Friday, 11 October 2013



This is my new favourite weekend look, all black errythang with a pop of colour from my new wardrobe staple, this gorge tartan scarf from... PRIMARK! I really need to go by more, at £4.00 they no doubt will be snapped up in a flash. It has been glued to my neck since I bought it and I have added it to every outfit, from contrasting paisley to woolly jumpers and skirts.

These leggings of mine are not anything new to my blog, I wear them so so often and love the contrast between the matte faux leather and sheer black blouse. Sorry not sorry if these are a little boring - but as my title says this is an insight to life as an average girl and this blog is a true reflection on what I deem as average. Girl needs to be saving money for Christmas splurges!

Another new addition to my favourites list are my Serena Doctor Martens. These are lined with a shearling type material and are SO comfy. I do not lie to you when I say these are like walking on a cloud, or a really nice snuggly rug as shock horror, I haven't actually stepped on a cloud :O

To jazz up the upper half of my outfit and add a little interest is this beautiful necklace from Black Tied. These little gold handcuffs have made their home around my neck for the past few weeks and I am not about to evict them. It is dainty enough to pair with a pretty floral dress or adds a little grungy edge to an outfit like this.

For wrist wear I am never without a watch, this time I went for this pretty number from Pandora which was a gift from le lover last year. I love the mix of metals which enabled me to stack this gorgeous hamsa hand bracelet also from Black Tied. The mix of coloured beads add a nice pop of colour to this predominantly black outfit. The metal feels really robust and chunky which I love for Autumn.

Do you like my make up look in this post? See what I use and how much it will set you back HERE | Find out about my favourite foundation of the moment; Rimmel Stay Matte Liquid Mousse

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  1. swits swoo look at you!
    I've got this scarf, right steal from good old primarni :)
    love the watch and boots too xx

  2. Love the scarf! Beautiful outfit :) x

  3. Your docs are gorgeous! Love this look :)

    Saranne x

  4. Looking stunning as ever Sweetness! You look great in anything, i could never pull this off. Flawless, great look gorgeous!

    Gracious Silhouettes

  5. tartan looks fab with all black! love your docs too:) I've nominated you for the Liebster award by the way - more info on my blog:)
    lily x

  6. I love this! Your hair colour looks perfect with the outfit too :) xxx

  7. I love this outfit, it's just up my street, except you have better accessories, that watch is amazing, and I just love your necklace, I want it, it's so quirky but like you said dainty enough to wear with a dress or something equally as delicate. I am also ridiculously jealous of doc m's!! Mine are so not comfy, but if these are then my god, you are onto a winner, and I really want a pair.

    Oh and I love the scarf, you can't go wrong with a tartan scarf.

    I think it's fair to say I love the whole outfit.

    Thanks for commenting on my blog, your phone sounds just as temperamental as mine!

    Hope your all good, absolutely love your blog, I could have sworn I was following, but apparently not, so I've now sorted this out and am your newest follower, even though I do read your blog anyway :)



  8. Love that scarf but especially love that bracelet :)

    xoxo, charlene