Saturday, 17 August 2013

Liebster Awards.

So, within the first week of having my blog, I have been kindly nominated for the Libester Award which is basically like a tag. Thank you for nominating me Katie May ! xx
The aim of the game is to promote bloggers whose blog has less than 200 followers and to highlight your favourite up and coming pages.

In life there are rules (some to be broken, but I will be a good chick and follow these) and the same applies for the awards.

The person who nominates you will ask you 10 questions for you to answer, and in turn you conjure up your own questions to pass onto 10 different bloggers. You can not do 'tag backs' (no one wants to see a whole blog of umpteen million Liebster Award posts - variety is the spice of life after all) so try to pick bloggers who are yet to be nominated.

So as a bit of fun, I am happily taking part.

Katie May asks:-

1) If you had to choose from wearing either face makeup (foundation, powder, bronzer, etc..) and no eye products (mascara, liner, etc...) OR eye products and no face makeup, what would you pick?
This is horrifically hard as without either I feel gross and look like death warmed up. I think I would pick eye products as hopefully I could cheat a little and use pale toned eye shadow to highlight cheek bones and use pinkish tones as a blush?

2) What is your all time favourite makeup brand?
I haven't been loyal to a particular brand for a while now, but I do find myself at the Barry M counter on every beauty trip. Their nail varnishes are definitely arguably the best affordable varnishes with so many pretty colours, my favourite is Blueberry in their Gelly High Shine range.

3) Do you prefer High end or High street?
High Street. It's what my purse allows.

4) If you were given a £500 shopping voucher and could only use it in one place, which shop would you choose to spend it in?
Zara. Hands down.

5 )How often do you post on your blog?
My blog is pretty fresh in the land of bloggers. But I hope to post at least twice a week. I want the content to actually be of worth to readers so would rather spend time on posts that are interesting and worth blogging about.

6) Favourite blogger?
Louise from SprinkleofGlitter. Her posts on her pregnancy, giving birth and then how she found it heart breaking that Baby Glitter won't always be a baby, are touching and some of the best posts I have read. I find she is really relatable and down to earth. I love her descriptive words also. GIRL CRUSH.

7) Did you find it challenging to start your blog?
I would say I found it difficult to know when the right time would be to start it. I didn't know if people would find me interesting or enjoy what  I write about. And honestly, I still don't. PixiRella is a baby of a blog that I need to give attention to if it is going to grow and gain interest from other bloggers and readers. So at the moment, I haven't really had any challenges or set backs. I am just enjoying seeing my page views grow and writing about the things that interest me :)

8) Real or fake? (nails, tan, eyelashes, etc...)
On the most part, real. However if I am off out to pull some crazy shapes on the df with my friends, then fake tan and eyelashes all the way!
Nails though.... I have no motivation to have fakies put on and pulled or filled in. YAWN.

9) Favourite social networking site?
Does Instagram count?

10) What's one essential thing you can't go a day without?
Oxygen. what a smartarse answer. I think it would be my Look Beauty Brow Perfect Kit. I have grown to love this so so much!

So that is my 10 questions answered!

My questions to those I nominate are:-

1. YouTube or Blogs?
2. If you could pick having one makeup look, or one capsule wardrobe for the rest of your life, what would it be?
3. Describe your style in three words.
4. How did you come up with the name of your blog?
5. You're stuck in a room with no way out and no way in. You get to pick 3 things, who or what would you choose?
6. What inspires the content of your blog?
7. One beauty/fashion tip you swear by.
8. Favourite place in the world and why.
9. What shop/online store etc is your favourite place to buy beauty products?
10. Worst fashion faux pas.

I nominate:-

The Vintage Vision
S-Kinny Jeans
My Beauty Escape
Trainers and Tiara's
May Flowers
A Melody of Diaries
Gracious Silhouettes
Pretty Things
Studs on Saturday
My Petite Closet

Toodles / xx

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  1. Congratulations- tagged for an award after a week of blogging?!?!?1? that's awesome! Well done! :D


    1. I know I was pretty excited aha! Thank you :) xxx

  2. So kind of you to tag me! Thank you :)
    I will do it as soon as I get the chance :) I've given you a follow on bloglovin xx

    1. You're welcome, I look forward to see your answers :) x

  3. Well done! Good effort. I've just started in the blogging world - so much fun! x

    1. Ah thanks :)
      Good luck with it! Hope it goes well x

  4. wow thank's so much for tagging me:) xx

    1. No worries, hope you enjoy taking part if you choose to :) xx

  5. Thank you very much for the nomination! I am so grateful! And congratulations for being nominated yourself! This is actually my second nomination and I have already done a Liebster award post on my blog if you would like to check it out! :) Niamh xx

  6. Hey! Thank you so much!
    My blog post will be coming up soon!