Monday, 12 August 2013


Welcome to PixiRella, a blog which I have been meaning to create for sometime now after being inspired by the many YouTuber's whom I watch like a crazy addict on a daily baisis.
I finally got round to reading a few of their blogs (I used to just watch their channels but wasn't sure if their blogs would be as interactive or as interesting - definitely WRONG!) and thought, yeaaaaaah - I could give this a whirl....
So here I am with my first post of many.

If like me you are a secret hoarder of beauty products and clothes, enjoy a little arts and crafts sesh as well as nosing at charity shop hauls, then hopefully PixiRella will be of interest to you.
I hope it will become a hub of useful information and inspiration and a place you can enjoy on your travels through the huge world that is the internet.

Byeeeee x

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