Friday, 27 September 2013

How Much?!

It occurred to me the other day whilst hunting through my rather unnecessarily large make up collection that half the stuff I have in it has been used once, never to return to my everyday make up bag.

The main bulk of this stash is lipsticks - I long to wear bright colours and deep vampy reds and purples but I feel like I look like I am trying too hard. I continue to buy all these pretty lippies with their enticing packaging and quirky names but once they are home & in my make up stash, that is where they tend to stay. This got me thinking as to how much I spend on make up and how much my 'daily face' costs.

In this post I shall be sharing with you the make up I use on an every day basis and the cost that all these items have set me back to achieve the look.

This is my make up bag from Ted Baker which is past season and no longer available to buy new as far as I am aware. I really love the pattern it has dainty fairies all over it with bright orange blossom and a matching orange interior. It is quite a small size and fits near enough everything in minus my brow kit and Naked 2 pallet.

For my face I used to use Rimmel Lasting Finish (£7.99) in shade 100, Ivory. I really like this foundation, the coverage is really good and lasts for a really long time. It is buildable so you can add a few extra layers if you want this bad boy to stay put. I have repurchased this twice and preferred it to MAC's Studio Fix Fluid which was the foundation I was using prior. WIN! I use Real Techniques Expert Face Brush to buff the foundation into my skin.

At the moment I am swaying to Rimmel Stay Matte Liquid Mousse (£5.99) in Classic Beige which I raved about recently (click here to read more) and thoroughly love! I do find the shade I am using is a little dark so when repurchasing I shall go either one or two shades lighter. For this I just use my fingers to smooth over my skin.

I then swipe Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer (£5.49) over my under eye area, taking it quite far down to just above my cheek bone. With my index finger I then pat the concealer, blending it into the foundation and smoothing the under eye creases. I also add a little of this down the bridge of my nose, in the nostril crease and slightly on my forehead just to brighten the areas. I love this product - I am so surprised I am yet to do a full review on it (excuse to buy a brand new shiny one I think!!)

To set everything in place I use the infamous Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder (£3.99) in transparent. I work a Real Techniques Powder brush, which is lovely and huge and fluffy, into the powder and pat all over my face.

Moving onto cheeks and contouring....

Apologies for the worn packaging - proof I actually do use the products I witter on about!

I start by swirling a large flat brush from The Body Shop that no longer has a name due to it rubbing off into Bourjois Delice de Poudre (£6.99) bronzer and working it into the hollows of my cheeks and slightly onto the apples as well as my temples. This just gives a slight glow without being too obvious.

With the same brush I dab it into the matte bronzed section of my Sleek Face Form pallet (£9.99) and add a little more definition to the hollows of my cheeks - gurrrrl has a chubba face! This is such a great investment for any beauty lover as the pigment of each powder is so so good at such an affordable price.

To give myself a little colour I use Bourjois Little Round Pot Blush (£7.99) in 41, Healthy Mix. I work some product into my favourite Real Techniques Stippling Brush and sweep it over the apples of my cheeks and cheek bones. I love the colour of this, it gives the perfect combination of a healthy glow with a hint of a bronze. It also comes with a teeny brush inside but I don't really have a use for it.

Using the same stippling brush, I go back to the Sleek contouring pallet and add a small amount of the highlight to my cheek bones. I then use my finger and dab the highlighter into the corners of my eyes and to my brow bone.

With my Me Me Me Beat the Blues Irridescent Illuminator in Oyster Gold (£5.50) I pop a teeny amount into the corners of my eyes to give the impression I have been getting oodles and oodles of sleep. I blend that in with my finger also :)

For eyes I use my trusty Urban Decay Naked 2 Pallet (£37.00). Using the brush it comes with I tend to go for Suspect all over the lid and either Snake Bite or YDK in the crease.

I then line the outer corner of my water line with Natural Collection Eye Liner in Soft Brown (£2.00). With my favourite L'Oreal Superliner Ultra Precision liquid liner in black (£6.49), I line my top lash line and have the teeniest tiniest most miniscule flick at the edges.

Before I coat my lashes with lashings of mascara, I curl them using Emite Professional Eyelash Curlers (£15.50) for roughly ten seconds.
For mascara I currently use GOSH The Secret of Longer Lashes (£8.49) in black on my lower lashes and two or three coats of Maybelline The Rocket Volum (£7.99) also in black on my top lashes. Am I the only one whose eyes hurt whilst using this? It is like the bristles are too spikey but it has stopped now - hmm strange!

For my brows I use Look Beauty | Brow Perfect Kit (£11.99). I really enjoy this pallet, it has lasted me aaaages which is good too! I do sometimes reach for a brow pencil when I am in a rush but will still try to use this kit as I love the colours inside.

And here is the finished product....

