Saturday, 31 August 2013


As a girl, my wardrobe is never full enough. And when it is, my drawers aren't. And when they are, there is always the floor.
So, as a girl, eyeing up a new frock and a statement clutch is a necessity when you get a whole hour to browse the web every lunch time.

Here are a few bits that have got my name on...

Metal Trim Booties, Topshop, £80.00        Duffle Coat, Zara, £129.00        Chelsea Girl Dress, River Island, £30.00
Vivienne Westwood Earrings, Urban Outfitters, £44.00        Tapestry Tee, River Island, £15.00        Scalloped Shopper, ASOS, £75.00
Can not even begin to tell you how much I am in love with this coat from Zara. I have such an obsession with duffle coats as soon as A/W arrives and this one is the best yet. I love the 'Paddington Bear' vibe it has and will be so cute with jeans and boots and dresses with tights and little tassled loafers. This coat will be a great alternative to my current favourite coat with a snug fur collar. Unfortunately due to the fur I don't like wearing it in the rain as I don't want it to get all mangled and lose it's gorgeness. And as it was a present from le lover, I would hate him to think I have wasted his kind generosity. So instead, this hooded number would be perfect!
Also, how cute are these Vivenne Westwood earrings?! I have forever wanted to own something from Vienne Westwood and think these would be a perfect start to a collection!

Thursday, 29 August 2013

MMMMango; Nip & Fab

If you are in the market for a yummy body butter then look no further!
This Nip & Fab Body Butter is sooo delicious. The range has four 'flavours', three that I have tried; Mango Smoothie, Cherry Tarte and Pistachio Sundae and Coconut Latte which I am yet to experience, but mango is definitely my favourite. The sweet smell is mouth watering good and lingers on the skin all day. I have compared it against other mango smelling products and this is by far the best. I have found that in comparison, other creams tend to smell dusty rather than sweet and leaves an odd smell on the skin. 

The actual cream itself sinks in quickly so you don't have to worry about getting those greasy marks on clothes and is also a plus if you don't like the feeling of moisturiser on your skin. The consistency is really thick and creamy which is expected of a body butter but it is also quite silky and leaves the skin feeling nourished and smooth. .

I originally purchased the large 200ml pot for around £8.00 from my local Boots and this has lasted me roughly 4 months with everyday use. I only pop it on my arms and use less luxury products on my legs such as Nivea or Vaseline. The 50ml is quite small but is perfect for popping in your bag for top ups throughout the day if your skin is particularly parched. It is also ideal if you are wanting to try the product before taking the plunge and parting with £8.00. Retailing around the £3.00 mark, this means you can buy 3 flavours for the price of one and can pick your favourite.

I liked this product so much that I purchased my Mum the cherry flavour as a present for her birthday. Like me she finds the consistency nice and rich and perfect for quick applications before getting dressed. The scent lingers much like the mango fragrance and is enough to be worn on it's own without perfume.
My least favoured of those that I have tried is Pistachio Sundae. Fortunately I did not purchase this, I received it in a GlossyBox a few months ago.
The consistency is the same as the other creams mentioned however the scent is a little too sweet for my liking. It has quite nutty undertones (duh) and smells particularly rich and overpowering. I have found that the times I have persevered and used the body butter the scent has luckily faded relatively quickly and I have been able to hide any remaining fragrance with perfume.

The packaging on all tubs that I have used is really nice and easy to use. The screw lid enables you to get every last scraping out which believe me you will be doing when you hit the bottom - every last bit has to be used so not to waste the yummy body butters.

I am not on my second tub and have decided that £8.00 is well worth being spent on this product. It lasts a reasonable amount of time, smells heavenly and leaves my skin feeling super smooth and soft.

I am yet to be able to find Coconut Latte in any of the Boots I usually find the other creams in so if you have given it a go be sure to let me know what you think. If you have tried all the flavours, what's your favourite?

