught me red handed. I use shower caps! Now don't get me wrong I looooove freshly washed and straightened or curled hair, but what I love even more is when my hair can look as nice the day after without having to re-wash and re-style.

I have been a big fan of ye olde shower cap for quite some time now after being aware of the health of my hair after many years of dying and blow drying and heated tooler-ing it. I used to wash it everyday and wasn't in the know that excessive washing causes all the important oils and goodness to come out leaving dry and limp hair, masked by conditioner so it pretends to be healthy.

When I decided to wash my hair less, the idea of using a shower cap didn't even cross my mind. I just risked getting my bare hair wet and ruined by cleansers and exfoliators for so long until mum was bought one for Christmas or birthday or summin or summin. I quickly stole it and thought it did a pretty okay job, that is until I was given the opportunity to try a shower cap like no other from Save the Blow Dry.

This moisture eliminating shower cap has a clever, super absorbent micro weave towelling layer that slurps up any water or humidity caused when showering meaning that your beautiful, bouncy curls that were styled to perfection the day before can be scooped up in this snuggly miniature quilt, protected from any risk of being ruined and emerge just as glorious as they did before.

What I love the most about this Save The Blow Dry shower cap is how roomy it is. I found my previous, bog standard cap a little tight on my shoulder length hair and would struggle to have my hair in a bun underneath. Now I can have my hair loose or in a top knot or pretty much however I please and know that there won't be any sneaky strands poking out and suffer a good drenching due to the fabric being stretched. How girls with longer hair use these I do not know, I presume that they just don't bother? It is soooo comfy and looks cute too; I really like the pattern and think it is a little more luxurious than the boring ones available on the high street.

Needless to say my hair comes out as dry as a bone and the cap dries really quickly with a few shakes, I like to put mine on the radiator for a small spurt to ensure there are no cheeky droplets hanging about. I also can't wait to try it with a deep conditioning treatment to help penetrate my hair - something that was a little difficult with the size of my previous caps.

It has definitely become my new favourite addition to my morning routine and keeps my hair looking lovely and ready to go for the day ahead. Now I use a shower cap I highly doubt I would ever go back to my old ways, not only does it preserve the style of my locks but allows me to have that all important extra ten minutes in bed - especially when it is so cold out and leaving my pit where I am snug as a bug in a rug is the biggest chore everrrr!

Be sure to add this to your Christmas list - your hair will love you for all eternity!

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Monday, 11 November 2013

A Winter's Sunday

Yesterday, Sunday 10th November I decided to have a girlie day with my little sister. There are 10 years between us and although the age gap may seem like it can get in the way of us being friends, she is one of my most favourite people ever ever ever.

We donned winter coats and with my camera in tow went on a little meander through the country side just beyond my housie. The sun was out in all it's glory which made a welcomed change from the horrif rain we have had of late, this did make the ground a little muddy but what better excuse to put my Dr Martens through their paces.

After we had a woodland adventure, we headed to the big branch of Boots in my home town to spend some vouchers I had which were burning a hole in my pocket. I bought a few bits which I cant wait to try out and have a few bargains I want to share with you so watch this space for a little haul post or maybe several reviews - let me know what you would prefer :)

Sophie got a few bits too which she couldn't wait to try when we got in and was giving me a little run down on how much she liked them. Blogger in the making I think!

Oh yeah - I can't forget to mention that I had heard the first Christmas song played yesterday and for me that got me sooooo excited! I know it is a little early, but the run up to the big visit from Father Christmas is so exciting, I can not wait to buy all my presents and wrap them all under the tree with hot choc and cute slipper socks. Some say I will grow out of it - but year on year I get worse. Ooopsies!

Sophie and I came home for snuggles and films and settled on The Help. If you haven't seen it then I would highly recommend you do so, it is so lovely and gives such an eye opening perspective of what it was like to be a victim of racism. It is such a mix of emotions, I laughed, cried and raged at various parts of the film and so glad that it is available to watch on Netflicks!