For some this may seem quite a lot for a daily make up look but I am not one to feel comfortable rocking an au natural face - I like high coverage with slug brows and until I realise that I look like a clown, this is the routine I shall be sticking with.

The total of the products used to create my every day face is the slightly worrying sum of £136.90 minus brushes and my skincare products!

I am sure though that a lot of people use products that are A LOT more expensive but also a lot of you that may be more kind to your purse or aren't bothered with make up at all! Stay tuned for a post on how to achieve an everyday look for £20.00 for those who may be new to make up or who just like a challenge - watch this space!

I hope you enjoyed this post, if you decide to see how much your face costs in a blog post be sure to let me know - I would love to check it out!

Read about my favourite foundation of the moment HERE | Like my blouse? See what I wear with it in my first post, Thrifted

Thursday, 26 September 2013

Wednesday's Winter Essentials; Warm for Work

Welcome to part two of the Wednesday Winter Essential series this time dedicated to the hard workers out there. I do understand that the younger half of my readers may work in retail where it requires to show off the latest trends and the clothes you have in store or you may have to wear a uniform, but as an office worker myself, I thought I would try to incorporate this seasons trends with chic and classic pieces that will give you a pretty edge to the typical grey skirt suit.

I decided to put together two outfits that go with the faux leather top from River Island.
This is such an easy piece to pair with pencil skirts, tucked into trousers or layered under pinafore dresses for both in and outside of work which leads me nicely on to this beautiful skirt...

How nice is this skirt?! Topshop have once again done themselves proud with this gorgeous plaid skirt. It is no secret that it is a huge trend for this autumn/winter but will be great for the warmer months too! I love the deep colours and again is soooo perfect for a night on the town.

To keep yourself cosy on the commute to work is this lovely coat. I love the fit and style of boyfriend coats and really like the black panel on the collar. It is very similar to one that I picked up from Topshop a few years back and have gotten so much wear out of it. It smartens up a casual outfit and is in such a lovely colour that can be paired with so many pieces.
Onto the second outfit which is definitely the smarter of the two. I decided to go for this lush two tone blazer that would be great for meetings or to dress up trousers like the ones I have picked here.
I really like the contrasting panel which adds a nice addition of autumnal colour.
With trousers, I always wear skinny styles as I feel this flatters my figure the best. I know within the workplace that skinny styles may not be allowed but as long as they are obviously not made out of jean or legging material then I think you should be safe! These River Island trousers are ideal as they are in a smart enough fabric to wear to work but would look great paired with an oversized blouse or snuggly jumper to wear at the weekend.
To tie the colours of all the outfits together I chose these heeled moccasins from Zara. The beautiful deep green colour compliments the skirt and blazer perfectly. I really like the height of the heel also; being just a little heel you should be able to teeter around the office all day with out a problem.
Another item that ties all the pieces together is this gorgeous messenger bag. Featuring a deep blood red and a tan interior, it is perfect to not only combine the colours of outfit one, but will clash nicely against the green in outfit two.
For accessories I have chosen this glossy stole which adds a hint of glamour to both outfits. I really love faux fur particularly teamed with leather, I find the contrasting textures look gorgeous together whilst still keeping you warm. This black beauty from River Island is a little pricey at £50.00 but there should be loads of great alternatives at half the price if you search eBay.
Last year these where huge so there is bound to be a huge selection on offer throughout the high street.
To keep your hands warm I opted for these faux leather gloves that feature finger pads that enable you to use your phone or other touch screen devices without having to take your gloves off. I hate it when it is gushing down with rain or the wind is speeding toward you at 100mph and to do anything on your phone whilst being outside results in numb, red and sore hands. But not any longer! There are loads of variations on this design too, you can pick the basic woolly style gloves with touch pads at most discount stores!
Similar to my last Winter Essential post, I decided that a thermos flask is a must for those having to travel via public transport to get to work. In the morning, nothing is nicer than a hot cup of tea or coffee to get yourself going (and an extra way to keep your hands warm!) and it is a lot cheaper and healthier than buying a Starbucks. You can also make one for your journey home too! This flask comes in an array of lovely colours and is nice and streamline to fit into your bag without taking up too much room.
For a hot and healthy lunch, a favourite of mine recently have been these new noodle veg pots from Innocent. They have added 4 noodle pots to the already delicious range, two of which I have tried; Japanese ramen and my favourite - Vietnamese curry.
The range are all under 300 calories, contain 2 of your daily fruit and veg portions and are full of fibre to keep you going till dinner time. I would really recommend trying these, they are a little pricey at around £4.00 but on a particularly cold day, these are a quick, healthy alternative to soups and boring sandwiches! 

The first instalment - Wednesday's Winter Essentials; Snug at School | Casual OOTD ft Light Weight Jumper, add tights and you're good to go - Knitted.