Love / xx

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Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Bank Holiday Happenings

One of the perks of no longer working in retail is getting to have bank holidays off... yessss!
Having a whole extra 24 hours to do with whatever I please is so so nice and makes the working week that little bit more bearable.

This weekend was originally meant to be spent with my beautiful boyfriend and his family at their caravan in Hunstanton, but as the weather was a little on the wet side we decided to stick to adventures at home.

A place that I was shocked to find out that James (le lover) had never visited before is St Albans, especially as it is only 20 minutes down the motor way to get there.
As the sun decided to come out and play, I put away the recently much needed brolly and braved it in a t-shirt.

T-Shirt, Primark Mens        Necklace, Newlook        Watch, Casio
Leggings, Topshop        Shoesies, Vans

I am so happy with this t-shirt. Initially I was unsure how I felt about it, would I wear it? But I like the colours! But the bear... is it butch? You don't even suit the whole sport-luxe trend! Sod it, its £6, you can always wear it for pyjamas! But as you can see I took the plunge and really glad I did.
I am not the biggest fan of this whole baseball tee trend that has been everywhere this summer. Not that I don't like the look of it, but more of not being able to pull it off. Here though I think this is on the right side of the trend, hinting at a sports team or club etc. I really like the colours and think it adds a girlie touch to the fierce bear print. And even though I may see really butch guys wearing it, I am not too bothered.
Primark's mens section is so good and the quality of their t-shirt is great for their bargain prices. It is rare these days that you find a top for the reasonable sum of £6.00 so whether I do keep wearing it out or even for a snuggle in bed, I'm not going to complain.

To add a feminine touch I added my spikey necklace from Newlook. I probably wear this faaaarrrrr too much but it adds interest to every outfit and is the perfect length to put on over plain tops or under collars on a blouse.

Due to my lack of suitable bottoms, I opted for these leggings which are a firm favourite in my wardrobe.
I am in the market for the perfect skinny jean so if you have any recommendations that would be great!

For shoesies I thought I best pick something comfy to trawl around the shops and went for my black Vans.

love // xx

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Monday, 26 August 2013

Alright Aubrey

Can we all just take a moment to let it sink in just how nice these boots are?!

These beauties are the Aubrey boots from Topshop. It was love at first sight and they had to be mine - I have been trying to find a cool chunky shoe that I could wear both in the day and night for ages and was debating taking the plunge with Dr Martens (dw, you will be mine one day!) but these are just divine and the golden clasps sealed the deal for me. At £75.00 they are a little pricey but for real leather and it being from Toppers, I think this is a standard, reasonable price.

Usually I try to avoid clunkier boots as I have quite long gangly legs with long feet to match and sometimes find they make me look horrifically out of proportion, giving me scrawny sparrow ankles. With these though, they sit perfectly at the top of my foot and flatter what my momma gave me.

In the shop I tried them on with tights and a dress and thought they looked lush - instantly dressing up my casual outfit. Once buying them and getting them home, I tried them on with my infamous leather leggings and a plain t-shirt and fell further in love. In the end I settled to paring them with black leggings, a blouse and my favourite Zara bag for dinner with le lover.

The chunky heels and slight platform makes for a very comfy shoe although wearing them in the day does take some getting use to. I kind of  feel like a toddler who has sneakily stolen my mums heels, trying to teeter around her room. I feel all arms and legs trying to walk like I would in flats.. but I am sure I will get used to it, and with something so pleasing to my eyeballs nestled on my feet, I am more than happy to give it a good try!

The Aubrey's have a handy zip at the heel which stops you having to undo the pretty gold clasps when taking them on and off. I love the stud detailing that secure the straps to the main bulk of the shoe, they feel very sturdy and I think these will be great when it gets a little wetter and colder in the Winter.

For the moment, the cut out detail lets me embrace what is left of the summer by teaming these with pretty dresses or leggings and grungy t-shirts. I will no doubt be including them in future outfit posts so watch this space! In the mean time, click here to see what Topshop have paired them with. 

Love // xxx

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Saturday, 24 August 2013

Summertime Sadness.

