Friday, 27 September 2013

How Much?!

It occurred to me the other day whilst hunting through my rather unnecessarily large make up collection that half the stuff I have in it has been used once, never to return to my everyday make up bag.

The main bulk of this stash is lipsticks - I long to wear bright colours and deep vampy reds and purples but I feel like I look like I am trying too hard. I continue to buy all these pretty lippies with their enticing packaging and quirky names but once they are home & in my make up stash, that is where they tend to stay. This got me thinking as to how much I spend on make up and how much my 'daily face' costs.

In this post I shall be sharing with you the make up I use on an every day basis and the cost that all these items have set me back to achieve the look.

This is my make up bag from Ted Baker which is past season and no longer available to buy new as far as I am aware. I really love the pattern it has dainty fairies all over it with bright orange blossom and a matching orange interior. It is quite a small size and fits near enough everything in minus my brow kit and Naked 2 pallet.

For my face I used to use Rimmel Lasting Finish (£7.99) in shade 100, Ivory. I really like this foundation, the coverage is really good and lasts for a really long time. It is buildable so you can add a few extra layers if you want this bad boy to stay put. I have repurchased this twice and preferred it to MAC's Studio Fix Fluid which was the foundation I was using prior. WIN! I use Real Techniques Expert Face Brush to buff the foundation into my skin.

At the moment I am swaying to Rimmel Stay Matte Liquid Mousse (£5.99) in Classic Beige which I raved about recently (click here to read more) and thoroughly love! I do find the shade I am using is a little dark so when repurchasing I shall go either one or two shades lighter. For this I just use my fingers to smooth over my skin.

I then swipe Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer (£5.49) over my under eye area, taking it quite far down to just above my cheek bone. With my index finger I then pat the concealer, blending it into the foundation and smoothing the under eye creases. I also add a little of this down the bridge of my nose, in the nostril crease and slightly on my forehead just to brighten the areas. I love this product - I am so surprised I am yet to do a full review on it (excuse to buy a brand new shiny one I think!!)

To set everything in place I use the infamous Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder (£3.99) in transparent. I work a Real Techniques Powder brush, which is lovely and huge and fluffy, into the powder and pat all over my face.

Moving onto cheeks and contouring....

Apologies for the worn packaging - proof I actually do use the products I witter on about!

I start by swirling a large flat brush from The Body Shop that no longer has a name due to it rubbing off into Bourjois Delice de Poudre (£6.99) bronzer and working it into the hollows of my cheeks and slightly onto the apples as well as my temples. This just gives a slight glow without being too obvious.

With the same brush I dab it into the matte bronzed section of my Sleek Face Form pallet (£9.99) and add a little more definition to the hollows of my cheeks - gurrrrl has a chubba face! This is such a great investment for any beauty lover as the pigment of each powder is so so good at such an affordable price.

To give myself a little colour I use Bourjois Little Round Pot Blush (£7.99) in 41, Healthy Mix. I work some product into my favourite Real Techniques Stippling Brush and sweep it over the apples of my cheeks and cheek bones. I love the colour of this, it gives the perfect combination of a healthy glow with a hint of a bronze. It also comes with a teeny brush inside but I don't really have a use for it.

Using the same stippling brush, I go back to the Sleek contouring pallet and add a small amount of the highlight to my cheek bones. I then use my finger and dab the highlighter into the corners of my eyes and to my brow bone.

With my Me Me Me Beat the Blues Irridescent Illuminator in Oyster Gold (£5.50) I pop a teeny amount into the corners of my eyes to give the impression I have been getting oodles and oodles of sleep. I blend that in with my finger also :)

For eyes I use my trusty Urban Decay Naked 2 Pallet (£37.00). Using the brush it comes with I tend to go for Suspect all over the lid and either Snake Bite or YDK in the crease.

I then line the outer corner of my water line with Natural Collection Eye Liner in Soft Brown (£2.00). With my favourite L'Oreal Superliner Ultra Precision liquid liner in black (£6.49), I line my top lash line and have the teeniest tiniest most miniscule flick at the edges.

Before I coat my lashes with lashings of mascara, I curl them using Emite Professional Eyelash Curlers (£15.50) for roughly ten seconds.
For mascara I currently use GOSH The Secret of Longer Lashes (£8.49) in black on my lower lashes and two or three coats of Maybelline The Rocket Volum (£7.99) also in black on my top lashes. Am I the only one whose eyes hurt whilst using this? It is like the bristles are too spikey but it has stopped now - hmm strange!

For my brows I use Look Beauty | Brow Perfect Kit (£11.99). I really enjoy this pallet, it has lasted me aaaages which is good too! I do sometimes reach for a brow pencil when I am in a rush but will still try to use this kit as I love the colours inside.

And here is the finished product....

For some this may seem quite a lot for a daily make up look but I am not one to feel comfortable rocking an au natural face - I like high coverage with slug brows and until I realise that I look like a clown, this is the routine I shall be sticking with.

The total of the products used to create my every day face is the slightly worrying sum of £136.90 minus brushes and my skincare products!

I am sure though that a lot of people use products that are A LOT more expensive but also a lot of you that may be more kind to your purse or aren't bothered with make up at all! Stay tuned for a post on how to achieve an everyday look for £20.00 for those who may be new to make up or who just like a challenge - watch this space!

I hope you enjoyed this post, if you decide to see how much your face costs in a blog post be sure to let me know - I would love to check it out!

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  1. I don't always use expensive products either, especially for my daily face! My normal face uses mostly drugstore products, but if I have a special event, I'll pull out the big guns and use my CoverFX foundation that looks AMAZING in pictures.
    More expensive products don't always mean better, either...I was so sad when I tried MAC's zoom mascara..
    Great post! I'll be checking back for more!
    Makeup 'n More By Anna

  2. Love this! I love how you use a mix of drugstore and high end, do you think the Naked 2 palette is worth the money? xxx

  3. The daily make-up for £20 will be an interesting post and something I'll have to try out :P
    Shame the Ted Baker make up bag isn't on sale anymore - I love the design!!

  4. I LOVE that mascara and use it on a daily basis too. I have just done a review on my Urban Decay Smoked Palette on my blog, but really want the Naked Palette! xx

  5. I always think that as long as you own a Naked palette or some sort of great palette that you're sorted for so many different looks.



  6. I love that make up bag! The pattern is so cute!

    xo Melane
    Anxiety|Depression|Panic Attacks

  7. I really liked this post and found it really interesting. 'until I realise that I look like a clown, this is the routine I shall be sticking with.' For some reason that just made me laugh! Looking forward to your next post :)!

    Saranne x

  8. Lovely post, I really need to try the Rimmel Stay Matte powder! Love the Bourjois bronzer and blushers too, I actually have over 10 of the blushers because they were reduced to £2 and were on 3 for 2 so I bought every single shade, haha! I definitely know what you mean about having a huge makeup collection and using so many things only once or twice :)

    Noticed you're from Hertfordshire too! There doesn't seem to be many of us in the beauty blogger world, haha :)

    Emily xxx


  9. Love the makeup bag, so cute! x

  10. that ted baker bag is so pretty.. I wish I could get my hands on one
    I hate leaving the house without my face on, a lot of people do (if only i were blessed with megan fox's face) or something haha!
    really fun post lovely, chanelle jade xx

  11. oooo, I bet mine would be really high! haha! Beth xox