Monday, 23 September 2013

Tag, You're It | Skin Care

Hello beauties... so recently I was 'tagged' by the insanely beautiful Chanelle Jade to answer a few questions about skin care.
I am relatively new to a proper skin care routine, I have stuck to a beauty regime for just over a year now and would not turn back to my care free ways.
So enough of the chit chat, here are my answers and tips:-
Describe your skin care routine in 5 words:
Easy, Quick, Feel Good, Pampering
What's your skin type?
Top blemish zapper?
I am yet to find my holy grail spot eliminator. I try various products which work for a few weeks and like Chanelle Jade, I too find that after a while my skin decides it would prefer to have black heads and spots and orders me to go on another hunt to find a product to zap the ugly things!
At the moment I am using Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant which I rediscovered from the back of by beauty box. Used in conjunction with my exfoliator and cleanser it seems to really help dig out everything from my pores leaving my skin fresh and soft.
Face wipes, yay or nay?
YAY. I don't use these solely to take my makeup off, I use them just for all the remaining bits that might of escaped the giant pad drenched with Bioderma. My all time faves are the Daily Essentials Gentle Facial Cleansing Wipes by Nivea for Dry & Sensitive skin. These have the typical Nivea smell which I love and take everything off easily without being too harsh and abrasive on my skin.
Toner, yay or nay?
Caught red handed - I own it, but I am forgetful with using it! I have heard so many mixed opinions on toners; they're good for your skin, minimising pores which prevents sebum build up, but also that they are stripping and are too harsh on the skin.
Due to having oily skin I do feel I would benefit from regular use of toner so have promised myself I would try to remember every day to do it at least once, either in the morning or at night. So watch this space, I am sure if I think the toner is doing wonders that I will write a whole post on the benefits and the results!
High-end skin care or high-end make up?
I love the luxurious feeling you get when you use high end products, unfortunately I am yet to venture into purchasing anything myself as I am scared to part with my money when it might end up being horrific on my skin. The products of the high end nature that I have used are all thanks to GlossyBox. I have tried some great products from these boxes but nothing as of yet has really grabbed my attention. I do try to aim for the higher end of the high street products that are available as I feel these are better quality and still leave me feeling pampered. Saying this, I have had the Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturising Gel in my Selfridges online basket for quite some time now. If you have tried this be sure to let me know what you think!
What's the most unusual skincare product you've tried?
I can not for the life of me remember what the product is called, searching Google didn't help either and I only had a few samples that I used so don't have the packaging... but the most unusual product, or should I say ingredient of a product is... SNAKE VENOM!! Yep - I put the venom of a slithery, hissy reptile all over my face :| eeeek! I am not sure it did very much at all in the few uses I was given, but I am sure with every crazed product there are millions of reviews on the internet that you could look into.
Tell us your top skincare tip.
I know that is a cop out answer and most of you should know the importance of this, but keeping your make up on at night after taking such good care of it in the morning completely demolishes any goodness you put into your skin. It needs time to breath so it is very important to ensure you have fully removed all make up and given it a good cleanse and freshen up ready for moisturiser and any other lotions and potions you like to put on.
This is my second tip; exfoliate and cleanse your face, twice a day if you can is a good idea to really try and banish any outbreaks or under the skin pimples.
Katy May Louise | Katy May
Colette | Shrewd Fox

Read about my favourite cleanser at the mo;  La Roche-Posay Purifying Cleansing Foam | A fabulous find; Rimmel Stay Matte Liquid Mousse Foundation

Friday, 20 September 2013

Peach On The Beach.

Thanks to the beautiful Zoella I had been on the hunt for Bourjois Color Boost Glossy Finish Lipstick in the shade 'Peach on the Beach' for quite sometime now.
Luckily on the spur of the moment trip to the beautiful yet dangerous place that is Boots, I finally managed to grab the brands very own take on the Chubby Stick.

As you can see in the photos above, the swatch on my hand is a lot darker than the example on my lips. I was able to create this light peach shade by layering it over a base of foundation; as this wore off and due to not having my foundation with me, the shade darkened and deepened throughout the day. Much like a stain, it made my smackers a deep orangey peach colour and was topped up to keep the sheen.

The colour pay off is really long lasting and comes in three other complimentary shades.
There is a bright pink, vibrant orange and vivid red so covers the majority of the main staple lip colours.

The consistency is  much like a silky lipstick. It isn't at all sticky or goopy and feels lovely and smooth when you rub both lips together.  The shine is really lovely also, it isn't overpowering or too in your face which makes it great for every day wear. You could also top it up with a clear or similar shade gloss if you like ultimate shine!

It smells delicious too which is always nice on something which you are putting centimetres away from your nozza!
If you have tried any of the other colours then please let me know what you think :)
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Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Wednesday's Winter Essentials; Snug at School.