Sigh. As soon as I settle into the warm weather, shove my coats and jumpers to the back of my wardrobe and let my feet have an airing in sandals and sling backs - the rain starts pouring, the cardigans make an appearance and the longer I spend in bed with a mug of tea.
I won't complain though, Autumn is my favourite time of year and I am not going to lie... I am quite excited at the prospects of being able to wear my favourite coat again. And boots. And mittens. EEEK hats, and scarves and gloves. Yeah, I like the cold.
So as I start to get back out the more suitable attire for the English elements, I thought I would share with you bits I have my eye on in preparation for the transition from Summer to Autumn.

Leather Jacket - £298.00, All Saints        Chelsea Boots - £110.00, Dr Martens        Dress - £55.00, Topshop
Tartan Tee - £30.00, Topshop        Watch, £125.00, Ted Baker        Bowling Bag £29.99, Zara
So as you might be able to tell, I am quite fond of black. Black leather to be precise.
I am not some kind of fetish lover, but it goes with anything and everything. The pieces I have chosen are perfect for the bazaar weather England experiences this time of year when it is still warmish but wet and miserable.
The first dress I picked is from good old Toppers. I think it is so pretty - the pattern is really eye catching and is so versatile; it can be worn bare legged with heels for a night on the tiles, with tiggy tights for dinner and with boots for shopping. The black panels go nicely with the geometric pattern and the colours still enable you to wear either bright or tonal accessories. I think this would be perfect teamed with the jacket and wedges or boots and a thick knit cardi.
The boots I picked are something which I have been lusting after for sometime now. Dr Martens have been on my wish list for forever and these ones are a classic style and shape that I think are made to be worn to death with winter walks and trips to Cambridge <3 <3 I thought these would look great teamed with the dress and a pair of socks for warmer days/nights where you want to give a bit of edge to your outfit but would look equally as good with a jumper and top knot. I also love the cherry red versions of these Chelsea Boots and would find it very difficult to have to pick just one, the shape is perfect for all outfits, with dresses, shorts, tights, leggings, jeans, skirts. The possibilities are endless, plus I have heard they are the comfiest things ever - my dad wears his as slippers?!
The next two items are lush in their own right, but I think the combination of the red check and the quilted faux leather skirt is so chic. Pair this look with strappy sling back heels and you're good to go straight from the office to a  strawberry daiquiris. Be careful what accessories you pick with an outfit like this, too much leather can be overkill and you could look like Madame whiplash. Opt for suede with gold hardware to compliment the orangey/yellow tones in the top. For a more casual take on these pieces, team the skirt with a thin jumper and loafers or brogues for a geek chic vibe. The top can be paired with anything in all seasons but I would go for rolled up high-waisted jeans and a leather jacket for an effortlessly put together look.
Speaking of leather  jackets - the perfect shape, texture, shine and overall design is something which I am ALWAYS on the look out for and I think I may of found it. This All Saints beauty will set you back the grand sum of two hundred and ninety eight British pounds - so isn't something I shall be buying five of, but look how pretty it is! I think it a leather jacket is definitely a wise investment in anyone's wardrobe. Since I bought my first one at the age of 16, I have worn it to death. Trends may come and go but a trusty leather jacket looks great with everything - I have worn mine on nights out, on casual lazy days to concerts to dinners - it is my go to jacket that keeps me warm on chilly evenings and brings a tough element to any outfit.
And last but not least; accessories.
Who would I be if I didn't head straight to Zara for an amazing bag?
Whilst I am not the biggest fan of the actual stores, Zara's website is brimming with beautiful accessories that I add to my online basket where I can spend hours fantasy shopping. I love the chain detail on the handles of this gorge bowling bag - it gives a little more interest than what a plain black bag would give, plus I love the versatility of being able to wear it either in the crook of your elbow or across the body. And for only £30.00, what's not to love?!
To complete an outfit, I like to add a watch. I don't care if the time is right or if it has broken entirely. A watch looks so classy and here I have picked a Ted Baker gem found in the Asos sale!
I think the silver/black shade compliments the darker tones worn in A/W whilst the gold detailing enables you to wear both silver or gold jewellery.
So yeaaaah - I hope you like what I have picked and it's given you some style inspo as the weather gets a little chillier! Let me know what you have your peepers on as the summer is on it's way out.