Of course we paid our respects in honour of Remembrance Sunday by having our own moment of silence - I wore my poppy badge with pride and look forward to next year's service.

"All locomotion should cease, so that, in perfect stillness, the thought of everyone may be concentrated on reverent remembrance of the glorious dead"
- King George V
The day ended with homemade crumble, Surprise Surprise, X Factor and treat delivering to my Grandads house <3
Ps - Don't forget to take part in my Frugal Friday finale, please send all your money related tips and tricks along with any links you would like to include to or tweet them with the hashtag #FrugalFridayFinale. All enteries will be included in the last post to share tips with other saving squirrels and money minded monkeys.
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Friday, 8 November 2013

Frugal Friday | Christmas

For some, Christmas and shopping for it is a chore and will think that me posting something Christmas related when it isn't even December is a travesty. Well bah humbug to you missy! I have been excited for Christmas since August and love buying goodies for all my loved ones.
The trouble what with being on a budget and wanting to buy bits for people who are priceless to you can be a little tricky, buuuuut the idea of the game in Frugal Friday is to think smart and get the most bang for your buck so planning ahead and buying presents early is a wise move.
November is usually the time I start to worry and panic that I haven't bought a single pressie, and really if you are going to be super smart with your money, buying bits across the year is the most efficient way to do it, but I kinda prefer to shop when there are wintery vibes and I can barely see what I am buying through the giant snood I have wrapped round my face in the shops or layers of blankets and a mug of hot choc whilst browsing online.

I thought I would share with you a few easy ideas that you can make or buy that will still impress everyone but won't cost you an arm and a leg as well as a selection of tips to help you plan how to spend your money over the christmas shopping period.

Before you panic and start impulse buying, start by making a list of everyone you would like to buy for; if there are people on there such as your extended family's second cousin, twice removed who you only see once a year - rethink if they really need to be on your gift list? A thoughtful card or homemade gift in a jar (such as ingredients to make a yummy hot chocolate including marshmallows and chocolate sticks for dipping is a nice idea or 'Spa in a Jar' with bath salts, a face pack, nail varnish and travel sized moisturiser - let your imagination run wild!) These small gifts won't cost much, plus if you find you have left overs you can always make more for other people as an extra treat.

Once you have decided who, its time for what! Knowing what to get for everyone can be tricky so set yourself a budget of what you want to spend on each individual. With partners and close relatives it might be worth having a little chat and explain that you are trying to cut back this year what with saving for [enter plea for extra vouchers and money reasons here] With your budget in mind, hit the internet! It is definitely the best place to find serious offers and deals that will save you a few pounds so if you do feel a little bad you haven't bought as much as you would like for so and so, you won't feel guilty buying them a little extra sumin sumin with the money you have saved. And by so and so I definitely mean yourself. You cant be left out in all this frantic present buying, a girl has to look amazing at the works Christmas do!

Also I need to make this probably the most important tip when present buying - DO NOT BUY HAND CREAM FOR ANYONE UNLESS THEY ARE OVER THE AGE OF 70! Lets face it, you are just wasting your money on something half hearted when if you are that bothered with giving them something cheap and cheerful, spend a few extra pounds on something that at least looks like you have spent more than all of 2 seconds thinking of them - unless of course someone you know actually likes receiving hand cream then go for it girl!
This point extends into every gift you buy. I know it sounds pretty obvious but countless times I have seen people receive or received myself gifts that makes me really wonder if they actually want to bother at all. Point in question is last year... My mum, off of her 'close friends', was given the ugliest, rotten smelling candle and NAPKINS! Yes, napkins! Not fabric ones, but ones you get at a children's party to hide all the revolting scotch eggs and cold iceland sausage rolls you tried but spat out. Yeah, that kind of napkin! Now don't get me wrong, I am not ungrateful by any means, I love the excitement of opening a present and feeling special that someone has thought of me. But if 'napkin' springs to mind when you rummage in your mind tank as to what you think the perfect gift is for someone, top on my list would not be paper napkins thank you & I would really consider going on a few bonding sessions to get to know each other a little better.
So just bare that in mind dearest readers. I am sure those who receive crappy, half hearted gifts would much rather the few pounds spent go into your piggy bank rather on something that is heading straight towards the unwanted pile for eBay/charity shop/bin.