When the winter months are drawing in, sometimes the transition can be a little difficult if you are not yet prepared or are a little stuck for style inspo.
So, to try and help a little I have come up with a series of four 'Wednesday's Winter Essentials', which shall be my interpretation of ways to still look cute but without getting frostbite.

The first out of the four posts shall be dedicated to wrapping up warm for school, college or post 16.
I have tried to keep in mind the kind of budget a student and their parents have to play with when it comes to purchasing bits for school but that can also be worn on the weekends etc.

Coat, Tesco        Boots, Topshop        Beanie, NewLook        Scarf, Topshop
Mittens, Monki        Floral Flask, DotComGiftShop        Umbrella, NewLook

Last year saw the trend of the parker with the contrasting sleeves take the high street by storm. I always love a nice green parker coat with a furry hood but thought this deep red colour was a nice alternative to the various olive and khaki shades about.
This number is from none other than the good old supermarket, Tesco which is perfect for all the mums or thrifty savers who love to top up their clubcard points (don't even get me started on how strict I get at making sure the points are nabbed before any payment has gone through grrrr!).
Lined with faux shearling and a snuggly fur hood, at £45.00 this winter warmer will see you through to Spring and to the following winter without fail.
Another detail which made me think this would be perfect for those going to school/college/post 16 is the longer length. Hitting the thigh area, this coat will prevent you getting a soggy bottom if you are have to walk or cycle to where you study.

To make sure your tootsies aren't neglected by the wet and cold, I have chosen these Chelsea boot style wellies from Topshop. Reminiscent of the Vivienne Westwood wellies that have been reproduced across the high street, this is a design I have yet seen and thought these would be great teamed with chunky socks and tights with a school uniform and equally has nice with leggings and a chunky knit for college. At £25.00 they are reasonably affordable and a decent investment for when or if the snow sets in to stop any icy leakage - ew!

For a contrast against the red coat but a piece that I think would look great paired with a leather jacket or over jumpers and cardigans is this amazing blanket scarf from Topshop. It looks so snug and warm and the pop of blue will add a nice contrast to an outfit. At £22.00, it is a little more than what I would usually like to spend on a scarf, but it is an item that can be worn time and time again and will easily fit into most wardrobes to take you through winter to Spring 2014.

To balance the slightly pricey scarf, I opted for this bargain beanie from NewLook. At £4.99 it isn't going to break the bank but will still look cool with other jackets and clothes. Hats like these are a staple through the colder and warmer months alike, they give a nice grunge edge to outfits and at such an affordable price, you can buy all 5 colours if your heart so desires.

Adding a little personality to my picks are these adorable kitten mittens from Monki. These too are really affordable at £6.00 and are perfect for keeping warm whilst flicking through your phone, rummaging in your purse for bus money or eating lunch. I really like the underside that covers your palm; they have adorable paw prints and I love the ears too!

If you are someone who has to travel a lot via bus or train or coach to school etc, or just likes to have a warm drink in the morning then this gorgeous flask is ideal.
From one of my most favourite online shops for all things homely, cute and kitsch, DotComGiftShop really delivered with this adorable flask.
It comes in a few different colours and designs so you can pick and choose one that suits you and brings a little more interest to your 'look' whilst you sip your hot chocolate waiting for the bus.
The flask will set you back £12.95 so may not be something you jump to buy, but if you are in the market for a cute drinks container then I highly recommend taking a look! Whilst you browse the different designs, definitely take a look at their other wears on the site, I guarantee if you are a fan of shabby chic and cuteness, it will definitely be for you!

And last but not least is this simple frilly brolly from NewLook. No one likes to ruin their hair and face on their way to school or work or wherever so an umbrella to chuck in your bag in an essential!
England is unpredictable; one minute it can be hot and the next we are in the midst of a thunder storm. Even if you are fortunate to get a lift to wherever you need to be, at £6.99 is it really worth taking the risk?
I really like the pretty frill that surrounds the edge, it adds a nice detail to what would otherwise be your basic black umbrella and won't compromise how you look in any outfit. The hook makes it easy to dry out when you have finished using it too!