Love / xx
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Tuesday, 20 August 2013

The Great British Bake Off!!

YAYYY, one of my favourite programmes ever is back on our screens so I thought it was only right to dedicate my next post entirely to the series.

I decided to share my recipe for lemon cupcakes as these are a firm favourite with my friends, family and the lucky people who I work with. If lemon doesn't float your boat, feel free to adapt the recipe to chocolate, strawberry, vanilla... the list is endless.

The recipe is really easy and you can decorate them to your hearts content. It is great for beginners and is perfect to make with children or your boyfriend/girlfriend who may be culinary challenged.
Using various colours, sprinkles, edible glitter and more, you can really make this as simple or as decorative as you wish.

So rather than rambling on, here is how you can make 12 yummy cakes at home :)

For da spongeeeeee:
80g unsalted butter
280g caster sugar
240g self raising flour
1/2 tea spoon finely grated lemon zest (I add more for extra lemoney-ness)
1 table spoon lemon syrup (I also add a little of the juice of the lemon that I grated. Waste not want not)
240ml milk
2 large eggies

For da frostingzzzzz (this makes enough for it to be spread over the cakes - you may wish to make more for swirls and piping etc.):
2 table spoons lemon syrup
50ml milk
500g icing sugar
160g unsalted butter
1 tea spoon finely grated lemon zest

For da decorations:
You can pretty much use whatever you want to decorate your cupcakes. I find that eBay has the best selection of pretty decorations such as sprinkles, edible glitter (check it IS edible before whacking a load on your cakes), cake toppers, colouring, rice paper butterflies, what ever takes your fancy. eBay also has loads of tools for you to be able to ice your cakes such as nozzles, piping bags & cutters.

1 tray with 12 'dips' otherwise known as a muffin tray
12 muffin cases (cupcake cases tend to be shallow - muffin cases are deep!)
A hand held mixer / elbow grease
Mixing bowl
Ice Cream scoop
A nice array of spoons

What the blazes do I do?!
The first thing you need to do is to preheat your oven to 190 degrees/gas mark 5. Then line your muffin tray with 12 cases.

In a large mixing bowl, beat together the butter, sugar, flour and lemon zest with the hand mixer if you have one, if not work those bingo wings!! Keep going until the mix resembles fine breadcrumbs. 

In a jug or another bowl, whisk the lemon syrup, a few squeezes of the juice from the lemon, eggs, milk. A fork is just as good if a whisk isn't available. This mixture won't look pretty, but go ahead and add about half to the dry ingredients. Use the hand mixer on a slow speed until its all incorporated into a smooth smooshie mixture. Continue to add the rest of the mixture  using the mixer until it has all come together nicely once more.

When you are satisfied that your batter is lump free, spoon even amounts into the cases. You want to fill the cases about two thirds of the way full. A good way to do this to ensure that your cakes come out perfectly uniformed (I get slightly OCD!), use a ice cream scoop and take a spoon full of the mixture - try to keep the back of the scoop clean as this will ensure even distribution between the cases. When all the cases are full, pop them into the oven for about 18-20 minutes. I tend to have to do this for longer as my oven isn't my friend and I think at some point it has broken. If you have this problem, about 25 minutes should be plenty!

Whilst you are waiting for your bad boy bake to rise in the oven, you can start to get the ingredients ready for your frosting.

It is essential for your butter to be room temp and soft all the way through. Cold butter will create lumps and this is NOT nice when you think you are about to enjoy a yummy cake, but instead faced with a manky lump of pure butter - mmm. You can put it in the microwave if your butter is still solid, but do this in 10 second intervals as if it melts to liquid - this is will create a runny icing and will not make pretty cupcakes.

