Monday, 28 October 2013

Blogger's Appreciation

On my travels through the bloggersphere I have come across several blogs and bloggers that I have utterly fallen for. I am still relatively new in the world of all things blog and have been welcomed with open arms by some of the loveliest girls. As a little thank you for being so kind but also purely because I can not get enough of your blog, I wanted to share with everyone else your fabulous pages and hopefully those who are yet to create a blog feel inspired to do so and join  my little growing list of favourite beauties.

So in no particular order, let me introduce you to...

Saranne is the little beauty behind Blue Eyed With Style, her outfits are always so delish and the perfect mix of on-trend pieces, vintage buys and grungy DM's. After every post I am pining for a huge charity shop and eBay spree so my wardrobe can be filled with such beautiful vintage pieces as hers - major girl crush I am telling you!
I first fell in love with her when I read her post on heated rollers. If you check her blog be sure to read this post - not only does she make wearing the rollers look incredibly glamorous, but she was so helpful in giving me advice on what ones to pick for myself. I have to put my hands up though - even after all your help I still haven't taken the plunge. Sozzles - I now know what I want from father Christmas this year!!

Fragile Bird has been one of my most favourite blogs right from the start of me venturing into the big, bad world of blogging. Just take a look at her page let alone her posts and you will know what I mean. Helen has made everything just looks so pretty, my eyes are in a little nautical heaven when I check out her latest posts. Fragile Bird is such a great mix of lifestyle and fashion posts with a few beauty recommendations thrown in for good measure. I have a little crush on her fringe and her comments always make me smile. We have a shared love for Primark and I think it is getting to the stage where I head to her blog before I hit the town just to make sure what to look out for in there. Be sure to take a peek - your eyes will love you forever!
Before I even start talking about how incredibly knowledgeable and helpful Chanelle Jade is, can we all just take a moment and just look at her face? AHA! She is beautiful and I feel the need to go and buy every piece of make up she wears is growing increasingly strong the longer I browse her page. Not only is she stunning but is the first beauty who I started chatting to in the land of blog. She is such a friendly and kind person and always has such lovely things to say about me but also in general. I would like to give an extra special thank you for helping me feel like I had a place in all this blogging lark - I hope that we continue to chat and update one another and maybe one day do our bloggers meet up that we were talking about!

Blooming El' is the newest blog that I have not been able to stop reading since its creation at the beginning of this month, it is the loveliest, most personal and heart warming thing I have read in a very, very long time! Eleanor's adventures with her boyfriend Gareth, brought teeny tiny tears to my eyes and his response to her 'An Unlikely Romance' post is the cutest thing ever. That made me teary too! I love the way she writes and how down to earth she is. Plus how could you not love her cute face! She is such a lovely little beauty and I am fortunate enough to know her outside blogging too. It is nice being able to have a sneak peak into the life of someone who I don't always get the chance to talk to! Be sure to head to Eleanor's page and give her a huge hello as she starts her blogging journey!

Another all-rounder is Jade from Gracious Silhouettes with posts about fashion, beauty and all the adventures in between. I find her blog is such an interesting read and I love her feature on tattoo's. Her le lover is an amazing tattoo artist and has a feature dedicated to his work; 'Paul's Piece of the Month'. If I didn't want a tattoo as it is, I definitely do after seeing all his beautiful creations. Jade's 'Currently' post is one of my favourite features across all the blogs I read, her 'About Me' is my favourite by far and one that I completely relate to. Sometimes my blog or my profile (I haven't worked out which - hopefully it isn't only me who struggles) doesn't let me comment all the lovely things I would like to say and or the things I relate to or find funny etc. SOOOO I would like to take the chance now to let you know how much I do enjoy reading your blog - I would like to be able to tell you more frequently but as technology is sometimes evil and against me, I am unable to! Please keep posting all your interesting adventures and outfit posts - I hope you are closer to finding your feet <3

Collette is the cutie from Shrewd Fox and has the nicest hair and brows I have ever seen in my life. Check her instagram and you will know what I mean! I love her mix bag of reviews from beauty to books and find her blog so relatable. She is a fellow lover of The Maccabees and that in itself means we should be best friends for ever and ever (although Orlando if you ever read this, think more 'Colour It In' rather than 'Given to the Wild', whilst these are both great albums, 'Colour It In' is phenomenal). She is such a sweet girl and this definitely shows in all her tweets, instagram comments and especially in her 'First Love, Last Love, Only Love, It's Only Love' post.
Also, I don't know anyone who looks as amazing as she does in red lipstick - I have huuuuuge lip envy (I tried so hard coming up with a better description but my vocabulary failed me and thus resulted in something rather cringey/risqué instead - soooooorreeeey) Definitely check her blog out, and while your there head to her insta too - far too pretty!!!!!

So that's this months round up of my favourite blogs that I have enjoyed reading! There are a few others that I will definitely be including in a future bloggers appreciation post however felt as these ones have been on my reading list for THE longest time I felt I could give a better opinion and introduction to those who may not have had the chance to have a mooch at all these amazing pages.
I hope you take a mooch onto their blogs and love them as much as I do - be sure to let me know if you do like them and also if there are any other blogs you think I should take a look at!
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  1. I always love checking out new blogs! I'm definitely going to have a look at these ones. It's so nice of you to show appreciation to them definitely made me smile. Such a lovely post :)

    Debra Bros Blog

  2. Aww my dear, thank you so much, this just made me proper smile, I love your blog just as much so you know!



  3. Really love your blog!


  4. ahhhhhhhh. <3 this is so lovely! you've brightened up my morning :) I hope that we can bump into one another at a blogger meet up one day too. absolutely love your blog and the little person behind it all! (of course) xx
    this is a great way of spreading the love and to help other bloggers notice new blogs, love it babe! x

  5. Much love :D xx

  6. Chanelles a lovely person couldn't agree more about what you said about her!

    Great post hunny x
    Jess <3

    Don't forget to check out my recent blog post I have nominated you for the sunshine award

  7. thanks for the recommendations! I already LOVE Fragile Bird :)

    have a great night!