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In my previous post I wrote about the beautiful weekend I had spent in Hunstanton, Norfolk with my boyfriend but thought for all you nosey buggars (self proclaimed nosey parker myself - no shame) who love to see an OOTD or three I thought I would share with you what I wore :)
In the outfit pictured above I am wearing this really cute (and really short) off the shoulder dress from Asos. It has little straps as well as the slouchy sleeves and is so comfy and perfect for days like this where the final bursts of the Summer sun come out to play... But we are in England and rain is always around the corner so to play it safe I slung my genuine vintage camo jacket over the handles of my back pack. This is one of my most favourite buys EVER. At about... £12.00 from eBay I have already gotten my monies worth and will continue to wear it on days where its just a little too chilly for a cardie but too warm for a full on parker.
To save my dignity and embarrassment of flashing an innocent OAP I made sure I slipped on some denim short shorts underneath. This also added another layer of warmth when the sea breeze came full speed ahead towards my bear pins.
For shoesies I am wearing the famous strappy sandals that every blogger/youtuber/fan girl/breathing female has bought this summer from Primark. I don't need to tell those of you who own them how comfy they are and how easily they fit into your wardrobe. The little buckles add a nice touch of edge to an outfit and a little more interest than your average flip flop.
I wore my hair in a little bun with a French plait framing my face. This is my go-to hair at the moment, its so easy and looks like I have put ten times more effort into my barnet than what I actually have. Also it disguises hair that may be in need of a little freshening up for an extra day if you are feeling particularly BLERUGH about having to wash, blow dry and straighten your hair. No one has time for that everyday girlfriend!!
My second outfit consisted of a denim pinafore dress I picked up from Primark for about £13.00. Again it is a little short on someone who is 5.11" but as the denim is pretty stiff I will put my hands up and say no denim hot pants where worn underneath this bad boy. There is hardly any movement and drape in this dress so I was happy to brave it! It is quite warm too!
Underneath the pinafore I added this cute cropped blouse also from Primark. I love the pattern on this and think it will be a great piece to transition from Summer to the colder months. I really like the rolled up sleeves (please excuse my rebellious bra straps - grr)
Nail polish is Barry M Papaya which I am thoroughly enjoying wearing at the moment. It is such a lovely, vivid coral colour and one coat is all you need for a pretty decent coverage and colour pay off!
My glasses are from Boots and in my opinion are a great replica for the Rayban Wayfarer's that are three times the price. I think they suit my face quite nicely and can be worn as an accessory as well as to actually help me see what on earth I am doing!!
My final outfit of the weekend is my Boston Bears t-shirt I featured in a previous post. I have really grown to love this tee. It is so comfy and so easy to chuck on with jeans, tucked in to a skirt and in this case, with a pair of shorts.
Due to how oversized it is I am pretty sure the residents of Sunny Hunny probably thought I was sharing what my momma gave me but I can assure you that everything is nicely concealed.
When James wasn't looking I pinched his snuggly hoodie which he picked up from the Ralph Lauren outlet. It is so soft and cosy and just the right thickness for a day where there is still sun but a still little breezy.
I wore my hair in a poor attempt at a top knot but as my nanny would say, 'It's holiday hair' <3
For the whole weekend I used my little sisters black faux leather backpack from good old Toppers which she kindly let me borrow.
On my tootsies I wore my hightop converse and maroon socks to compliment the sporty/casual vibe in the upper half of this outfit. It was the perfect outfit to lounge in and was nice and comfy for our Monday roast lunch at one of the pubs in the town. 
My phone case featured in both snaps above is from eBay. It doesn't have anything to do with my clobber over the weekend but I think its still really pretty and better that the scabby grandma flap case I had before - all my friends will say how proud they am that I finally ditched that retched thing!
I hope you liked this little post on my outfits of the weekend! I was lucky enough to have the weather on my side so embraced having my legs out as much as I could. My plan to top up my summer tan didn't really pay off but at least I had fun trying!

Sunday, 15 September 2013

New Fave; Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation.

Let me introduce you to the latest edition to my makeup bag and new favourite, Rimmel Stay Matte Liquid Mousse foundation.
I first saw this advertised last week and with claims that it controls shine, minimises pores and leaves the skin baby soft, I knew I wanted this straight away!

Firstly, lets take it back 6 years to when I was 16 and well into the addiction of make up. I used to LOVE Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse and would repurchase and repurchase until I finally ventured outside my comfort zone to liquid foundation. I loved the consistency and the finish the mousse gave and hoped this Rimmel variation would match up to the expectations and memories I have from my teen self.

It does not disappoint! The consistency is really nice and soft; thicker than a liquid foundation but slightly more workable than previous mousses I have tried, the Stay Matte formula is lovely.
It blends really well into the skin and has a great coverage but is buildable if you prefer a thicker layer. I tend to use slightly more round my nose area as that is where I tend to get the most blemishes.
I don't use a brush as it glides perfectly over the skin with my fingers. You don't need very much to get an even coverage, roughly the size of a pea should do the job, I found that the bottle seems a little small but with this in mind I hope to get a lot of use out of it.

This product works so well with other items in my makeup stash such as my favourite Rimmel Wake Me Up concealer. I dap this on top under my eye area and the combination of the two gives a beautiful soft and flawless finish.
I am not sure if Rimmel create their products to be used with one another but this duo has now become my daily favourite and has even put my old concealer and foundation out of a job.