When you have finally got your head around your butter, plop it into a mixing bowl with the lemon syrup, lemon zest icing sugar and milk. Ensure your paddles of your hand mixer are clean, and whisk this all together until it becomes light, fluffy and creamy. Here you can add the colouring of your choice.

When adding colour, a little drop goes a long long looooooooooooooooooooong way. It is best to start with one drop and keep adding, mixing in between each drop, until you reach the colour of your choice. An alternative to food colouring (used to create the colours in the cakes above) is colouring gel. It is similar to the standard food colouring and is meant to be better when adding it to frosting as it doesn't effect the consistency as much. Whilst I do agree with this, I haven't found the colour pay off very good.

When your cakes are a nice golden brown, pull them out and with a skewer or some kind of prodding tool, stab a victim of your choice. When pulling it out, check if the cake is cooked all the way through - if the stick is gooey - whack them in for a further five minutes or so. Take them out and place them on a wire rack. If you have a metal cake stand then I recommend you use this as it enables air flow all around the cakes and will help cool them quicker.

Once completely cool, you can then ice your cakes. The technique I used to create the design above is by covering the top of each sponge with a thin layer so you are not able to see any of the cake.
I then used a piping bag and a large star nozzle and swirled and circled the icing. There are hundreds of tutorials on YouTube that will be able to show you better than how I can describe how I did it!

You can then add any decorations of your choice, I opted for edible flowers and sprinkles!

WAHHH - written just in time to catch  Mary Berry be all cute and adorable!!

Byeeeee / xxx

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Saturday, 17 August 2013

HYPE; La Roche-Posay

A brand that has been hugely hyped amongst the world of YouTube and the land of blogs is La Roche-Posay, in particular the Effeclar Duo, a serum type cream that claims to correct and unclog the skin.
I have purchased and repurchased this twice now and whilst I do think it is a good product that sinks into the skin quickly, enabling appilcation of other lotions and potions, it's a sister product that I think deserves a huge round of applause.

The product I think ya'll need to go out and spend a tenner (or round about that mark depending on where you shop) is the La Roche-Posay Effaclar Purifying Foaming Gel for oily, sensitive skin.

I can not recommend this product enough! It was a fluke buy whilst on the hunt for other La Roche-Posay products and as there was some kind of offer on at the time, I felt it was justified why I should be putting it into my basket. This was at least 6 months ago and it sat on my shelf until the cleanser I was using and loving at the time finally didn't want to produce any product anymore.
I debated buying another one (why do the brains of females work like this? Hoarding new/half used products only to forget about them - where is the sense in that?!) but instead I thought NO! Stop wasting money and start using the damn products you have already!

I first used it about a month ago and on first impressions there wasn't anything overly spesh about it.
The smell is faint, nothing offensive which is nice when its something you are about to smother all over your face. I won't go into what has emerged into my little gross head of mine, ha!
The texture and appearance is pretty bland also. A simple clear gel which when rubbed between wet hands turns into a silky foam.
You don't need much, roughly the size of a one pence piece - a little goes along way (always good when trying out a new product you are unsure about, spending £10+ on something you've never used before, you want that bad boy to last!)
This then leads me onto the size of the product. At 200ml, I feel there is a lot of product inside and as a small blob is all you need, I think this little chap will be making it's home in my shower for a good few months!

I use it every morning when showering and in conjunction with an exfoliator every other day.
Sometimes (meaning when I remember) I use it with my Botanics Face Brush from Boots on days where I feel my face needs a little more tlc.
It washes off really easily and doesn't leave any residue or tackiness on my face that I have experienced with cheaper cleansers and leaves my skin feeling nourished, clean and soft.

I suppose I need to mention the type of skin I have in order to actually benefit anyone who is thinking of purchasing this.
It isn't sensitive.
But it does have oily tendencies which is highly annoying when I plaster my face in makeup only for it to start sliding off an hour later.
I would say however, that my skin can get slightly dry, especially in the colder months particularly around ones nozza and I suppose the 'sensitive' element of this cleanser has helped in this sense.