So with present giving in mind, here are a few ideas that can be as extravagant or as penny-pinching as you so choose. I hope you like them and they give you a little inspiration for gifts you would like to make yourself....

Super Duper Hamper
This is an idea that I have already used for my boyfriends mum & dad as a thank you for making me dinner and having me round almost every night of the week for the past however many years.
I included things such as Julie's favourite chocolate, nice shower gels and hair products that she wouldn't usually buy herself as well as bits and bobs for Tim and homemade cupcakes as a little extra treat. For Christmas I am going to use the same idea again but switch it up with a more luxurious twist.
With a hamper you can really go to town with how it looks, and include hand made items like biscuits or pretty bath bombs decorated with bows to look extra special but also give it a personal touch. I am going to include a mixture of bought bits like vouchers, hardware accessories like a kindle cover, slippers, home ware items and beauty products as well as and handmade goods like gingerbread and carrot cake cupcakes. This is the perfect gift for anyone really, just customise it to what the individual likes and bobs your uncle!

Personal Time Line
I don't mean twitter or facebook or anything social media related, but something a little more personal.
A few years back I spent AAAGES and by ages I mean MONTHS sourcing, copying and customising photos of my dad and his childhood and other key points in his life such as the birth of his incredibly fabulous daughter and documented all of this in a hand made book with little annotations. I included clippings and quotes of all the adventures we have been on together as well as pages left blank for him to add to. My dad absolutely loved it and it hardly cost a thing. I think he preferred it to any present I could have bought him and is something he can look back on in years to come and remember all the lovely times we have spent together.
Another variation of this is to buy a large frame of your choice and fill it with loads of different photos, theatre tickets, posters, flyers, anything you have saved that is of relevance to the person you are giving it to as a little memory board. These were popular amongst my friends when we were younger and I love to look at them and remember all the adventures we had been on <3

Tea for Two, Just Me & You
A super easy stocking filler that you can make yourself is a tea cup candle. Firstly you get to hunt down cute tea cups from charity shops or even buy a one new if you prefer, then melt down some wax, add a scent if you wish plus any decorations like petals or shells, pop in a wick and you're good to go! Not only does this look soooo cute on a shelf or dressing table, but once the candle is all used up, you have yourself an adorable mug to sip your tea from (be sure to give it a good scrub a dub dub though - no one likes a waxy earl grey!) I think these would be so cute if you find three tea cups in different sizes but with a complimentary colour scheme, placed in a pretty gift box & wrapped in a bow for lovers of everything shabby chic and vintage.

I hope you have enjoyed the second of the Frugal Friday series and have taken something away, even if it is just spurring you on to get organised and plan what you are buying for who and for how much. Don't forget that Christmas isn't just about all the presents under the tree or how much money you have spent, don't go crazy with money you don't have and jeopardise your own well being i.e. worrying you wont be able to afford your next phone bill, enjoy spending time with the people you love the most and find happiness in thoughtful gifts. If you are wanting to be extravagant, be sure you can afford to and plan your money wisely so you still have some spare for any unplanned emergencies (chocolate dashes unfortunately do not count)

Be sure to let me know if this has helped you plus any suggestions of what you would like to see in this series are welcome. Don't forget you can send your savvy saving tips to to be featured in the final Frugal Friday post to share with other bloggers, youtubers and readers. Feel free to include all your links even if you don't blog, your tips are still helpful :)

Rheya xx

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Wednesday, 6 November 2013

This is England.

So this outfit is a little mix of textures, colours and price ranges that I threw together to go see a medium  or clairvoyant (if you would like a post on my experience with the medium then I would be more than happy to share it with you!)