I set this mousse with translucent powder and this ensures that this does not budge for the entire day. It really does do what it says on the tin and any shine that I may of had with previous foundations has been banished.

In regards to the shades, there are 6 available from which I chose Classic Beige. I find that this is ever so slightly dark with pink undertones for my skin but this is easily toned down with setting powder if needed. I think when I repurchase I shall opt for Natural Beige which unfortunately wasn't available at the time of purchasing my first tube.

I have thoroughly been enjoying my rekindled love for mousse foundation and for £5.99 it is a great, affordable product that I shall definitely be repurchasing. I would highly recommend this for all those starting out with makeup and even those who are looking at trying something new.

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Tuesday, 10 September 2013

The Perfect Weekend.

This weekend has been nothing short of perfection. James and I went to his caravan for a long weekend; we left for Hunstanton Thursday evening and arrived about 8.45pm, made a brew, made a nest under millions of blankets and pillows and had a cosy early night.

Friday morning I was awoken by James nudging me to get up for breakfast in bed - never a bad thing! He made sausage sandwiches with a cup of tea on the side which was lovely. When I finally got dressed, we headed into town with my umbrella at the ready for a little wander and took a detour to the supermarket to stock up on obligatory snacks and essentials se we could knock up a few dinners. I opted for ingredients for cream teas - mmmmyum.
The rest of the day was spent inside watching Pick Tv, reading Cosmo and playing scrabble <3

Saturday was ALOT better weather wise to which we took full advantage of by walking on the beach to Old Hunstanton. We visited the nicest shop called The Strandline whose owner makes the entire contents of the shop. She sells beautiful handmade gifts and decorations for the home and the shop it self is gorgeous! I could of spent the whole afternoon browsing her wears. I treated myself to a little mosaic heart which has been made out of vintage plates used to create the mosaic design. It is adorable and fits in my room perfectly.
Fish and chips are procedure when you are at the sea side and was Saturdays choice of dinner in front of X Factor with a cold glass of my fave Copella cloudy apple juice - so rock and roll!

Sunday saw the sun in all its glory - it was a lush day and was the highlight of the weekend.
To start the day we rummaged around the biggest boot sale in Hunstanton but for once nothing really caught my eye so I saved my pennies for other adventures.
The afternoon brought the main event - Mods And Rockers, a scooter and motorbike event held annually on the green in the main town. It was a lovely afternoon set in front of the promenade with lots of music, food and drink.
My favourite bike was a scooter covered in a paisley pattern. It was the coolest wrap on a bike I have ever seen and makes me want one of my own sooooo so much.
The evening consisted of watching the sun go down over the sea with a cup of tea in hand and my most favourite boy by my side. In that moment everything was perfect, I was so incredibly happy (and still am) and didn't have a care in the world. Moments like that which bring so much happiness in complete silence with just the world passing by are some of my favourites and something I shall treasure forever.

A trip to Sunny Hunny is never complete without a mooch round the local charity shops. As I have said SOO many times before, the ones in Hunstanton are definitely the best I have been in and my visit on our last day didn't fail my expectations. As always they were filled with bargains galore but all the things I picked up were either too small or too big - boo! So unfortunately I had to put them all back for someone else to snap up :( Never mind though - sharing is caring and hopefully it just means that other gems will be waiting for me next time.

The weekend was so perfect, I had such a lovely time and would even go as far as saying I had a better time on this trip than I did on our 'proper' holiday in Turkey earlier on in the year. I would definitely recommend anyone who is thinking of going to take a trip there - it is so laid back and relaxing and I returned to work today feeling fresh and rejuvenated! I can not wait till I get to go back to dip my tootsies in the sea and nestle in the cold!


Thursday, 5 September 2013

Summer Summary.

Summer 2013 has been a wonderful accumulation of experiences, trips and adventures that will leave fond memories that I will forever treasure.

As it is coming to an end, I thought I would share what I got up to throughout the summer months in a little Summer Summary.

One of the highlights of this summer was going to the Capital FM Summer Time Ball with my momma and younger sister. She turned 12 in May so for her pressie I bought her tickets to go.
As soon as I found out Taylor Swift was going to be there I nearly died. Both my sister and I have such a love for Swifty, and could not care less if she is for teeny teens, her songs get my toes a tapping and I have even managed to rub my love for her off onto le lover tehe!
Taylor sung with Ed Sheeran and the moment was just magical. The whole stadium was dimmed and lit with the lights of a million cameras and phones. It was beautiful and I felt so happy at that time.
The three of us had a fabulous day and we promised one another we would do more girlie days out. Sometimes it can be hard when everyone has such busy schedules but spending time with two of my most favourite females in the whole entire world is precious and something I must try to do more of!

