Thursday, 5 September 2013

Summer Summary.

Summer 2013 has been a wonderful accumulation of experiences, trips and adventures that will leave fond memories that I will forever treasure.

As it is coming to an end, I thought I would share what I got up to throughout the summer months in a little Summer Summary.

One of the highlights of this summer was going to the Capital FM Summer Time Ball with my momma and younger sister. She turned 12 in May so for her pressie I bought her tickets to go.
As soon as I found out Taylor Swift was going to be there I nearly died. Both my sister and I have such a love for Swifty, and could not care less if she is for teeny teens, her songs get my toes a tapping and I have even managed to rub my love for her off onto le lover tehe!
Taylor sung with Ed Sheeran and the moment was just magical. The whole stadium was dimmed and lit with the lights of a million cameras and phones. It was beautiful and I felt so happy at that time.
The three of us had a fabulous day and we promised one another we would do more girlie days out. Sometimes it can be hard when everyone has such busy schedules but spending time with two of my most favourite females in the whole entire world is precious and something I must try to do more of!

Something which I also have tried to do more of this summer is spend more time with friends who I rarely get to see. I love seeing old friends and on one particular occasion I tried my first ever churro at Nando's on a dinner date with my beautiful neighbour whom I have been friends with for almost 10 years now!
Can I just say what a disappointing experience churros are?! One is all you need to give yourself an induced heart attack! On the flip side, their Pina Coladas are another level delicious and the company was all I needed to have a wonderful evening. We have planned to go to bingo which will be fun, reminds me when I used to go with my Nanny and Grandad at their social club <3 See - told you I am a nana in disguise!

One of my favourite things to do in the whole entire world is to be beside the seaside. Add a beautiful sunset across the horizon and I am in heaven.
The third picture in the collection was taken in Hunstanton by the wall that separates the promenade to my boyfriend, James' static caravan which his parents have owned for a few years now.
I feel so lucky to be able to have the luxury and the privilege of being able to take a mere 2 hour drive to the coast for long weekends or even day trips if the mood takes us! It really is so lovely there and I can not wait for the many more trips to come in the winter months also.
Whilst I am on the subject - their bonfire night is lovely and if you ever get the chance to go I would highly recommend it!

For this years holibob I went to Turkey for a week with James. The weather was beautiful and we had a lovely time lounging on the deck listening to music overlooking the beautiful mountains.
The shopping was right on our doorstep which was not expected and was not good for my bank balance but I bought some great purchases including a lush clutch bag with a certain logo depicting a tree. The fakes in Turkey are great and whilst I dream of owning a real Mulberry bag and matching purse, with price tags of £150 for a card case the reality of one being in my possession is highly unlikely. Sighhhh.

For roughly a year now, James' love for classic Lambretta's and Vespas has grown ten fold resulting in him owning one of each. It has also opened our eyes to all the social events that take place across the country where lovers of classic motors congregate with music and beer and food to enjoy one anothers prize posessions. This year we have been to two scooter events, Sunday Best and Classics on the Common.
I loved seeing the vast array of so many different cars and bikes but also the fashion that comes with different genres of motors. Mods on scooters, rockers on Harleys, OAPs in hideous sports cars - people watching on this scale is AMAZING!

I also got a new pair of specs which I am in love with. I really didn't think I would enjoy wearing them as much as I do which is good as I am sure I am becoming blind without them!
The shape is similar to RayBan wayfarers but at a fraction of the price from Boots Opticians.
I struggle so much at optician appointments, I end up in stitches every time when the optician is so close in my personal space, waving various pieces of glass in my face, blowing air into my eyes and breathing all up in my grill. I can not take it seriously and end up having to do an awkward apology like a weirdo aha! Ooops!

Another amazing thing that I never thought I would find on my travels around the many car boots I trawl through is this book on the Second World War. The cover depicts three gentlemen carrying a fellow wounded soldier and who is the second man in?.... none other than James' grandad!
I first saw this book a few years ago after James's mum showed me her copy. The family resemblance is phenomenal! I have never known someone to look so much like another family member, they are almost identical.
Of course I bought the book in an instant for £3.00 and have it on display in my room for all to see.

And last but not least my beautiful adventures with my beautiful friends.
Here I am with my best friend Jade <3 Aren't we gorge!
This was taken on our most recent jaunt with my other two gyals Keely and Charley. Sadly my other beauty Nadia was unable to attend due to lover commitments but she is pretty alright too ;)
I have been friends with this bunch for 10 years now and these are pretty much my extended family.
This is another department that I want to delegate more time to. I can not imagine my life without these pretties and will burden them with my rants and strangeness until I am old and grey aha. Love you!

I hope you liked my slightly long summary of my Summer. I have been privileged to be able to have such a lovely time with some of my most favourite people and have only listed a few of the amazing adventures I have been on.

If this post has inspired you to create your own Summer Summary, then be sure to let me know. In fact I am going to make this into a 'tag' and tag any of you kind soles who have ploughed on through all the way to the end of this post!

Happy Autumn!!


  1. Love your lace shirt on the bottom left babe.
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    1. Thank you sweet! Will defo check out your blog! xx

  3. love the photos! <3 Muahhh

  4. these photos are so lovely! those churros look fab omg i'm drooling

    1. Haha, they where okay! Just one was enough!
      Thank you xx

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  7. Sounds like you had a jam packed summer, which was all worth it :) Turkey sounds amazing, you're so luck to have been!

    Mili from call me, Maeby

    1. Awh thank you, yes it was lovely! Would definitely recomend you visiting there if you get the chance :) xx

  8. wow what a summer you had, sounds so much fun. If i saw ed and taylor swift duetting, I would be on cloud 9. :-)

    1. it was amazing! their duet was brilliant!! Would love to see them again!!