So has it stopped my skin being an oily sludgey mess? I am going to sayyyyyyyyyyy, yes! On the most part I would definitely agree that the oil has been tamed and I now feel comfortable walking around for more than an hour without the need to blot or powder my face.

But the real reason why I have fallen head over heels for this gel is... ta ta blackheads!
Since using La Roche-Posay Purifying Cleansing Gel, I have seen a dramatic improvement in the amount of blackheads around my nose and chin.
I wouldn't say they were overly bad to begin with but definitely visible on close inspection.
Now they are extremely faint and near enough gone on my chin and on my nose... well this is still a working progress but 10 times better than a month ago. So onwards I shall scrub, rub, cleanse and exfoliate and continue shall I be purchasing this cleanser!

Thank you La Roche-Posay you little gem / xx

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Liebster Awards.

So, within the first week of having my blog, I have been kindly nominated for the Libester Award which is basically like a tag. Thank you for nominating me Katie May ! xx
The aim of the game is to promote bloggers whose blog has less than 200 followers and to highlight your favourite up and coming pages.

In life there are rules (some to be broken, but I will be a good chick and follow these) and the same applies for the awards.

The person who nominates you will ask you 10 questions for you to answer, and in turn you conjure up your own questions to pass onto 10 different bloggers. You can not do 'tag backs' (no one wants to see a whole blog of umpteen million Liebster Award posts - variety is the spice of life after all) so try to pick bloggers who are yet to be nominated.

So as a bit of fun, I am happily taking part.

Katie May asks:-

1) If you had to choose from wearing either face makeup (foundation, powder, bronzer, etc..) and no eye products (mascara, liner, etc...) OR eye products and no face makeup, what would you pick?
This is horrifically hard as without either I feel gross and look like death warmed up. I think I would pick eye products as hopefully I could cheat a little and use pale toned eye shadow to highlight cheek bones and use pinkish tones as a blush?

2) What is your all time favourite makeup brand?
I haven't been loyal to a particular brand for a while now, but I do find myself at the Barry M counter on every beauty trip. Their nail varnishes are definitely arguably the best affordable varnishes with so many pretty colours, my favourite is Blueberry in their Gelly High Shine range.

3) Do you prefer High end or High street?
High Street. It's what my purse allows.

4) If you were given a £500 shopping voucher and could only use it in one place, which shop would you choose to spend it in?
Zara. Hands down.

5 )How often do you post on your blog?
My blog is pretty fresh in the land of bloggers. But I hope to post at least twice a week. I want the content to actually be of worth to readers so would rather spend time on posts that are interesting and worth blogging about.

6) Favourite blogger?
Louise from SprinkleofGlitter. Her posts on her pregnancy, giving birth and then how she found it heart breaking that Baby Glitter won't always be a baby, are touching and some of the best posts I have read. I find she is really relatable and down to earth. I love her descriptive words also. GIRL CRUSH.

7) Did you find it challenging to start your blog?
I would say I found it difficult to know when the right time would be to start it. I didn't know if people would find me interesting or enjoy what  I write about. And honestly, I still don't. PixiRella is a baby of a blog that I need to give attention to if it is going to grow and gain interest from other bloggers and readers. So at the moment, I haven't really had any challenges or set backs. I am just enjoying seeing my page views grow and writing about the things that interest me :)

8) Real or fake? (nails, tan, eyelashes, etc...)
On the most part, real. However if I am off out to pull some crazy shapes on the df with my friends, then fake tan and eyelashes all the way!
Nails though.... I have no motivation to have fakies put on and pulled or filled in. YAWN.

9) Favourite social networking site?
Does Instagram count?

10) What's one essential thing you can't go a day without?
Oxygen. what a smartarse answer. I think it would be my Look Beauty Brow Perfect Kit. I have grown to love this so so much!

So that is my 10 questions answered!