Something which I also have tried to do more of this summer is spend more time with friends who I rarely get to see. I love seeing old friends and on one particular occasion I tried my first ever churro at Nando's on a dinner date with my beautiful neighbour whom I have been friends with for almost 10 years now!
Can I just say what a disappointing experience churros are?! One is all you need to give yourself an induced heart attack! On the flip side, their Pina Coladas are another level delicious and the company was all I needed to have a wonderful evening. We have planned to go to bingo which will be fun, reminds me when I used to go with my Nanny and Grandad at their social club <3 See - told you I am a nana in disguise!

One of my favourite things to do in the whole entire world is to be beside the seaside. Add a beautiful sunset across the horizon and I am in heaven.
The third picture in the collection was taken in Hunstanton by the wall that separates the promenade to my boyfriend, James' static caravan which his parents have owned for a few years now.
I feel so lucky to be able to have the luxury and the privilege of being able to take a mere 2 hour drive to the coast for long weekends or even day trips if the mood takes us! It really is so lovely there and I can not wait for the many more trips to come in the winter months also.
Whilst I am on the subject - their bonfire night is lovely and if you ever get the chance to go I would highly recommend it!

For this years holibob I went to Turkey for a week with James. The weather was beautiful and we had a lovely time lounging on the deck listening to music overlooking the beautiful mountains.
The shopping was right on our doorstep which was not expected and was not good for my bank balance but I bought some great purchases including a lush clutch bag with a certain logo depicting a tree. The fakes in Turkey are great and whilst I dream of owning a real Mulberry bag and matching purse, with price tags of £150 for a card case the reality of one being in my possession is highly unlikely. Sighhhh.

For roughly a year now, James' love for classic Lambretta's and Vespas has grown ten fold resulting in him owning one of each. It has also opened our eyes to all the social events that take place across the country where lovers of classic motors congregate with music and beer and food to enjoy one anothers prize posessions. This year we have been to two scooter events, Sunday Best and Classics on the Common.
I loved seeing the vast array of so many different cars and bikes but also the fashion that comes with different genres of motors. Mods on scooters, rockers on Harleys, OAPs in hideous sports cars - people watching on this scale is AMAZING!

I also got a new pair of specs which I am in love with. I really didn't think I would enjoy wearing them as much as I do which is good as I am sure I am becoming blind without them!
The shape is similar to RayBan wayfarers but at a fraction of the price from Boots Opticians.
I struggle so much at optician appointments, I end up in stitches every time when the optician is so close in my personal space, waving various pieces of glass in my face, blowing air into my eyes and breathing all up in my grill. I can not take it seriously and end up having to do an awkward apology like a weirdo aha! Ooops!

Another amazing thing that I never thought I would find on my travels around the many car boots I trawl through is this book on the Second World War. The cover depicts three gentlemen carrying a fellow wounded soldier and who is the second man in?.... none other than James' grandad!
I first saw this book a few years ago after James's mum showed me her copy. The family resemblance is phenomenal! I have never known someone to look so much like another family member, they are almost identical.
Of course I bought the book in an instant for £3.00 and have it on display in my room for all to see.

And last but not least my beautiful adventures with my beautiful friends.
Here I am with my best friend Jade <3 Aren't we gorge!
This was taken on our most recent jaunt with my other two gyals Keely and Charley. Sadly my other beauty Nadia was unable to attend due to lover commitments but she is pretty alright too ;)
I have been friends with this bunch for 10 years now and these are pretty much my extended family.
This is another department that I want to delegate more time to. I can not imagine my life without these pretties and will burden them with my rants and strangeness until I am old and grey aha. Love you!

I hope you liked my slightly long summary of my Summer. I have been privileged to be able to have such a lovely time with some of my most favourite people and have only listed a few of the amazing adventures I have been on.

If this post has inspired you to create your own Summer Summary, then be sure to let me know. In fact I am going to make this into a 'tag' and tag any of you kind soles who have ploughed on through all the way to the end of this post!

Happy Autumn!!

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Woman In Black.

 I have such a love/hate relationship with maxi dresses. Until now I have felt a little uncomfortable accentuating how tall I am in one long dress. They have rarely fitted me; always being too short and giving the impression they've had an argument with my ankles!

This dress was found in my favourite charity shop in Hunstanton. It is one of my pricier purchases from a charity shop at £5.00 but I really liked the simplicity of it and the length is really good on me.
The main event on this dress is the neckline, it has beautiful gold embellishments which make this piece look like its cost a lot more pennies than what I paid! It also has a key hole cut out to the back  which adds a nice touch. I definitely will be wearing my hair up when the time comes to unleash the maxi to make sure I show off the pretty details!

For shoes I have opted for my black suede and faux leather wedges from Primark. These are such a favourite in my wardrobe and SO comfy to dance the night away in!
I chose these as I wanted the dress and the neckline to be the focal point and chose minimal accessories and jewellery sticking to my gold Casio and contrasting polish on my toes.