If you follow me on Instagram (and if you don't then why the hell not?! tehe) then you will know that this lacy blouse is not a new purchase. This number which kinda looks like it has been made from net curtains was a charity shop find in my favourite shop in Hunstanton. My tummy turned as soon as I saw it and thought - my god, why has no one else picked this up?! It was clearly my lucky day! I really love the detail on this blouse and think it such a great item to dress up or down even if it does look like it should be hanging at my window.

Under the collar is a gold band necklace from River Island. I like the subtle gold hit it gives to the outfit whilst dressing it up ever so slightly.

I added my trusty camo jacket over the top which was an eBay purchase. What I love about this is that is a genuine army jacket, who knows if someone has been doing some serious army activities in this or what not but I quite like the idea of it having a little history to it. It is so warm too and is such good quality. It is a little oversized which I love and has so many pockets which is completely irrelevant but it is definitely a plus when purchasing a coat. Who knows what wonderous things you will need to store on your travels?!

To tie the outfit together I wore my new Dr Marten Flora Chelsea boots in this beautiful dark red colour. I think they go really well with the jacket and my new-ish hair colour. The whole outfit to me reminds me of This is England which if you haven't seen then I would highly recommend. The girls in it <3 ughhhh so delish. I wore little frilly socks that peep out ever so slightly to give a touch of girlyness.

My bag is from Zara :)

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Monday, 4 November 2013


Internet shopping my lunch hour away, the CEO of where I work decided to linger around my desk and suggested I searched the designs of a girl he knows; Katie Eary.
As I punched her name into the Google search bar, he told me that he is quite good friends with her and that she came from my home town - hollaaa at your girl!
This instantly made me more interested as I was amazed and in awe at how someone who has come from an average little town like mine has become such a success and produce such amazing pieces.
Unfortunately the collection is a little out of my price range but I can still appreciate how gorgeous the pieces are and admire her beautiful wears.

Here are some of my favourite pieces that I wanted to share with you...

I LOVE the lobster print blouse so much, I think it is so unusual and eye catching - the blue is such a gorgeous colour. I also really love the top left jumper, the colours are beautiful and bright which are perfect for livening up winter outfits.

Did you see how much my 'daily face' costs?! Click here to see how much money I spend on my everyday make up |
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Frugal Friday | Saving Vs. Spending

Bonjournooooo and welcome to my new money related series; Frugal Friday.
If you didn't see my introduction last week, then you can take a quick peek here to read a little more in depth about the series, but basically I decided to tackle the issues of everything money related including saving, spending, Christmas as well as loads of tips and tricks to help you save a few extra pennies every month.

So... I hope you are all well and ready to tackle this horrific issue that is *da da dummmmm* - saving EEK! Saving to a lot of people is probably something that isn't even an issue, why wait for that amazing bag when you can have it now and when you are young and have little responsibilities then surely you can just splurge and worry about all the scary grown up things later.
WOAH THERE GIRL FRIEND - how are you ever going to afford to do all these amazing things without a little wedge of moolah tucked away all snug and secure in yo bank?
Now I don't know what all your dreams and aspirations are or what career path you would like to take, but whether it is a holiday or house you have your eye on, without pennies you won't be going anywhere.

Lets start with the basics
The first thing I would recommend doing is setting up an ISA which is a tax free savings account. How boring does that actually sound?! But really, this is going to be such a great starting point to watch your savings grow. Pay in as frequently as you can with amounts you know you can stick to. When I decided I wanted to save, I was terrible. As well as the money I had in my usual 'spending' account, I knew I had other pennies in another account that I could spend if I wanted to. If I am just going to do that then what is the point in trying to save at all? Now I stick to a budget that I pay in every month and have increased the amount I pay in to cover any emergencies such as boring MOTs and tax. I can not even tell you how proud I feel in myself that I have been able to save a monkey or two and feel like things like my perfect house and beautiful new car can be a reality rather than something I day dream about.