My questions to those I nominate are:-

1. YouTube or Blogs?
2. If you could pick having one makeup look, or one capsule wardrobe for the rest of your life, what would it be?
3. Describe your style in three words.
4. How did you come up with the name of your blog?
5. You're stuck in a room with no way out and no way in. You get to pick 3 things, who or what would you choose?
6. What inspires the content of your blog?
7. One beauty/fashion tip you swear by.
8. Favourite place in the world and why.
9. What shop/online store etc is your favourite place to buy beauty products?
10. Worst fashion faux pas.

I nominate:-

The Vintage Vision
S-Kinny Jeans
My Beauty Escape
Trainers and Tiara's
May Flowers
A Melody of Diaries
Gracious Silhouettes
Pretty Things
Studs on Saturday
My Petite Closet

Toodles / xx

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Tuesday, 13 August 2013


I laaaaaaaaaaaaaarv charity shop hunting; finding a bargain that can be cut or changed to fit into your current wardrobe, experimenting with adding bits or taking bits away (shoulder pads - EW) and making it suit your own style is fun and way more cost effective than many of the high street shops! 

 This blouse was about £3.00 in a charity shop in Hunstanton. Thanks to its largely OAP dominated population, the charity shops are busting at the seams with amazing finds. I really love the bright sea foam green against the dark navy and think it will be a great piece to transition from Summer into Winter.
I have paired it with a slanted, pointy necklace I bought from New Look a while ago. Usually I pop a necklace under a collar but here the collar is slightly lower than what the necklace would allow so instead, its on top. I quite like the tacky/chic element the gold gives against the stripes. Worn with simple but quirky pieces I think this is perfect.

I added leather look leggings from TopShop which I think give a tough edge to the look and contrasts nicely against the blouse.
I looooooove these leggings, they are so comfy and go with so many things in my wardrobe. Definitely something I am going to repurchase when these get on their last legs. The only thing that I think let them down is I find they come up slightly short, however this is my own fault - I didn't spy them in the 'Tall' section so if you are tall like me it might be worth looking in that section first.

For shoes I opted for these gorrrrrge gladiator flatforms I found in the sale from River Island. They are so comfy and have a slight heel as well as the thick sole so are great for nights out disco dancing.
I really like the caged straps and think these are a nice alternative to the simpler flatforms around.
On my tootsies I am wearing a clashing neon pink by Models Own (coming up rather orangey/coral in the snap). It is a true highlighter pink and looks fabulous against all skin tones.

For accessories I chose my gold thick strap Casio watch that I am so so so so in love with. I also have the same in silver and was lucky enough to find an orange one in a charity shop in my home town for the absolute steal of £2.00. That was my life made!!!!
My clutch bag is (again) from another charity shop from sunny Hunny for like £1.00 (?!)  but is originally from Clarkes. Never did I think in my older years would own anything from dreaded Clarkes. After being subjected to their shoes from a young age and dying for my mum to allow me to wear something from a 'cooler' shop, I think I vouched never to own anything from there again. And here I am with the cutest navy clutch.
The piping is a deep bottle green colour with a two tone green and navy bow. I thought it went quite well with the blouse and added a pretty touch against the leather look leggings and caged shoes, Its quite small but has plenty of room for the essentials plus a strap that is on poppers so you can wear it across the body if you want to.

Ta ta for now | xx

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Monday, 12 August 2013


Welcome to PixiRella, a blog which I have been meaning to create for sometime now after being inspired by the many YouTuber's whom I watch like a crazy addict on a daily baisis.
I finally got round to reading a few of their blogs (I used to just watch their channels but wasn't sure if their blogs would be as interactive or as interesting - definitely WRONG!) and thought, yeaaaaaah - I could give this a whirl....
So here I am with my first post of many.

If like me you are a secret hoarder of beauty products and clothes, enjoy a little arts and crafts sesh as well as nosing at charity shop hauls, then hopefully PixiRella will be of interest to you.
I hope it will become a hub of useful information and inspiration and a place you can enjoy on your travels through the huge world that is the internet.

Byeeeee x

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