To complete this outfit I would add a simple clutch bag and a few statement rings.
I think an ear cuff would look great with a dress like this, drawing the attention to the neckline to show off the pretty detailing.

Now to build the courage and find an event suitable to wear it!!


One of my favourite things to hunt for in charity shops is knit wear. I found this light weight jumper in my local charity shop and was cheap as chips at £2.50.
It has THE softest texture and I really like the length of the sleeves - it brings a slightly snug feel and I think looks flattering on all figures.
To show off the cute collar, I decided to wear my hair up in a top knot with a little plait at the fringe.

I paired the top with my go to skater skirt from Topshop. This has had so much wear over the summer and will continue to be a firm favourite as we delve into the colder months with tights and booties. I really like the pastel blue with the cream, the colours compliment each other well and still give a vibe to the cosier elements if this outfit.

I added my high top converse to give a preppy edge and think the white ties in nicely with the other pale colours.
I have had such a love/hate relationship with converse - my first ever pair destroyed my feet until they FINALLY wore in, but now they are the comfiest shoesies ever. The exact same thing is taking place with these... WHY DO THEY TAKE SO LONG TO BE MY FRIENDS?! Is this just me and my feet or have you had this too? :( Sadness.

To accessorise this casual look, I added a black faux leather belt with silver studded crosses to add an element of grunge. I think a plain belt would look equally as nice but glad I went for this as it adds a little interest to an otherwise quite plain outfit.

My rings highlight the silver studs in the belt and are a mix of stones and metals to create a simple, eclectic payoff.
I love this finger ring from Dotty P's, it always gets compliments when I wear it and toughens up every outfit.
The turquoise ring came in a set from Primark in the summer and looked great with a tan after my hols!
The midi ring worn on the same finger also came in a set, this time from TopShop. There is a little teeny pink gem in the middle which I normally am not fond of but teamed with the other rings, I think it looks really pretty.

On my talons I am wearing Papaya from the Barry M Gelly range. This colour is so pretty and vibrant and clashes well against the paler colours in the outfit.
Here I have only used one coat and you can see how bright the colour pay off is! Juiiiiiceehhh!

To stop my other arm being boring, I added a watch as always, opting from the silver Casio to tie in with the other metals in this look.

I think this is a great, comfy, snug outfit for casual weekends or date nights to the cinema.
To dress up this combo I would add a black structured bag and swap the Converse for brogues.

Sunday, 1 September 2013

HYPE; Baby Lips

Wearing Baby Lips Peach Kiss
Maybelline Baby Lips are nothing new to all the YouTube and blog addicts. First seen in America on the likes of Macbarbie but not being available in the UK, left us English roses feeling neglected and wanting a fix of the hyped up, glorified chap stick.
So when Baby Lips finally crossed the pond, girls flocked to the nearest stockists clearing the shelves and onto my instagram feed faster than a fast thing.
I must admit I wasn't overly bothered about this product but on my rummage around the beauty section in Tesco, I spotted these pastel pretties marked as 2 for £5.00 - it would be rude not to!
With a selection of colours and pretty pastel packaging, the range had the following 'flavours' to choose from:-
Hydrate, Peach Kiss, Pink Punch, Grape Vine, Cherry Me & Peppermint.
I decided that I have possibly every shade of pink lipstick available so decided on Peach Kiss which is a nude, slightly shimmery balm. It is extremely close to my natural lip colour and gives a similar shine pay off as a lip gloss. It glides on nicely and lasted for a good hour that I could consciously feel it on my lips. I am unsure if it gives the 8 hour moisture that it claims however they did feel supple and pampered whilst it lasted.
The 'flavour' of this lip balm is DELICIOUS! It smells so sweet and yummy and has a slight peachy flavour which lasts as long as the coverage on the lips. It isn't overpowering at all and I thoroughly enjoyed using this balm.
My next choice of the Baby Lips balms is the Hydrate variation. As it is has no colour pay off, it allows the natural colour of your lips to shine through so if you prefer a little more colour on your lippies, this would be perfect to put on at bed time to keep them moisturised until the morn.
Hydrate is fragrance free so is completely inoffensive and is perfect for layering under other products such as matte lipsticks that tend to dry out the skin. Equally, it looks lovely on its own for a simple, fuss free, glossy look.
Maybelline claim that lips are renewed after just one week of using the balms and I think I would have to question as to how often you would need to apply for this to be true but with an average rating on their website of 4 out of 5 stars, I am willing to give these a good go and at £5.00 for two it really isn't going to break the bank!
Overall I think these are a great, pocket money friendly beauty buy that looks great in any make up bag but also smells and tastes lovely too. Whilst I don't think it lasts as long as it promises, its great for a quick burst of moisture and will soon be finding their home as an essential in my hand bag!