Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Tea Towel Tartan.

This is a little outfit I put together for casual autumn days featuring this pretty skater skirt from Asos which I have since discovered it has gone into the sale - grrrr!!
I have really been enjoying teaming skirts with chunky jumpers over the top - this one is from Primark last winter. It is REALLY warm so you don't even need to wear a vest underneath whilst the sun is out to play. Sheer tiggy tights keep my pins warm whilst helping to maintain my modesty!
My shoes are from Blue Inc. I never ever think to shop in there, my boyfriend never shops in there either so there has never been any need for me to take a visit. But clearly one day I thought to have a rummage and found these cute pointy suede pumps in the sale, I think they were like £8.00 so a pretty good find if you ask me.
I love piling on rings and have really gotten into the 'midi' trend. Yes I know I am horrifically late on the band wagon but I have taken my seat and will begrudgingly give it up.
I like to mix and match metals and love that midi rings enable you to subtly do this to make for a really eclectic look. I particularly love the wrap around cross ring from Black Tied. and the golden gem rings from Topshop.
My nail varnish is Barry M Gelly Nail Paint in Plum. Unfortunately I rushed these and they are a littlebit of a 'bodge job' but the colour is really pretty and perfect for autumn so I shall definitely be repainting them with more care next time.


  1. you look beautiful! step away from that bloody horse though, it looks like a dinosaur haha!
    really like that primark ring and the skirt :) xx

  2. What a gorgeous choice of rings xo Your purple nail colour is divine for a/w too :-)

    Sophie <3 soinspo

  3. I love this look! Those rings are amazing

    The Koalafornian x