Thursday, 29 August 2013

MMMMango; Nip & Fab

If you are in the market for a yummy body butter then look no further!
This Nip & Fab Body Butter is sooo delicious. The range has four 'flavours', three that I have tried; Mango Smoothie, Cherry Tarte and Pistachio Sundae and Coconut Latte which I am yet to experience, but mango is definitely my favourite. The sweet smell is mouth watering good and lingers on the skin all day. I have compared it against other mango smelling products and this is by far the best. I have found that in comparison, other creams tend to smell dusty rather than sweet and leaves an odd smell on the skin. 

The actual cream itself sinks in quickly so you don't have to worry about getting those greasy marks on clothes and is also a plus if you don't like the feeling of moisturiser on your skin. The consistency is really thick and creamy which is expected of a body butter but it is also quite silky and leaves the skin feeling nourished and smooth. .

I originally purchased the large 200ml pot for around £8.00 from my local Boots and this has lasted me roughly 4 months with everyday use. I only pop it on my arms and use less luxury products on my legs such as Nivea or Vaseline. The 50ml is quite small but is perfect for popping in your bag for top ups throughout the day if your skin is particularly parched. It is also ideal if you are wanting to try the product before taking the plunge and parting with £8.00. Retailing around the £3.00 mark, this means you can buy 3 flavours for the price of one and can pick your favourite.

I liked this product so much that I purchased my Mum the cherry flavour as a present for her birthday. Like me she finds the consistency nice and rich and perfect for quick applications before getting dressed. The scent lingers much like the mango fragrance and is enough to be worn on it's own without perfume.
My least favoured of those that I have tried is Pistachio Sundae. Fortunately I did not purchase this, I received it in a GlossyBox a few months ago.
The consistency is the same as the other creams mentioned however the scent is a little too sweet for my liking. It has quite nutty undertones (duh) and smells particularly rich and overpowering. I have found that the times I have persevered and used the body butter the scent has luckily faded relatively quickly and I have been able to hide any remaining fragrance with perfume.

The packaging on all tubs that I have used is really nice and easy to use. The screw lid enables you to get every last scraping out which believe me you will be doing when you hit the bottom - every last bit has to be used so not to waste the yummy body butters.

I am not on my second tub and have decided that £8.00 is well worth being spent on this product. It lasts a reasonable amount of time, smells heavenly and leaves my skin feeling super smooth and soft.

I am yet to be able to find Coconut Latte in any of the Boots I usually find the other creams in so if you have given it a go be sure to let me know what you think. If you have tried all the flavours, what's your favourite?

Love / xx

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  1. looks great 8 pounds is pretty reasonable , the coconut latte would be right up my sreet, you have a lovely blog by the way, just followed x

    1. Thank you, should give them a try! I found it difficult finding them on the Nip and Fab webbie but they are easy to get your hands on at either boots online or in store although never found the coconut one in the shop and i LOOOVE coconut!
      Eeee, thank you sweet! going to have a nose at yours now! xx

  2. Mmm mangoooo. Is it acceptable to still be so fruity-smelling in the Fall? Not that I care! Give me all the sweet smelly things all year, and I'm happy. I'd love to try that one. It sounds delicious.

    xo Ashley

    1. urrrm YES! Try it! It is delicious!!! x

  3. Lovely blog post! But the font is quite small :/. Besides that I really loved it!
    Miss Ginger Firthy x

    1. Ah thank you :)
      Thank you for your feedback, love xx

  4. I got the Pistachio Sundae in one of my a Glossyboxes too. I loved how quickly it absorbed into the skin and the after effect of the cream was great. I must agree on the scent of this one it is a little too much!
    Chanelle Jade xx
    now following sweet :)

  5. Ah thank you!
    Yeah i know, its a little sickly isnt it. Let me know if you give the mango one a try, the scent is gorge!

    Love xx