Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Bank Holiday Happenings

One of the perks of no longer working in retail is getting to have bank holidays off... yessss!
Having a whole extra 24 hours to do with whatever I please is so so nice and makes the working week that little bit more bearable.

This weekend was originally meant to be spent with my beautiful boyfriend and his family at their caravan in Hunstanton, but as the weather was a little on the wet side we decided to stick to adventures at home.

A place that I was shocked to find out that James (le lover) had never visited before is St Albans, especially as it is only 20 minutes down the motor way to get there.
As the sun decided to come out and play, I put away the recently much needed brolly and braved it in a t-shirt.

T-Shirt, Primark Mens        Necklace, Newlook        Watch, Casio
Leggings, Topshop        Shoesies, Vans

I am so happy with this t-shirt. Initially I was unsure how I felt about it, would I wear it? But I like the colours! But the bear... is it butch? You don't even suit the whole sport-luxe trend! Sod it, its £6, you can always wear it for pyjamas! But as you can see I took the plunge and really glad I did.
I am not the biggest fan of this whole baseball tee trend that has been everywhere this summer. Not that I don't like the look of it, but more of not being able to pull it off. Here though I think this is on the right side of the trend, hinting at a sports team or club etc. I really like the colours and think it adds a girlie touch to the fierce bear print. And even though I may see really butch guys wearing it, I am not too bothered.
Primark's mens section is so good and the quality of their t-shirt is great for their bargain prices. It is rare these days that you find a top for the reasonable sum of £6.00 so whether I do keep wearing it out or even for a snuggle in bed, I'm not going to complain.

To add a feminine touch I added my spikey necklace from Newlook. I probably wear this faaaarrrrr too much but it adds interest to every outfit and is the perfect length to put on over plain tops or under collars on a blouse.

Due to my lack of suitable bottoms, I opted for these leggings which are a firm favourite in my wardrobe.
I am in the market for the perfect skinny jean so if you have any recommendations that would be great!

For shoesies I thought I best pick something comfy to trawl around the shops and went for my black Vans.

love // xx

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  1. I like the tshirt I don't think it's manly :) I feel the same way about pulling off the baseball trend, I don't think it would suit me either, and for skinny jeans i recommend river island! My favourite pair are from there! I've had them nearly a year and they've still got their skinny stretch, they are so soft and comfortable too! xx

    1. Ah thanks! Yeah I thinkit looks great on other people but it always comes up too slouchy or baggy or just blerugh aha. Oh I have never actually tried River Island - thank you for your recommendation! xxx