With what ever money you bring in, putting the portion you intend to save aside, plan how you want to spend the leftovers and try and stick to a sort of pocket money rota. For example budget yourself £50 a week to spend on yourself after all your outgoings such as phone bill, rent, savings etc. This is a really good way of trying to optimise the money you want to put into your ISA by topping it up with what ever you have left at the end of the month. Alternatively, if  you see something you really can not live without, by all means buy it, but swap it for other luxuries like posh dinners out or your daily Costa fix.

Shop Your Stash
Once you have set aside a realistic budget you think you can stick to for the week/month, before you rush out to Boots to pick up every shade of Barry M's new winter range and spend it all, rummage through the bits you have already.
If you're like me and are subscribed to a beauty box such as Glossy Box, then no doubt you will have a healthy sized stash of products piling up waiting to be used. In this stash I have added my own beauty bits like mascaras and eyeliners that I have bought on various shopping trips and due to them slipping to the bottom of the box, they have become forgotten and unloved. Sorry L'Oreal Super Liner, your day will come soon!
Since I have been making an extra effort to save, I have decided to venture into this box of gems and use as much of it as possible before any money leaves my pocket.
Not only does this mean that I am putting off spending, but I am discovering products that I may not of ever tried and have since become firm favourites in my every day routine - I would highly recommend Me Me Me Beat the Blues Highlight in Oyster Gold!

Get Thrifty With It (na na na na na na naahhhh - no? top marks if you know what I am on about aha!)
When I was younger there was a huge stigma against charity shops and even shopping in Primark, now there is a growing fashion following for people of all ages wanting to look and feel good about themselves for as little as possible.
Some of my most favourite items of clothing have come from charity shops and eBay and for the affordable price you pay, it is a superb way of updating your wardrobe on a budget. It does take a little longer than strolling into your favourite chain, but once you find something that has caught your eye, that you know someone else won't have, it is such a good feeling. Plus you might get change to treat yourself to a coffee - bargain hunting is thirsty work!
If charity shops aren't your thing then you can always attempt customising current items in your wardrobe that you don't wear anymore or are a little unloved. Bored of that jumper? Cut the front in half, hem the edges and you have a cardigan.
Can't be bothered to get creative then sell it on eBay or in a boot sale. It does take a little bit of effort but that won't be an issue once you have a few extra pennies in your pocket.

"But I Really Want It"...
I think every girl would be lying if they said they didn't have one single item of pure, beautiful perfection that they have had their eye on and have thought 'Screw It, I really want it!'
When it comes to spending, I think spending in moderation and being frugal with it is key; for example if you have been lusting after a particular item that you can afford to buy, get it and make sure you wear it to death. Don't buy it if it's an item that you aesthetically love but know you wont wear or if you do buy it and decide it isn't for you after all - return that mo fo! Also, don't buy everything all at once, this will give you something to look forward to next month and waiting will enable you to put a few extra pounds aside to buy your lust of the month as well as a few cheeky treats on top.
Being clever with your money is a must too! Did you know if you are employed as an apprentice you can sign up to UniDays to receive shed loads of online and in-store discounts?! Even if you aren't in training or learning whilst in employment, there are hundreds of money saving websites that provide discount codes, offers and coupons that will help your money go that extra mile, for example google 'ASOS discount code November 2013' and an array of links will magically appear. Don't get me wrong, a lot of these searches won't result in anything useful, but sometimes if you are lucky you might find a 10% off code or other offers that various brands are currently running.

Saving money doesn't have to be a chore, you CAN still enjoy socialising with friends and treating yourself every now and then, just remind yourself of the bigger picture and the end goal and be mindful of where your money goes!

I hope that this first edition of the series has been a help to some of you and inspired a few to get saving or to try and spend a little less. Let me know what you think and if there is anything you would like to see in the coming up Frugal Friday instalments.

Don't forget to send all your hints, tricks and tips to to be included in the last edition of the series. Be sure to include your name, saving secrets as well as any links such as your blog, youtube and twitter to be shared with others! Make sure these are in by Monday 25th November to ensure your contribution is included :)

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